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So that you can enjoy your lawn at its best, the Scarifier do not fall into oblivion during lawn care. In the trade you will find different models, which differ significantly in the price, the performance and the functionality. In order to make the purchase decision easier, we have collected important information for you.

The scarifier - understandable

In order to aerate a lawn surface, a scarifier is required. The name of the device was derived from the English language - vertical to cut. The purpose of the scarification is to remove mulch, moss and weeds, foliage and lawn-cut material between the lawn. Perpendicular spring steel knives penetrate approximately two to three millimeters deep into the uppermost soil layer. The rotation causes the floor surface to be scraped without damaging the deeper roots of the lawn. Weeds, on the other hand, are usually rooted with roots and therefore no longer grow. The lawn is also freed from moss and clover, which can only be done with other methods with difficulty.


The lawn should not be too tall to allow the scarifier to reach the matted floor surface. If the lawn is too high (above 4 mm), the lawn must be mown before using the scarifier. A length between 2-4 mm is ideal for scarifying.

How the different scarifiers work

The simplest and most economical scarifiers are the hand-held cutters. The blades are on a long handle. Similar to a rake, the grass lawns are manually managed with these garden tools. There are also models, which have 2 wheels as with hand lawnmowers. Felting and weeds are extracted. Doing this work with a hand-held contractor is not as easy as, for example, to put leaves together. Due to the depth of entry and the resistance which grasses and weeds oppose to the hand-held weaver, the use of larger lawns can take a long time and be very troublesome. The handling of the rake at the same time to apply light pressure is another challenge to obtain an optimal result. If too little pressure is applied, not all weeds with roots are covered. If too much pressure is applied, the lawn will be cut out or the roots will be damaged. It is therefore particularly suitable for smaller lawns which are not littered with stubborn weeds. Frequently, matted tidy areas remain, which require the re-use.

For larger areas or to make it easier to work more efficiently, motorized scarifiers are available in the market. These facilitate the work enormously and also deliver better, more even results. In the case of the motor-driven devices, there is the choice between electric and gasoline engines, which both have their advantages and disadvantages. Similar to a lawn mower, a motor-driven scarifier is pushed over the lawn surface. A motor drives the roller with the spring knives, which by the rotation rake the ground. The force expenditure is thereby reduced to the pushing of the device, whereby there are also models with additional wheel drive. These offer advantages particularly for lawns on slopes. The working depth can usually be adjusted. Some models also have interchangeable rollers with different blades. This allows the devices to be better adapted to the requirements. The working width is usually between 30 and 50 cm. Some models have a catchbag or catch that catches the green waste immediately and does not simply lie on the lawn. This does not have to be interrelated. The purpose of the scarifying is to get these green waste out of the lawn, so the green waste should not simply be left on the lawn afterwards.

rasen_vertikutiertMake the right choice

The following aspects are important when choosing between electric and petrol engines. An electric scarifier is lighter than a gasoline scarifier. It is thus easier to push and, of course, easier to carry when it has to be transported, for example, or has to be lifted into a shed for storage. In addition, the working noise is much quieter, which also benefits the neighbors. On the other hand, it is not often used as a vertical tool, which means that most of the working noise is negligible. Normal electric models, of course, require an electrical connection and an extension cable adapted to the work surface. There is, for example, not a power connection available for every kind of gardening. Leaving a cable behind some users is a hindrance, especially when many shrubs and flowers are in the way of the cable. Constantly, it has to be re-designed so as not to hang or to break flowers. Excessing the cable with the scarifier is an additional risk as the cable would be damaged and replaced.

Units with rechargeable batteries do without the disadvantages of the power cable. However, the batteries have only a limited capacity and must then be recharged, this via a power supply. Here, it can be advantageous to buy several batteries at the same time, so that a smooth change can take place. Thus the work does not have to be interrupted. The weight is higher for accentuated scarifiers than for electric scarifiers because the weight of the accumulator adds up. The gasoline scarifiers are free from power connections and recharge times of rechargeable batteries. Once filled with gasoline, which of course should be handy, this unit does its job everywhere. The weight of a gasoline-driven scarifier is higher than that of the electrovariant, which is an activity in hard soils. They can also be adjusted in height and usually have the possibility to change the rollers. On a hillside, a model with wheel drive should be preferred because of the weight. The noise level and the exhaust gases have a negative effect. They also do not work at the push of a button, but have to be started with a cable starter, insofar as no electric starter is installed. Gasoline engines are also more powerful, which makes them more difficult to perform.


