Roomba 980 by iRobot


In which Roomba 980 by iRobot it is a device that scores with carelessness. No one must be the floor to worry, because there are many options of comfort, ease of use and excellent navigational skills. The device not only convinces with its ease of use, it also requires little maintenance. The only negative is that the models are not cheap and that the suction power is just above the average.

A small sucker

The model is one of the smartest cleaning aids on the market. Of the Robot is only 9 inches high and crammed with technology to the edge. Due to the ceiling camera, the device is possible that it is based on features of the apartment such as lamps, furniture or pictures. At the bottom, there are sensors that detect the soil, very dirty areas and typical landings. Also over pretty high Roomba 980 by iRobot Climb the model reliably.

The app for the robotic vacuum

The Robot then does his work when pressing a button. About an app, however, comes the added value. If the model was introduced into the domestic WLAN, then everyone has control over the programming. Worldwide, the robotic vacuum then be started and there are also many additional functions. It gives the status of the components, various statistics and four cleaning modes. In the app, for example, it is recognized when the container is to empty or when it needs a maintenance for the engine. In addition, help texts and instructions are found.

Where is sucked?

When 900er Series is all of iRobot from the chaotic variation down to the regulated railways. If possible, the Roomba 980 by iRobot the whole room line by line. In many cases, this gives complete coverage and the way it works is fast. It should be noted that the camera then has something to fight only in the dark. Otherwise the model has hardly any problems with obstacles. Lego bricks, socks or cables are ignored or spit out again. The model is also suitable for the children's room. With the Virtual Wall, an area can also be shut off, if this is not to be sucked.

The volume

The Robot is generally loud at full power. Very often it's much quieter vonstatten because the sucker in the standard mode only upshifts, when needed. With Extra Power, for example, very dirty areas or thick carpets are processed. Especially with the larger apartments worth the mode, so the battery is spared. This is also important if the residents are at home during the cleaning times. Mostly the model can suck in the turbo without disturbing.

The delivery and the construction

In which Roomba 980 by iRobot In addition to the robot, there are also replacement filters and replacement brushes in the scope of delivery. There is also the virtual gate and the charging station. The model can be set up very easily and so actually only the charging station must be placed at a desired location. Afterwards the power is still connected. The little Sauber man starts moving who is pressed the Clean button.

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