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The sea coral is in our European area as a possible remedy that shines through a long tradition, not so well known. The fame and effectiveness of this fossilized polyp, however, looks back on a very long history. In sum, the sea coral can look back on 5.000 years past, which not only made you look interesting, but also relieved many aches and pains. The fossilized polyps have increased activity on trace minerals and minerals and can thus initiate a number of positive effects in the human body. Thus, thyroid disease can be alleviated and the tissue responsible for bone regeneration is also improved. If you suffer from brittle fingernails, then the consumption of coral can provide a remedy, because even in the cosmetic context, the all-rounder fulfills its purpose.

Application and effect

In traditional Asian medicine, the fossilized polyp has been an integral part for about 5.000 years. The tradition was even in Mediterranean Spain in the oldest pharmacy in the country a household name and was much and gladly related. Even in the Mediterranean countries of Europe, one is aware of the positive health effects of coral and uses them many times to this day.
In the following section, the relevant fields of application and modes of action of the coral are now mentioned and explained in more detail.

The sea coral can be used for deacidification

It is known that more than 90,00% of humanity in western countries has an over-acidified body. Reasons for this include an unhealthy lifestyle with too much stress, unhealthy diet and bad environmental impact. Once the human body has become acidified, experience has shown that the aging process accelerates many times over. In addition to the signs of old age, health problems and problems continue to have an effect as well. In this context, it should be noted that even a minor cold has an effect on the acid-base balance. The same can get completely out of joint because of that. To create a balance at this point, offers the sea coral.

Sango Marine Coral - no additives - Calcium / Magnesium Ratio 2: 1 - 180 Capsules per 800mg indicator
  • Calcium and magnesium contribute to normal energy metabolism, normal muscle function and maintenance of normal bones
  • The Sango sea coral 70 also contains other minerals and trace elements
  • Pure natural product 100% ecologically sound and sustainable
  • Sango coral powder in capsules for 6 weeks
  • Of course, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and additional free

The sea coral helps against cardiovascular diseases

In addition to an unbalanced acid-base balance, deficiency symptoms of the individual nutrients can also cause health problems. Deficiency symptoms in the area of ​​magnesium supply, for example, cause anxiety, convulsions, nervousness or even headaches. By using the coral deficiencies can not only be compensated, but even prevented. This circumstance can in total prevent cardiovascular discomfort and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The sea coral prevents deficiencies due to a one-sided or deficit diet

People who eat particularly one-sided or similar, as vegans deliberately abstain from meaty products, may suffer from deficiencies, even without knowing it. In order to counter possible possible shortage situations from the outset, the intake of the sea coral may also be advantageous.

Origin and production of Sango sea coral

One finds corals in the tropical or subtropical marine environment. Basically, as already mentioned, there are fossilized polyps that have formed a kind of colonies in these regions. There are a variety of different sea corals that bring a number of features. The Sango sea coral is found, for example, only in the region of Okinawa, This coral has been known for many centuries and has been proven for the first time even in 8. Century imported into the European countries. Over the years, however, mankind in Europe forgot about this growth of the oceans and that's why it was initially forgotten. As in the Okinawa region, however, more and more elderly people use the 100. When scientists reached this age, they decided that this was due to the fact that people drank there. Due to this special coral, the water was settled with a number of important trace elements and nutrients. This led to an optimal nutrient supply for people into old age. The mineralized groundwater has been shown to support the human organism in many different ways. However, it is also agreed that in addition to the nutrient-rich water, the particularly healthy diet plays an important role. In sum, there are fewer cardiovascular diseases, fewer cancers and other deficiency symptoms less pronounced.

Harvest and production

The harvest of coral is also very gentle, so that the actual coral is not damaged. Only fossilized coral components are released from the actual coral reef and then processed into powder.
At this point, the Japanese environmental authority pays special attention to harvesting and compliance.
In addition, sea corals may only be harvested from an existing depth of 60 to 100 m. Here is the fact that there is no sunlight and therefore there are no living coral there. It is life needed for growth light and that lacks there. When the harvest is complete, the coral skeletons are carefully cleaned and then dried. The parts are then heated to 200 degrees. This happens, but only very briefly, to sterilize the ingredients. The last step is the pulverization. You will then find the precious commodity either in the form of coral powder or in the form of capsules on the market and decide for yourself which exact shape you prefer.

Ingredients of marine coral

The sea coral should have significantly more than 70 trace elements and minerals. As a result, the corresponding list is long.

The most relevant include:

  • Lives
  • iron
  • Wismut
  • Magnesium and
  • germanium
  • Kupfer
  • calcium
  • silicon

These individual substances are indeed very important and of high importance to the human body as they support and promote the body's own processes. Without a sufficient existence of these substances in the body, individual cell mechanisms would not be possible.