Ideal for scarifying is the time between mid-April and mid-May. Absolutely fertilize and mow!

Use scarifier accessories

The knife

If the scarifier is used regularly, there will be signs of wear on the blades over time. The blades become duller and no longer perform at work. Especially when there are many stones and roots on the grass surface, the knives are confronted with a real hard work, which can not remain without traces. Plan a supply of knives so that you do not have to worry about it. Blunt knives are clearly noticeable. The work is no longer easy, the result of the scarification is also no longer sufficient. If you bought spare blades, you do not need to stop working anger. Changing the knives is not difficult.

The Fangsack

To ensure that your lawn is finally able to breathe freely again, scarification is not sufficient as a sole measure. It is important to remove all the green waste. Not removed, keep oxygen and sunlight away from the lawn! Fatal, because the lack of oxygen and light promote the reformation of moss. Very helpful here is a fangsack, also called Fangfangsack. It is a great relief if the green waste land directly in the fangsack. Especially on large surfaces the manual raking becomes a very tedious activity. Directly from the fangsack, the waste is disposed of on the compost or in the bio-ton. This saves a lot of time for other things. The fake pack must be selected for the scarifier.

The rake

If a scarifier does not have a grass bag, the remnants of grass, moss and other organic residues remain on the lawn. Just leave everything on the lawn is of course not. Therefore, you need a rake for an important work step. All green waste can be easily removed with a practical rake. However, only when the lawn surface is small. If, on the other hand, the area is large, this work quickly becomes a tedious gardening. The rake should be packed into the shopping cart when you buy the scarifier, so you can get started right away. In the end you only have to dispose of the green waste environmentally.

Easily avoid errors

Basically, with a high-quality device, with correct application, no gross errors occur with the scarification. Nevertheless, there is one or other source of error which would not provide for better lawn quality. However, you are totally inexperienced, helping tips to avoid errors. These are important because damage can not always be remedied quickly. With our tips, the scarification can not have a negative impact.

• If the lawn is too high, the blades of the scarifier can not penetrate deep enough into the ground.
• Areas that are too often deformed - maximum twice a year is recommended.
• Do not excessively use the scarifier in the same place, because the bare surfaces would be the result. Lawn growth also suffers from it.
• Always twist in one direction so that there are no untreated areas.
• Clean the appliance after use.

The right lawn care afterwards

For the lawn, the scarification means an enormous strain. For this reason, he calls for special care. At first sight the green area looks bad, but this is perfectly normal. After this stressful treatment may not be run over the lawn first. Give him a relaxing time. Negative effects in this phase are strong temperatures and a strong solar radiation. In both cases, the garden hose must now be used. It is now ideal to apply new grass seeds. Do not forget to water the lawn afterwards.

Care and cleaning the equipment

Even a hand-held contractor should not be left unattended after work. They want to have a lot of fun on their equipment and tools and can rely on their willingness to serve. Therefore, soil and mud as well as root remnants should be completely removed from the blades. It is best to clean if the soil has already dried. Then she will simply chop off with a coarse root brush. A cloth removes the further dirt particles. Do not forget the handles or the handle. Dust in conjunction with hand welding can quickly form a dirty crust. The storage location of all garden tools should be dry. This is especially true for electrical appliances of any kind.

In the case of motorized scarifiers, the blades, the ventilation slots and the collecting container must be cleaned or emptied. Gasoline engines require further maintenance over time. The oil level must be checked before each use in order to avoid engine damage. Even if the oil consumption is low, engine oil can leaking through leaks or incorrect storage of the unit. The fuel pipes and the air filter must be checked once a year. They must be cleaned or replaced if necessary.

Some models have spark plugs, which can soiled and worn out. They usually then fall apart as a result of starting difficulties. Gasoline exhaust from the exhaust or discolored exhaust gases, can also have as a cause defective spark plugs or badly adjusted carburetor. In case of emergency please always consult a gardening workshop. Gasoline, which gets onto the paint surfaces of the gasoline scarifier, must be wiped off directly with a cloth. Gasoline attacks paints and destroys the rust protection. Gasoline-operated devices must always be stored in a leak-proof manner. The same applies, of course, to the gasoline supply in canisters. The explosion and fire hazard must also be observed. For storage, it is recommended to use well ventilated and lockable rooms.


