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You can save a considerable amount of time and effort with a handy vacuum cleaner. They are equipped with one Petrol or electric motor, More specifically, the Petrol leaf vacuum great advantages. Our information will help you to gain insight into the world of foliage. We make new ones, for example Technologies, know-how, functions and Saving tips in front. In this way, you also avoid spurious purchases. When you ask a question Petrol leaf vacuum we also know the one or the other advice for you.

Worth knowing about petrol vacuum cleaner

leaf Blower first came into contact with commercial enterprises. Large areas were clear more rationally and also save time as well as staff. Today there is a huge market also for home users, With these devices, it is also possible to quickly and effectively clean smaller gardens or areas of dust, leaves or other impurities with low weight. Of course this goes with a broom or rake, However, the size of the area or the required frequency of activity can be a Petrolleaf Blower quickly make it profitable. Older people or people with physical limitations, regular use of broom or rake can even be too strenuous or impossible. There is no light without shadows and so has in addition to a higher purchase price also the use disadvantages. The noise level is the first. In the case of volume, which can sometimes be above 100 decibels, an ear protection is recommended. Of course, the sound is also perceived by neighbors, who are quickly disturbed. Also sucks an Sauger naturally all that corresponds to its suction power. Small pebbles from a gravel surface are just as much in the catch bag as small animals, for example frogs, insects or snails.

Restriction by noise levels in residential areas

The high noise level, while at the very least the user could protect himself with an ear protection, can not only call annoyed neighbors to the plan, but is also subject to a device and machine noise protection regulation. This results in restrictions when devices with environmentally harmful noise emissions may be used. Motorized leaf blowers and Foliage Collectors may not be operated on Sundays or public holidays at any time. On business days, use between 13 and 15 clock, before 9 clock in the morning and after 17 clock in the evening is not allowed. Exceptions for commercial applications are possible. There is also a manufacturer 's obligation to disclose the sound power level at the latest leaf vacuum cleaners, which must not be exceeded. In the US motorized vacuum cleaner because of the high noise emissions.

Practical is a leaf Blower, if the blower can also be changed to blowing. This allows dust, dirt and leaves to be easily blown away on paths and larger surfaces. In this case, the range of the air flow is a multiple of the suction power. It is not necessary to process every meter individually, but can quickly clean hundreds of square meters. That too together bubbles to larger heaps, which can then simply be sucked up, saves an enormous amount of time and labor. The "vacuum cleaners" for the garden have experienced a boom since the 90 years, and are constantly evolving. It stands today manually controlled as well as equipment to be worn on the back. Besides the models with switchable blowing function there are also executions without suction, These devices are particularly suitable when the foliage has to be blown only partially. But even blown heaps can easily be collected by hand. Next to the Petrol leaf vacuum are also equipped with equipment Electric motor to disposal. These are either powered by power cables or rechargeable batteries. The noise generation is still very high for the electromodels.

The power of the petrol vacuum cleaner

More power than electric models afford Petrol leaf vacuum, In medium to large gardens comes also a lot of foliage depending on the tree population. Here the Petrol leaf vacuum all their strength. In foliage under bushes and bushes also no interfering power cable interferes, as with the electric foliage hoods without battery. Motors from 1 PS upwards, usually 2-Takter leaf vacuums the material sucked in easily crush and into the fangsack. Many models allow the weight (empty weight 5-8 kg) to be intercepted by a shoulder strap. The contents of the catch and the gasoline add up to the weight. In suction and / or blower output, most devices can be installed in Steps, Additional roles simplify work on even surfaces. Through a integrated chopping unit the volume of the sucked-in materials can be reduced in the ratio 16: 1. This makes it possible to work longer before the fangling bag has to be emptied. In addition, disposal or composting, which progresses more rapidly through the comminution, requires much less space. Prices are reasonable Petrol leaf vacuum via the electromodels (about 90-600 Euro) and there are still costs for the maintenance. They are independent of power connections and deliver more power. They are somewhat heavier and louder than the engine Electric Leaf Blower.