For example, the average ingredient in Sango Sea Coral is 20% Calcium and 10% Magnesium. Incidentally, according to individual studies, this distribution of substances is also really beneficial. Calcium is good for the bones and the teeth. In general, in this area of ​​misinformation, calcium is primarily found in the milk, but that is not the case. You can also find it in the coral and bring your own household back in line or build. Vegans participate, especially because of the magnesium and iron content of a separate intake, as there is often a deficiency. Also, people who have a lactose intolerance are able to regulate the important for their calcium balance, without having to consume milk or dairy products by the coral. For this group of people, it is also very relevant to add this substance, as it is involved in many different metabolic processes and also regulates the heart rhythm.

Magnesium in the coral

In addition to calcium, of course, you will also find magnesium. Magnesium is also considered an existential component of the human nutrient system. If adequate care is not ensured, health problems also arise in this context. Magnesium, itself can not be produced by the body, but is unlikely important for many metabolic processes. If there is no adequate supply, then there are health problems. Thus, it can lead to complications, especially in the fat-carbohydrate metabolism, or the protein degradation may be erroneous.

The synthesis of the two components magnesium and calcium should not be underestimated in the human body. Both substances are mutually dependent on one another and, without the presence of the other substance in the human organism, can not have their full effect. Corals offer a perfect blend of both ingredients. Here you will find as a consumer a tried and tested means to quickly balance the nutrient balance.

Trace elements and minerals

However, the fossilized polyps contain a number of other trace minerals and minerals that the body needs. These substances are usually found in ionized form. Thus, they can be better absorbed by the human mucous membranes and subsequently processed. Again, the effects are quite complex to describe. The contained copper and selenium is also very interesting in this context, because it triggers a so-called antioxidant effect in the body, which causes free radicals to be released, which then in turn slow down the dreaded aging process.
Users of the corals speak regularly about a fitter appearance and a higher motivation. All in all, this also speaks for the invigorating effect of the sea coral.

Effective nature Sango Coral Powder - 100% Original - Optimal Calcium Magnesium Ratio - 100g
  • Calcium and magnesium contribute to normal energy metabolism, normal muscle function and maintenance of normal bones
  • The Sango Sea Coral also contains 70 other minerals and trace elements
  • Pure natural product 100% ecologically sound and sustainable
  • 6 weekly pack
  • Of course, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and additional free

Application and dosage

Experts advise that the coral should be taken for at least 12 weeks. A short-term intake cycle would have no or only insufficient impact on the actual course. Basically, a distinction is also made in the meantime as to whether there are serious adverse effects on the consumer or only a supportive and preventive action exists to counteract deficiency symptoms. First, 12 Weeks provide a good base to replenish the mineral deposits in the human body. However, to ensure that you are as effective as possible in achieving targeting and continued intake of sea coral, you should consult a health practitioner who will discuss the terms of use with you and determine the most appropriate method of taking them. Also note that the actual taste of the coral powder is perceived differently. One patient perceives the taste as neutral, the next rather than salty. This depends on the individual taste. Basically, however, when dosing is recommended not to take more than 3 grams. Everything that is absorbed more can not be processed by the body and excreted via the digestive system. Basically, you should take the coral only with sufficient vitamin D3 and K3 supply, as this is a prerequisite for the absorption and processing of the substance in the human body.

Side effects of sea corals

Side effects of coral are essentially unknown, but if you consume more than the recommended 3 grams per day, the body simply can not process these substances and excretes them naturally through the digestive system. Thus, it can be assumed here of a fully natural substance.

Studies on sea corals

In particular, to the Sango marine coral, there are a variety of studies that investigate and represent the effect of coral on the human body. These include the Okinawa Centenarian Study (1976-1994). However, a number of other studies can be found in this regard.

Buying and storing the coral products

You can buy the sea coral essentially in 2 forms. On the one hand, in the pure powder form, which can be taken in cereals or other liquids or in the form of capsules. Basically you should keep the coral dark and do not expose too much heat. Meanwhile, you can order the capsules and the powder already in drugstores, pharmacies or over the Internet. Just make sure that you trust the trader in this process, you can also enjoy the efficacy of the herbal product.

Sango Marine Coral - 250g Powder Indicator
  • 100% Sango Marine Coral Powder from Okinawa
  • Content: 250g
  • Brand product: Sango Vital
  • Tested for radiation in DE


The sea coral is available in principle in two forms. Either in a completely powdered form or in a capsule form. Where exactly you acquire this remedy is up to you. The substance increases your body's bioavailability, so you can absorb certain nutrients even better. The ingestion can take place as part of a treated therapy with a naturopath, as part of a self-initiated measure. Just make sure that you carry out the treatment for a longer period of at least 12 weeks. Otherwise, it can not be assumed that the nutrient situation improves.
In recent years, the importance of marine coral in natural medicine has made itself felt again. The actual knowledge of this is already since the 8. Century after Christ also delivered in Europe. It only fell into oblivion again and gained in relevance in the course of the superfood and the current alternative medical development.

It can also be used excellently in the context of existing diseases or for the prevention of individual minerals and trace elements. The most positive effect is that, as already mentioned, there are no other relevant side effects that need to be considered.

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