Electric garden tools, if they do not have water protection, may only be used in dry weather.

Rent or buy?

There is the possibility to buy or rent a scarifier. If it is perhaps a one-time use, rents can be thought about. If you need the gardening tool several times, it is definitely worth buying. We will help you to decide more easily.

The buying advantages
If the scarifier is needed several times a year, a purchase will definitely be the right decision. In principle, the size of the area to be machined plays a role in the decision. Especially for larger areas the purchase is recommended. Not always the weather plays with as desired. To be able to move on a beautiful day is not a matter of course for a borrowed device. Often these days, all machines are already rented, which of course is annoying. It is very handy if in the garage the own scarifier is waiting for its use. Your own device makes you definitely more independent.

You can buy your own device at retailers or online at a retailer. Especially on the Internet very good offers can be found. Here is a very large selection, also important information about each model. Compare it! Reviews of other buyers make the decision easier. When buying on the Internet, you can save time, travel costs and money. In contrast to specialist retailers, you will always find the latest models on the Internet. So you do not fall into a shopkeeper, whom a seller might like to bring to the man.

The buying disadvantages
With your own scarification it is mostly financially impossible to be able to constantly buy the latest models. Whoever attaches great importance to being always up-to-date, the purchase may take a little longer. Annoying is when the new models know their own model to beat lengths. Purchased equipment has to be serviced and repaired in self-government, which is of course associated with costs.

The rental advantages
The charges are usually low, which is spared the own wallet. It is often rented in hardware stores. An ideal way for manufacturers to advertise. Therefore, the latest devices are often available. Even does not have to be incurred for maintenance and repair, which is of course very practical. The storage space for the scarifier can also be dispensed with.

The rent disadvantages
The disadvantages clearly outweigh the advantages. Just the effort by booking, picking up and returning it is annoying. You will not always get a device as soon as the rush of other tenants is large. Autumn and spring, every gardener wants to use the scarifier. Fast waiting times with long waiting times are expected, which can be partly very annoying. If a device is borrowed several years for several years, the price can often not justify a rent against the purchase. Add to that the weather! Heavy rain quickly makes a dash through the bill, which makes the rental deadline completely unsuitable.

The scarifier trends

The manufacturers of gardening tools try to meet the growing demands of the customers. Thus, existing properties can be improved. Completely new ideas enrich the market.

For example, the silencers are becoming more sophisticated in the case of gasoline scarifiers, in order to reduce noise annoyance. This is not only more comfortable for the user, but also expands the possibilities and times of use when the neighbor or the environment no longer feels disturbed. Owing to the elimination of noise pollution in particularly quiet devices, it is theoretically possible to work with it at all times.

Another issue for progress are the accumulators of the accu devices. New technologies significantly reduce the recharge time so that less time is lost by gardening. At the same time, weight and capacity are improved, making the equipment lighter and longer in operation. The lifetime or number of charge cycles could also be significantly increased. Gentle electrical appliances have often been used to early or late hours. However, it is usually not yet bright. Some manufacturers take account of this problem by illuminating the working range of the knives. Energy-saving and bright light-emitting diodes make this possible. Thus, even in poor light conditions, it is precisely seen where the device is driven. The flower beds thank it. Felted bodies can now no longer be overlooked, which saves a new processing of the lawn area.

The range of applications of modern scarifiers has also been expanded. So there are lawn mowers, which can also be used as a vertical. Thus, only the purchase of a device falls, which also saves space during storage. These combi-devices are available in different sizes - with electrical and electronic petrol engines.