The electric vacuum cleaner in comparison

The few disadvantages of a Petrol leaf vacuum cleaner are at the same time the advantages of the electric foliage vacuum cleaner. They are cheaper, have a lighter weight and are not quite as loud. They do not burn gasoline and produce it no exhaust fumes, You do not need to refuel and the engine does not have to be started, they work at the push of a button. Depending on the model, the power consumption varies between 1kw (1000 Watt) and 3kw (3000 Watt). Differently adjustable power stages are usually available depending on the equipment. This allows a optimal adjustment to the conditions of use. For models for the power connection, an extension cable corresponding to the size of the terrain should be available. Electric fan blades with rechargeable batteries have the same advantages as models for the power supply, but due to the battery a slightly higher weight. You do not need a power connection for your operation, but the battery must be charged via the power supply as soon as it is empty. This means they have only a limited duration. Some devices use, for example, an 18 V lithium-ion battery. This gives an operating time of approx. 10 minutes. Cordless leaf blowers are more suitable for smaller areas, which are cleaned in a few minutes. There is a cost-effective battery-powered vacuum cleaner between 35 and 300 Euro.


Vacuum cleaners for battery operation have only a short operating time (approx. 10 minutes) before they have to be reloaded. For larger areas, it may be useful to have one or two charged spare batteries available. So it is easy to change and the work does not have to be interrupted for long.

The functioning of the vacuum cleaner

A leaf Blower needs a suction effect, with which leaves and other rubbish can be sucked. The suction effect is produced by a blower, which is driven by a motor. This engine may be a gasoline or electric motor. The blower sucks air at the front opening of the intake manifold and pushes it through in the non-air-tight Shred bag. On some models, a chopping unit can be interposed which is also driven by the motor. The air escapes from the fang, which then larger particles holds. Many canopies have the possibility to reverse the air flow. This causes air with up to 400 Km / h from the intake manifold, causing the unit to operate as a leaf blower is working. Leaf vacuumers came on the market in the 80 years and were equipped with gasoline engines. Today, numerous models with electric motors are also available. In addition to devices for power connection, there are also devices with Batteries, Models with petrol engines are more powerful. They are better suited for the equipment with powerful shredders and are particularly suitable for difficult operating conditions for example when foliage has to be removed under bushes and shrubs.


When choosing a gasoline fan, also consider the necessary gasoline canister and the storage of gasoline. The fire protection regulations must be observed.

What to buy?

A leaf Blower should be purchased according to the application profile. In order to clean paths or even flat surfaces, small devices are already suitable. These are cheaper and are lighter. For larger areas and especially more difficult operating conditions, stronger equipment is preferable. Petrol leaf vacuum and electric models have engines whose power is expressed in horsepower and kW respectively. 1kW corresponds to 1,36 PS. The higher the power, the more power the engine has. In addition, data on the air velocity and the air volume are often also given. Available for home users Petrol leaf vacuum are usually equipped with two-stroke engines, the larger four-stroke engines being used for professional use.

Dolmar 701252350 petrol vacuum cleaner PB-252.4 V 0.81 kWDisplay
  • Petrol 4 stroke engine
  • OHV engine type
  • Displacement: 24,5 cc
  • Power 0,81 kW (1,10 PS)

Ergonomic leaf vacuum cleaner

Powerful devices can meet virtually any requirement. Nevertheless, the devices should be adapted to the operating conditions. For a small area a heavy Petrol leaf vacuum to buy would have gone beyond the target. Smaller devices are handy and especially lighter. The frequency of use should also be considered. If you only rarely want to remove leaves from the garden, you can also handle a smaller device if it takes longer. Particularly large fan-blades should be able to be carried on the back because of the weight.

Performance in suction and blow operation

The suction force is expressed in cubic meters of air per minute, between 7 and 16 cubic meters. So are also larger foliage in short time to manage something. If the airflow is reversed and the unit operates as a fan, the speed of the airflow is indicated. modern Petrol leaf vacuum can produce an airflow of up to 400 km / h.


The size of the bag or container, as a rule, is adapted to the performance of the device. The larger it is, the longer the next emptying can be pushed out. Good models have a capacity of at least 35 liters.

