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Multifunction Tool for home improvement.

The tasks in the home improvement sector, such as sawing, grinding and polishing, always require some skill and different tools. To make sure that you do not need too many tools for smaller activities, numerous vendors are now manufacturing multifunctional tools, which can carry out these handicraft activities with the help of different essays.

What is a multi-function tool

A multi-function tool, also known as a multitool, is a versatile tool which is often used by amateur and professional craftsmen. These tools are oscillating, thus oscillating multitools, and comparable with a Dremel. They integrate different skills from the craft sector into a tool, such as milling, rasping, cutting, polishing, sawing and grinding. Because of these numerous possibilities, a multifunctional tool is therefore a true multitalent and a small and handy helper for everyday use at work or at home. The multitools are used when it is necessary to work properly and that ordinary electric tools, such as an oscillating grinder or a jigsaw, have no place at all. In the case of activities such as the quick cutting off of the nail heads, the scraping of the glue, the grinding of the corresponding corners, the opening of the tile joints and the removal of tiles, these tools can be used ideally. The sawing of raw materials such as metal, plastic or wood is easily possible with the aid of the special sheets of the Multitool. In contrast to conventional devices, the multifunction tools are designed differently, since a multitool does not rotate but oscillates. In this case, the idle speed is at least up to 20.000 oscillations per minute and at an oscillation angle up to three degrees. For the different functions of the multifunction tools, the corresponding attachments are used, which are supplied by Bosch and other suppliers as accessories.

Types of multifunction tool

The multitools mainly distinguish between network and battery powered tools. The differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the two multifunction tool types are explained below.

Wired Multitools

The cable-connected multifunctional tools are operated by a power cable. This results in much higher performance. As a result, larger activities, such as cutting wood and other materials, can be effortlessly performed. These multitools are also convincing in permanent operation, because here the current does not end at any time. Only with these devices are a power cable, which is always connected or probably still to be laid. It is also important that the cable is tamper-free and secure when working with the corresponding multi-function tool type.

Cordless multifunctional tools

The battery-powered multitools get power through the integrated battery, as the name already betrays. In the normal case one uses an 18 Volt lithium-ion battery, which has a minimum capacity of four ampere-hours. These multi-function tools are becoming more and more popular because they offer convenient advantages over cable-powered multitools. They can be used immediately without connecting the power cable. It also simplifies working, because no cables have to be respected. It is possible to transport a battery multifunction tool without problems, for example, from one room to another, which is why these multitools are even more flexible. Because of the limited battery performance of these tools, the possibilities are limited. For small activities, such as cockroaching, polishing and grinding the accustomed multitools are particularly suitable. If there are major tasks requiring more power, such as cutting or cutting metal, there are problems because the range of the battery is quickly reached in this approach. A cable-bound multitool is better suited for this. a Rotary Hammer does not replace the multifunction tool.

Purchase criteria for multitools

The following section describes the points to be considered when purchasing a multi-function tool.


For a multi-function tool, performance is very important. There are devices from brand manufacturers, which offer a high performance from 300 to 350 Watt. Other providers and versions also have a lower wattage between 190 and 250 Watt, which is better suited for smaller home activities. What should not be forgotten in the Watt performance is the heating of these tools. This is much faster with less wattage and thus unpleasant in operation. Another characteristic of the power is the idle speed, which indicates the rotations per minute from the engine. That is, the higher the idle speed of a multitool, the higher the power. Here, it is important to start from a guideline from 10.000 to 19.500 revolutions per minute. As already mentioned, the current source is important for the performance of such a tool. If these indices are given, it is also possible to use the respective multitool for the removal of the joints on the tiles.


In principle, a multifunctional tool is equipped with the appropriate accessories, which also cover a range of possible uses. In spite of all this, it is necessary to pay attention to the equipment so that the desired applications can be carried out. If necessary, the accessories for Multitools can always be purchased, but should be eligible for the price class. Multifunctional tools offer different functions, such as a suction device or a quick-release system. A quick-release system replaces an attachment without an Allen key or wrench. This results in a comfortable handling, saving time and possibly nerves. For activities such as the removal of the tiles, especially the suction device is suitable, because there is a lot of dirt and dust. With this device, a vacuum cleaner can be connected to the multitool. This is thus a solution for the resulting dirt and dust. An extraction device is also advised for reasons of health, so that falling dust and others are not inhaled. The multitool is kept in the supplied case. Many vendors ship their multifunctional tools in matching suitcases, which also contain the accessories. A suitcase is necessary for such an all-round tool.