OfferBestseller no. 1
Einhell Elektro Vertikutierer-Lüfter RG-SA 1433 (1400 W, 33 cm working width, 3-fold height-adjustable, 28 l, recommended for surfaces up to 400 m²) Display
  • with 2 point safety switch
  • with wall bracket
  • Cable strain relief
  • double folding guide rail, with exchangeable roller
  • Recommended accessories: Aeration roller, scaling roller
OfferBestseller no. 2
WOLF-Garten Electric Scarifier SV 302 E; 16AFDEKA650Anzeige
  • Working width: 30 cm
  • Engine: 1.200 W engine
  • Working depth adjustment: Central 5-fold
  • 2 in 1: Scarifier and Fangsack
  • Fangsack: 35 l
OfferBestseller no. 3
AL-KO Electric Scarifier Combi Care 38 E Comfort, 38 cm working width, 1300 W motor power, for surfaces up to 800 m², working depth 5-fold, centrally adjustable, incl. Catching bag and fan roller indicator
  • Airing and scarifying in one unit
  • suitable for medium sized lawns up to 800 sqm thanks to a wide working width of 38 cm
  • including catch basket
  • central 5-fold depth adjustment for quick change of working depth
  • easy tool-free roll changing from vertical to air
OfferBestseller no. 4
Makita UV3600 electric scarifier, 1800 Watt indicator
  • Accessories: grass catcher basket (40 l)
  • Weight: 18,3 kg
  • Grass catcher: 40 l
  • Working height: -10 mm to + 5 mm
  • Height adjustment: 4-level central
OfferBestseller no. 5
Einhell Battery Scarifier Fan GE-SC 35 / 1 Li Solo Power X-Change (Lithium Ion, 2 x 18 V, working width 350 mm, wheel diameter front / rear 175 / 152 mm, without battery and charger) Display
  • Member of the Power X-Change family, 2x18V battery necessary
  • Einhell brushless motor - with brushless induction motor
  • Ball bearing knife roller with 16 stainless steel knife
  • 3-level central working depth adjustment with park position
  • Folding guide rail with quick release levers
Bestseller no. 6
Scarifier for Lawn Mower Scarifier Power tokens Universal KitDisplay
  • Scarifier for almost all petrol lawnmowers
  • Complete set: knives, adapter rings and 4 spare springs
  • This power brand is universally applicable to 99% of gasoline lawnmowers
  • 41 cm Working width
  • easily replaceable
Bestseller no. 7
Scheppach electric scarifier SC36 (1500 Watt, working width: 36 cm, grass catcher: 45 L, recommended for areas up to 800m², 5-fold height adjustable, height up to 5 mm) - incl. Scarifying roller and fan roller indicator
  • VARIABLE: The scarifier can be equipped with a fan roller in a short time. This will remove moss, dead grass, leaves and other debris from the lawn.
  • FEATURES: The Scarifier has an 3in1 function, which makes it possible to scar, ventilate or catch with this device. Furthermore, it is possible to set the central working height adjustment in 5 levels from -15 to + 5mm.
  • TRANSPORT: The foldable handle, which is installed on the device, allows space-saving storage and easy transport.
  • MOTOR: Thanks to the electric motor in the scarifier, easy starting is possible, and this engine is also very low-maintenance.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: 1 x Scheppach electric scarifier, 1 x incl. Scarifying and fan roller, weight: 13,5 Kg
OfferBestseller no. 8
WOLF-Garten Electric Verticutter VA 303 E; 16AFDFLA650Anzeige
  • Working width: 30 cm
  • Engine: 1.300 W engine
  • Working depth adjustment: Central 5-fold
  • 3 in 1: mosses, scarifiers and fangsack
  • Fangsack: 35 l
OfferBestseller no. 9
Grizzly Electric Power Scarifier ERV 1800-37 ZV, Electric Lawn Fan Indicator
  • The Grizzly Electric Scarifier removes lawnfelt, moss and weeds reliably, thoroughly and quickly through the innovative roller with 20 rugged knives.
  • The power scarifier is equipped with a powerful 1800 W engine. Thus, the device achieves a high pulling power for optimal lawn care.
  • For safe working, provide overload protection and cable strain relief. The working width is 37 cm with 5-fold central height adjustment.
  • The foldable handlebar allows space-saving storage of the lawn fan in the garden house, cellar or garage.
  • With fan roller and 45 liter catcher - perfectly complements lawn mower & lawn trimmer for perfect care of green areas, lawns, meadows, green areas.
OfferBestseller no. 10
Einhell Electric Verticutter Fan GE-SA 1640 (1600 W, 40 cm Working width, up to 12 mm Working depth, 4-fold height-adjustable, 48 l Fakeack, spar) Display
  • 2-in1 Combination unit with powerful series motor with 1.600 Watt and central 4-fold working depth adjustment up to 12 mm for professional lawn care
  • Height-adjustable and space-saving folding guide bar with ergonomically shaped guide handle
  • Effortless removal of moss and weeds, including roots by means of a ball-bearing knife roller with 20 stainless steel knives
  • Fast and thorough ventilation of the lawn by a ball-bearing fan roller with 30 stainless steel claws
  • Lawn-friendly large-area plastic wheels and 48 liter fang-sack for extended working applications
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