The advantages and disadvantages

Smaller devices, which are also equipped with a shoulder distribute the weight, reduce the load on the back. Hours of tedious raking, sweeping and collecting foliage are not necessary. Ways and steps of leaves and further rubbish are to be used for safety. With a Petrol leaf vacuum or a electric vacuum cleaner grass can also be cleared of leaves. Cleaning the lawn is highly recommended before each winter. One Motorisierter but it also has drawbacks which must be accepted. In addition to the purchase price, gasoline leaves also require maintenance, which also entails costs. The use of the devices produces noise, which means that they can be used in residential areas only at certain times. They can not be used on Sundays or public holidays. Also not before 9 clock and after 17 clock and not between 13 - 15 clock. Small animals and insects can be sucked. Petrol leaf vacuum are not only louder than electric models, but also produce exhaust fumes.

Where to buy the petrol vacuum cleaner?

Once the leaf Blower basically at the hardware store or at a local dealer. DIY stores with garden supplies Petrol leaf vacuum in their assortment. But there are other ways to purchase such a device. Discounter models are also available during the autumn season. These are then usually cheaper, but often these are no-name products. In electrical trade chains are also often found electric vacuum cleaner on offer. Quality has its price and who often needs to work with leaveshoppers reliably or should be informed at the earliest before purchase. The renowned manufacturers rely on quality. Prices do not automatically have to be much more expensive if you know where to buy.

Buying on the Internet

More and more popular is the purchase on the Internet. Here the prices can be compared quickly and easily. A bargain is easy to find, so a brand product is significantly cheaper to get. Advantage with the Internet purchase is also the small time expenditure. Driving times and tedious waiting in the construction trade are no longer necessary. Important information about the individual models is also sufficient to get in the net. Advantage in the Internet are the often very favorable offers and the partial almost continuous reachability of the seller. If you are lucky, you can even send your desired model completely free of charge.


When selecting a foliage vacuum cleaner from the dealer, the device should be hung over the shoulder with the belt. This is the only way to tell if the device is too heavy or the strap on the shoulder is disturbing. Ensure good adjustment of the belt.

Buying or renting - what makes sense?

Petrol leaf vacuum can be used throughout the year. For example in the summer after the Cut the lawn or when the edges have been machined with an edge cutter. Anyone have such a practical gardening equipment has, can Paths and areas then quickly clean again. But the main discipline comes in autumn at Laubfall! Numerous leaves fall on lawns, beds, surfaces and paths. It can be annoying, because the next day the work begins anew. It would be ideal to let them lie down until all the leaves are down. However, this is usually not. Gardens and paths are therefore neglected and in combination with moisture, they can even become an accident risk due to skidding. Leaves of foliage on edge stones additionally add to the risk of tripping. So the activity is repeated at regular intervals until all the leaves have fallen to the ground.

Often it is not only the own trees, which distribute foliage on a property. Wind can also blow foliage from other land, as well as the own foliage can land with the neighbors. Most people remove it immediately, whereby the constant repetition can develop frustration and rob the total time.

Leaf vacuum cleaner, too Petrol leaf vacuum, are becoming more and more affordable and powerful. The time and effort is reduced by these devices drastically and regular use is no longer a problem. Many people make use of these advantages. However, the question remains whether a purchase is worthwhile or the leaveshower is only rented if necessary. Because just the powerful Petrol leaf vacuum already require a financial expense, even after purchase through maintenance. Autumn is only once a year. Then, especially if foliage does not have to be removed immediately and collected for a while, simply rent a foliage vacuum cleaner can be a good alternative. The decision between renting and buying is usually determined by the requirements and the frequency of use. With this calculation, it is important to remember that not every low-priced vacuum cleaner keeps what it promises. There are already at prices, which is even lower than a daily rental price for a good Petrol leaf vacuum (about 15-45 Euro). Alternatively, it can make a sense of community buying. Several neighbors share the costs and everyone can clean their garden with it in autumn. In this case, complaints about the loud working noise are not to be expected.