When working with a multi-function tool, it should be comfortable and permanent without any hassle. For convenient work with these tools, it is important to ensure simple and easy handling. This starts with a handle that is ergonomically shaped and well-matched in strength. In the case of the multitools, the functional buttons must be able to be operated quickly and easily. It is also important to pay attention to the type of tool change. If you change the attachments without a tool through a clamping system, you save a lot of time. In addition, it ensures a generally more comfortable handling. However, if you need tools such as an Allen wrench or screwdriver for changing the attachment, it takes much longer. As far as the weight is concerned, it is necessary to pay attention to a user-friendly weight because the permanent operation can be strenuous with a lot of weight.


In the case of the multitools, the weight is also relevant because the tools are permanently held in the hand and therefore the load should be as low as possible. For pleasant work, it is important that they are by no means too difficult. Multifunctional tools weigh on average between 1,2 and 1,5 kilograms.


What a multifunctional tool is to cost, however, can not be answered in principle. Rather, it is important to be aware of what activities it is used for. If you plan to use the new multitool only in some cases, you do not need to buy the most expensive variant, but a good one in the middle price class. These are suitable for the amateur hobbyist up to the angler. However, if it is to be used repeatedly several times a day and can carry out almost all possible activities, it is important to purchase a multifunctional tool with accessories of high quality. The multitool in the upper price range is recommended to craftsmen or passionate DIY enthusiasts. This convinces with excellent quality, is high-quality processed and contains a wide range of functions as well as accessories. It is also possible to use this tool regularly over several years.


  • There are several vendors from which multifunctional tools are available:
  • Parkside
  • Stanley
  • Worx
  • Flex
  • AEG
  • Mannesmann
  • Black & Decker
  • DeWalt
  • Einhell

The leading brands

The three leading manufacturers that offer Multitools are detailed below.


Makita Werkzeug GmbH, which is based in Ratingen, offers multitools among numerous power tools. With this company, the product range is clear and quite small. High-performance network machines and rechargeable batteries are manufactured with a comprehensive range of accessories. The professional multifunction tools from Makita are suitable for passionate DIY and craftsmen. Especially with the battery-powered multitools such as the Makita DTM51Y1JX8 high-quality devices are offered by Makita, which is by no means only due to the integrated high-performance batteries, which can be interchanged. In principle, the Makita tools meet the highest demands on user-friendliness and quality. In addition, this company offers a user-friendly case system called MAKPAC, which allows the multitool including the accessories to be easily and safely stowed and transported. The standard delivery always includes a wide range of accessories, covering all needs so that work can start right away. At the time of purchase of a Makita multifunctional tool you will get an 41 accessory set.

Makita battery multifunction tool (without battery / charger, 390 W, 18 V) DTM51Z indicator
  • Electronically adjustable oscillation number
  • Tool-free change of insert tools
  • Multifunction tool for sawing, cutting and grinding
  • Extensive accessories for a wide range of applications optionally available
  • With soft start and restart protection


As a successful product group, the Gerling company Bosch produces the multitools. In principle, the multifunction tools from Bosch are excellently processed and of high quality. In addition, the company offers a comprehensive product range and a particularly good customer service. In the large selection of different multitools, a distinction is made between the blue and the green product line. Blue appliances are available for craftsmen, while green ones are intended for DIY enthusiasts. Even Bosch has cable and battery powered multifunctional tools on offer. The GOP 300 SCE multi-function tool, which comes from the blue product line, is currently the company's best device. The luggage systems, such as the L-BOXX, are particularly comfortable and customer-oriented. Due to the box system, it is possible to sort and transport the multitool together with the accessories. For a wide range of applications, Bosch offers a high-quality and extensive range of accessories for these tools.

Bosch Multifunction Tool PMF 250 CES Set (250 Watt, in case) display
  • Multifunctional tool PMF 250 CES Set - the powerful universal aid for a wide range of applications
  • Suitable for numerous jobs thanks to extensive accessories: milling, scraping, sawing, cutting, cutting, grinding, polishing
  • With speed preselection for material-compatible work and with Bosch Constant electronics, so that the power remains constant even under heavy load
  • Precise and gentle dipping through rounded "Curved-Tec" cutting edges of the diving saw blades
  • Maintain the exact cutting depth by 4-level depth stop as well as low-dust grinding thanks to vacuum cleaner adapter


For the multifunctional tools, the company Fein is leading in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau. Due to its enormous know-how, it currently offers the best multitools. These tools convince above all of their very high quality of the materials used, the high quality workmanship and the powerful performance as they contain high-quality built-in motors. That's why craftsmen choose this. The best multifunction tool from Fein is the Multimaster FMM 350 Q Top, which is well known in the market. The Multimaster is a professional for permanent operation. It is therefore suitable for craftsmen and passionate DIY enthusiasts, where high performance is required with regular use. Furthermore, the Multitools offers a wide range of accessories, which are included in the various sets. Due to the different sets, all applications are possible. In addition to professional multi-function tools, Fein also has more cost-effective designs for beginners, such as the FMT 250 W Start.