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SaleBestseller no. 1
BRAST Gasoline Leaf Blower Leaf Blower Folder Chipper 1,0kW (1,36PS) 55L Carrying Bag Shoulder Strap Anti-Vibration 4in1 Tüv Tested Indicator
  • The 4in1 BRAST BRB-LS 3000 gasoline leaf blower, leaf blower and leaf chipper comes up with some special highlights: with 30ccm engine displacement and 1000 watts of power, it has more power than most of its competitors
  • In addition, in the competitive environment, we have usually incorporated unusual 2 blowpipes with different openings and bends, so that you can achieve the best results on both firm and soft ground
  • In addition, the device is also equipped with an extra shoulder strap, so you do not have to hold the weight of the device and so much longer can work fatigue-free
  • Easy starting thanks to choke and primary pump
  • The anti-vibration handle, the 55l very large collecting sack, the high air speed with 265km / h for fast work results as well as the easiest starting thanks to primer pump and choke complete the profile of the BRAST all-rounder
Bestseller no. 2
FUXTEC petrol fan FX-LBS126 leaf blower chopper 4in1 function incl. Two blowpipes and fangpack, tested upper class 1,4 display
  • Highlight of the leaf blower is the double blowing function! Already incl. Two blowpipes for different work assignments
  • Straight and curved blowpipe for cleaning on a fixed / asphalted surface as well as on soft ground, for example a lawn surface
  • Now even stronger 71m / s maximum air speed due to new and larger fan wheel, gas lock for long comfortable operation, carburetor with primary pump
  • Large collection bag for suction function, solid chopping claw made of metal crushes the foliage on 12: 0
  • FUXTEC tip: For an optimal and long-lasting operation of our devices, we recommend our original FUXTEC oils - Made in Germany.
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McCulloch B-Laubbläser / -sauger GBV 345 00096-71.670.01View
  • Efficient and handy vacuum cleaner / blower that can be operated with just one hand and offers you 3 functions - leaf blower, vacuum cleaner and mulcher ^ Ideal to clear the garden of crop, leaves and waste
Bestseller no. 4
Makita Petrol Blower, ZMAK-BHX2501View
  • Robust and durable
  • 0,81 kW
  • Makita
Bestseller no. 5
LUX-TOOLS B-LS-30 / 40 Gasoline Leaf Blower with Blow & Chopper Function incl. 40 L Bag & Strap | Wireless 3in1 leaf blower and vacuum cleaner with 30 cm³ 2 stroke motor & auxiliary roller indicator
  • The mobile petrol powered LUX-TOOLS vacuum cleaner convinces thanks to the powerful 2-stroke engine with a suction power of 720 m³ / h and a maximum air speed of 250 km / h
  • In addition to the suction & blower function, the unit has an integrated shredder that shreds sucked (wet) leaves on the way into the 40 L bag and thus prevents blockages
  • The included carrying strap and the two wheels on the intake manifold make handling easier, especially when cleaning larger garden areas
  • In the Garden Power Tools series from LUX-TOOLS, innovative ideas and years of experience in the development and manufacture of garden tools merge into intelligently designed machines
  • Scope of supply: 1x B-LS-30 / 40 petrol foliage blower from LUX-TOOLS with power of 1 PS, 1x 40 L bag, 1x carrying strap | ATTENTION: Please use an oil-petrol mixture of 1: 50!
Bestseller no. 6
Güde 94395 GFLS 1000 4T Leaf Vacuum Indicator
  • Powerful mobile leaf vacuum with suction and blowing function.
  • 4-fold height adjustment of the suction & blowing nozzle
  • 45 L leaf catcher
  • 4 cycle engine
Bestseller no. 7
Monzana vacuum cleaner 4 in 1 petrol 660m³ / h collection bag 45L incl. Tool set leaf blower shredder garden vacuum cleaner garden blower indicator
  • A great helper: with this 4in1 Monzana vacuum cleaner, you will save space on your garden, your terrace and your way of leaves, small branches and papers. You suck leaves with the suction function and chop it directly in the ratio 1: 12. Finally, the foliage is then transported into the large 45L collection sack.
  • Strong and simple: The 26cm³ engine has 1 PS and can be started very easily by the primary pump. The anti-vibration system and the ergonomically designed handle make it possible to work longer hours effortlessly. The filling of oil and fuel works quickly and easily without tools.