Fine Multifunction Tool (350 Watt Fine High Performance Motor, QuickIN Quick Release System) FMM 350 QSL Display
  • Powerful 350 Watt high-performance motor
  • Steplessly adjustable vibration, see E-Cut Precision BIM saw blade
  • StarlockPlus tool holder, QuickIN quick-release system
  • 3 years manufacturing guarantee
  • (3 / 60 / 80 / 120), sanding plate Ø 180 mm, perforated, 3 sanding sheets each perforated (K 60 / 80 / 120 / 180), sanding plate perforated / 115 / 2), HSS segment saw blade, hard metal segment saw blade, hard-metal segment saw blade, hard-metal saw blade, Rasp (triangular shape), perforated, plastic tool case


There are always accidents, especially in craft activities. By adhering to simple safety measures, it is possible to minimize the risk of using multifunctional tools. In the following, these measures are explained.

Protective gloves

When working with the Multitools, it is important to wear protective gloves. Gloves also protect you from burns and cuts by flying sparks, chips or splinters. It is imperative that the protective gloves have the correct fit and size. It is best to wear the tight-fitting gloves, which have a rubberized surface.

Eye protection

When working with the multi-function tool as well as processing different raw materials, such as wood or metal, chips, chips and sparks can fly around. The eyes can be quickly injured. This is therefore better protected with protective goggles. This screen must be set individually, so that it is by no means too loose or too tight. Ordinary goggles are made of polycarbonate.

respiratory protection

Respiratory protection is required when working with materials, creating dust and toxic fumes. When working with the multi-function tool, a protection should be worn for the airways. It has to be noted, that he is neither too tight, nor too loose sits and adapts excellently.

ear protection

Depending on the performance it is possible that the respective multi-function tool becomes very noisy. If it is operated continuously, the persistent effect of the high sound pressure level on the eardrum is detrimental. This can lead to irreparable and permanent hearing damage. This should be counteracted by providing a very high-quality hearing protection. An ear protection is recommended here, which can be individually adjusted on the holding bracket. It is important that the hearing protection is by no means too loose and not too tight.

safety helmet

To ensure that the head is not injured by sparks, chips, wood or metal chips during activities with the multi-function tool, it is necessary to equip it with a helmet. The safety helmet should fit exactly, do not press and by no means be too loose. It is important that the brackets of the goggles are placed underneath.

Further safety instructions

For work, it is recommended to wear work clothes or old clothes. The multifunctional tool must be checked for functionality before the manual work. In the case of a network-connected device, it is important not to damage the cable. It should in any case not be a stumbling block in the way. It is self-evident that only a sober and healthy state is used.