  • Flexible: The set has 2 blowpipes (curved and straight). This achieves optimum results on soft (curved pipe) and on hard (straight pipe) ground. The curved tube is particularly suitable for leafy grass areas. Here the air flow goes under the foliage. The straight tube is especially suitable for hard ground. Here less dust and stones are whirled up.
  • Easy to change and empty: The robust device can be used as a suction device, blower and shredder. The max. Engine speed is 8500U / min and the max. Air speed 265km / h.
  • Contents: 1x 4in1 Leaf Blower | Drive Type: 2 Tact - 40 (Gasoline): 1 (Oil) | incl. various pipes + connectors and tool set with candle key + cross wrench
Bestseller no. 8
FUXTEC Profi petrol fan FX-LBS126P fan blade chopper 3in1 function incl. Blowpipe, 2tlg intake pipe + fangpack, anti-vibration function - by the motor decoupled from the handle
  • A special feature of the new semiprofessional fan-blower is the anti-vibration function. Thanks to the motor decoupled from the handle, the vibrations in the device are further reduced! Thus, the foliage is sucked or blown, for example, even more easily.
  • Due to the supplied blowpipe the cleaning on fixed / asphalted ground is as much a child's play as the use of the leaf blower on soft ground, for example a lawn surface. The blowpipe conveys the air pressure under the materials, so the sheets are blown together much more effectively
  • The powerful, yet economical engine is equipped with an even larger tank (500ml) than our alternative equipment. Thus, in combination with the even larger 60 l fake bag and even lower vibrations on the handle, long and efficient work is ensured. Ergonomic handles as well as the anti-vibration system promise comfortable working.
  • The 2: 25,4, carburettor with primary pump, large collection bag for suction function, massive chopping claw made of metal crushes the foliage up 1: 40
  • FUXTEC tip: For an optimal and long-lasting operation of our devices, we recommend our original FUXTEC oils - Made in Germany.
SaleBestseller no. 9
Leaf blower 3 in1 leaf blower with 50L collecting bag, 450ml petrol blower with two-chamber motor, function of front nozzle display
  • Powerful and comprehensive function: 3 in 1 function: blowing, sucking, chopping. Airspeed: over 250 km / h; Suction power: 660 m³ / h; Chopping knives of metal; Shredding ratio: 12: 1 (composting, saving time, environmentally friendly).
  • several different blower pipe and adjustable blower speed: multifunction, with straight and curved blower pipe, for various tasks, eg lawns, sidewalks, driveways, garden, yard, garage and others, air speed max .: 250 km / h, simply blow away the damp leaves.
  • Comfort and noise reduction: soft grip, anti-vibration system, net weight only approx. 4,5 kg-handy and light, to ensure comfortable working. Adjustable shoulder strap for long working hours, noise reduction through dual-chamber exhaust for a pleasant working experience.
  • Safety and application: On / Off safety switch. Simply dispose of leaves, grass, paper, stubborn dirt, suitable for terraces, driveways, sidewalks, garages, lawns, courtyards, gardens and large areas.
  • A complete set: 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner, spark plug wrench and tool set, petrol / oil mixing container, two-piece intake manifold, multi-part blower tube with attachment nozzles, 50L collection bag, user manual.
Bestseller no. 10
Black + Decker leaf blower and blower GW3030 with chopper, 50l bag and second handle - variable blowing speed up to 418km / h - 14 m³ / min suction power - back-friendly use
  • The leaf blower and leaf vacuum convinces with its ability to process the harshest garden waste with ease, accelerates composting through the shredding function and makes disposal easier
  • Extremely strong: 418km / h blowing speed, 14 m³ / min suction strength - Variable blowing speed allows easy control over the blades blaster
  • Convenient: Thanks to the 50 liter catch bag, work can be carried out with fewer interruptions / Lightweight and balanced - for a back-friendly use
  • Collecting leaves without frequent composting: Metal chopping wheel reduces the volume of garden waste in proportion 16: 1 / Laub Sucker easily absorbs even wet, stubborn dirt
  • Scope of supply: 1 x 3in1 garden vacuum and leaf blower, 50l catch bag volume, chopping function, carrying strap and second handle / weight: 3.7 / 4.8 Kg / 2 year warranty

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