SaleBestseller no. 1
Multi-function tool, Tacklife turning tool with 80 accessories and 4 attachments, 6 variable speed settings 10.000-32.000 rpm for creative projects or DIY work
  • Whether sawing, cutting, grinding, scraping, milling, cutting, trimming or rasping ... all these possible application scenarios can be carried out with just one multifunctional tool
  • Adjustable speed and ON / OFF switch is suitable for precise and controlled operation. Continuously variable vibration preselection with 10,000 rpm / min - 32,000 rpm Vibrations per minute for material-appropriate working
  • Powerful 135 Watt high-performance motor for maximum cutting speeds, enabling you to achieve jobs quickly
  • The additional protective cover protects against sparks and ensures maximum safety. Quick and easy change of various accessories thanks to 80 accessories and 4 attachments
  • Scope of delivery: rotary tool, tool case, accessories (auxiliary handle, cut, protective hood, flexible shaft), manual
SaleBestseller no. 2
Einhell Multifunctional tool TE-MG 300 EQ (300 W, speed & constant electronics, incl. Saw blade selection, sandpaper, scraper, transport case indicator
  • A powerful 300 Watt motor for the highest performance demands.
  • Quick-release lock and magnetic tool holder for convenient and tool-free accessory change. Twelve times adjustable tool holder. Safe and comfortable work by soft grip.
  • Speed ​​electronics for material and application-oriented work. Due to constant electronics no loss of speed at high load.
  • Including tool-free dust extraction device and practical dust extraction adapter.
  • Including HCS and BIM dip saw blade, 2x segment saw blades, a scraper, a triangular sanding plate, 6 sanding papers in a convenient transport and storage case
SaleBestseller no. 3
Multi-function tool, TECCPO 200W turning tool with telescopic arm and table clamp, with 120 accessories, mini drill with 5 + max variable speeds, ideal for DIY creations-TART13P display
  • 【Powerful 200W multifunction motor】 - Equipped with a more powerful 200 W pure copper motor, 5 + max speeds from 10.000 to 40.000 rpm can be changed. You can choose the optimal speed for cutting, sawing, cutting, carving, sawing, polishing and cutting to suit your needs. The multifunction meets your requirements for DIY creation.
  • 【Wide range of applications】 - Compatible with Dremel accessories. 120 accessories are supplied in a small plastic box, plus 5 high-performance accessories: telescopic arm & table clamp, flexible shaft, protective shield, three-jaw chuck, sharpening guide, meet your different requirements and offer more options for work.
  • 【Overload protection】 - External honeycomb air inlets for efficient heat dissipation. Built-in overheating protection to prevent engine damage, extend engine life and ensure personal safety. It is not possible to press the locking shaft after starting to prevent accidental touching and to ensure safety.
  • 【Easy to use and comfortable】 - With the soft TPE rubber material, the TECCPO Multi Tool offers a comfortable and handy handle and contributes to stable and safe use. You can easily manage these for precision work or heavy work.
  • 【2 year quality promise】 -1 x TECCPO 200W TART13P multi-function tool, 120 x accessories, 1 x telescopic arm & table clamp, 1 x three-jaw chuck, 1 x transparent protective shield, 1 x sharpening guide, 1 x cutting guide, 1 x additional handle, 1 x flexible shaft, 1 xRobuster tool box, 1x instruction manual.
SaleBestseller no. 4
Bosch Multifunction Tool PMF 350 CES (350 Watt, for Starlock and Starlock Plus Accessories, in case) Display
  • The powerful all-rounder for home improvement Whether milling, scraping, sawing, cutting, cutting, grinding or polishing, thanks to the large range of accessories many applications are possible
  • Maintaining the cutting depth with 4 depth stop and anti-vibration grip for optimal guidance
  • Optimum illumination of the working area thanks to the 180 degree light band and low-dust grinding by means of a vacuum cleaner adapter
  • With Starlock interface for optimum power transmission and easy tool change through AutoClic system
  • Scope of supply: PMF 350 CES, segment saw blade ACZ 85 EB, dipping saw blade AIZ 32 EPC, dipping saw blade PAII 65 APB, delta grinding plate AVZ 93 G, 6-part. Sanding paper set, anti-vibration grip, 4-depth stop, dust extraction, case (3165140828567)
SaleBestseller no. 5
Bosch Multifunction Tool PMF 220 CE (220 Watt, for Starlock Accessories, in case) Display
  • The multifunctional tool PMF 220 CE - your flexible assistant
  • For versatile work thanks to extensive accessories: milling, scraping, sawing, cutting, cutting, grinding, polishing
  • Maintaining the exact cutting depth thanks to the 4 stepped depth stop
  • With Starlock interface for optimum power transmission and easy tool change with universal screw
  • Scope of delivery: PMF 220 CE, segment saw blade ACZ 85 EB, dipping saw blade AIZ 32 EPC, delta-grinding plate AVZ 93 G, 6-pcs. Sanding paper set, 4 stepped depth stop, Allen key, case (3165140828482)
SaleBestseller no. 6
Multifunction tool, Meterk 170W turning tool with 83 accessories (2 collets -2.3 / 3.2 mm), 6 variable speed settings, multi-purpose grinding machine for cutting cutting grinding engraving indicator
  • Multifunction with 6 Speeds - Equipped with a more powerful 170W engine, you can switch 6 variable speed from 8.000-35.000 RPM. You can choose the optimum speed for cutting, sawing, trimming, grinding and carving according to your needs.
  • 83 accessories for many uses - 83 various accessories unlimited usable for milling, cutting, polishing, grinding, carving, engraving, sharpening, cleaning on wood, plaster, plastic, metal and glass. In addition, all 83 small parts are housed in a tool box and remain neatly sorted.
  • Convenient handling - With nylon material, the Meterk multifunction tool provides a comfortable and handy grip and contributes to stable and safe use. For precision work or rough work, you can easily handle them.
  • Useful accessories added - Supplied with two collets (2,3 mm and 3,2 mm) and drills designed for drilling through all types of plastic and wood. Felt discs for polishing and removing heavy material.
  • 24 x Meterk Multifunction Tool, 1 x Auxiliary Handle, 1 x Flexible Shaft, 1 x Accessories, 83 x Tool Case, 1 x User Manual, 1 x 1 Monthly Warranty Card. [Email protected]
Bestseller no. 7
Makita battery multifunction tool (without battery / charger, 390 W, 18 V) DTM51Z indicator
  • Electronically adjustable oscillation number
  • Tool-free change of insert tools
  • Multifunction tool for sawing, cutting and grinding
  • Extensive accessories for a wide range of applications optionally available
  • With soft start and restart protection
Bestseller no. 8
TROTEC 4420000101 PMTS 10-230V Multifunction tool with quick release system, 300W motor, extensive accessories set, transport case display
  • With this power pack you can start your project directly - plug in and go. The standard soft start of the PMTS 10-230V ensures a smooth start of its powerful 300 W motor, which does not keep even the most demanding tasks out of step. Once switched on, it oscillates permanently and reliably up to 21.000 times per minute - continuously adjustable at any time for optimal adjustment to the respective material and application.
  • Due to the practical plug operation, the PMTS 10‑230V is particularly suitable for more time-consuming renovation work, since you do not have to pay attention to battery capacity when using this multi-function tool. In addition, thanks to AC power, a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, plastic or ceramic can all be effortlessly processed with rapid work progress. The large oscillation angle of 3,2 degrees ensures precise work.
  • So that you can work with the PMTS 10-230V in a concentrated and fatigue-free manner, special emphasis was placed on ergonomic design when designing this multi-function tool, which is why the device, which is designed to be within easy reach, lies very well in the hand. A central softgrip insert offers optimal hold and the well thought-out switch arrangement enables flexible one-hand operation with continuous adjustment of the number of vibrations.
  • If the attachment needs to be changed, this can be done quickly and easily with the PMTS 10-230V using the quick-release system. Simply pull the clamping lever, change the attachment without tools and position it variably in one of 12 possible working directions.
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x multi-function tool PMTS 10‑230V, 1 x scraper HCS SC 80/30 (for removing tile adhesive, silicone, mortar and paint residues), 1 x segment saw blade HSS SM 85/20 (for wood and metal), 1 x plunge-cut saw blade BIM CS 75/25 for (wood, plastic, GRP, light and non-ferrous metal), 1 x plunge saw blade HCS CS 95/40 (for wood, plasterboard and soft plastics), 1 x Delta sanding plate, 12 x Velcro sanding triangles for wood, 6 x Velcro sanding triangles for metal, 1 x insert case
Bestseller no. 9
Bibury Multifunction Tools, 21 in 1 Foldable Multitools Stainless Steel, Multifunctional Pliers with Bottle Opener, Screwdriver, Saw, Multi Tool Great for Camping, Repair - Black Edge Indicator
  • Double-Angled Screwdrivers - To make this new multitool forceps more suitable for repair work, Bibury Team has inserted a hexagon sleeve and offers an 4 bit set in the package. You can select the bit or change the sleeve angle base as needed.
  • 21 functions in 1 - 21 useful tools include a pliers body: needle nose pliers, end cutter, pliers, hexagonal sleeve, cutter, scale, sickle, rope cutter, bottle opener screwdriver, saw ...
  • Handy and Robust - The entire body of the Bibury Multi-Tool is made of 3Cr13 (high hardness stainless steel), which makes the pliers suitable for many severe and harsh environments.
  • Practical Security - Bibury Team has many practical tools under control. We also set up a practical safety device to control it. After finishing work, push on the latch and leave the accessories in place.
  • Caring Service - The Bibury team strives to provide consumers with quality products and services. If you have problems after the purchase, you are welcome to contact us. We will do our best to solve problems and meet your requirements.
Bestseller no. 10
Tacklife RTD35ACL Advanced multifunction tool with 80 accessories and 4 attachments to the popular all-rounder for handyman and DIY, incl. Cover display
  • Whether sawing, cutting, grinding, scraping, milling, cutting, trimming or rasping ... all these possible application scenarios can be carried out with just one multifunctional tool
  • Adjustable speed and ON / OFF switch is suitable for precise and controlled operation. Continuously variable vibration preselection with 10, 000 rpm / min - 32, 000 rpm Vibrations per minute for material-appropriate working
  • Powerful 135 Watt high-performance motor for maximum cutting speeds, enabling you to achieve jobs quickly
  • The additional protective cover protects against sparks and ensures maximum safety. Quick and easy change of various accessories thanks to 80 accessories and 4 attachments
  • Supplied with: Multifunction Tool, Tool Case, Accessories (Auxiliary Handle, Cutting Guide, Protective Hood, Flexible Driver), Manual, 24 months


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