The mower for the lawn is what millions of landowners have wanted for decades: a lawn mower that cuts the grass by itself without moving and pushing it. Of course, the robot needs man's guidance to make everything right; but afterwards he is an ingenious help to make the plot look well maintained at all times. He runs with his battery the place marked for him constantly, leaving the grass no chance to grow longer. The advantage is by the way: there is no grass cut because the small heights that are cut off are left in the ground.

How does it work Mower?

The mower has wheels with which it moves, and at the bottom sharp knife, which he uses similar to a classic mower to cut the lawn. However, he cuts the - not too high - grass really, while a conventional mower rather slashes the blades. The special feature: it keeps the lawn short, and does not come into play until the grass has grown and mowed.

The power supply is controlled by a battery. This principle is now also available for classic lawn mowers. Since the mowing robot is an "intelligent" being, he knows when his strength is coming to an end, and drives back to his charging station where he waits until he is refilled, and then continues his work.

The advantages of the Rasenmähroboters

The greatest advantage should be the saved working time and strength. Although it is not that the mowing robot does not take time, but this is in no way comparable to the time it costs to work the lawn with the conventional mower. Another advantage is that there is no grass cut that needs to be disposed of, which means considerable work on a large plot of land. Experts also speak of a more cultivated and healthier lawn when the robot keeps it short. All in all, one can speak of these advantages:

  • time savings
  • power saving
  • More healthy lawn
  • No waste
  • Good environmental compatibility

The fields of application

Many users wonder if one mower would be appropriate for them. In principle, everyone can use it, whereby for a certain group of property owners the acquisition is of course particularly worthwhile.

The robot is especially helpful for anyone who is not physically able to cope with the mower over their property. Especially on a hillside this can be very stressful. There are also temporal reasons for the many employers to suggest the purchase of such a helper for the garden. Because even if the plot is not too big - the time to mow every week at least once has to be applied, and this is for some a real problem. Nevertheless, it is a nice thing to lie on the "rotten skin", and watch the machine in the lawn mower.

Also affected are all those who as allergy sufferers have difficulty mowing the lawn. Tearing eyes and constant sneezing are extremely unpleasant. These problems can also be avoided with the lawn robot.

What kinds of Rasenmährobotern is there?

In principle, there are two types of Rasenmährobotern:

  1. One species is oriented by means of turf sensors
  2. The other with a limiting wire

In the case of the latter, the terrain, which the robot is intended to travel, must be fixed with a limiting wire. Within this wire the mower moves. On the other, sensors ensure that the mower is able to detect whether it is on a lawn or not. For this, a thorough separation must be made between the lawn and beds with flowers or crops, since he otherwise recognizes them as lawns and mows.

The best of the current mower

As with other devices, manufacturers are constantly developing new models that are easier to use and perform better. Therefore, it is quite advisable to deal with the "hit list" of the mowing robot just before the purchase, since there is always something new to be found here.

Based on customer reviews and manufacturer information, we have compiled judgments and can now give you useful tips.

On our partner site, we tested the popular models ourselves and also created suitable videos. Here you will find the big one Lawnmower robot test.

While for the "normal" garden devices are sufficient, which cost about 1.000 Euro, one should grasp for a larger property deeper into the bag, since then a higher performance is reasonable.

It is important that the size of the piece to be mown is as good as possible with that which is assigned to the mowing robot by the manufacturer. Only then can the device perform its work perfectly excellently.

We present here the best models within their best discipline:

Accu and power

In the case of battery operation, the paths of many devices are already disconnected. However, most of the good devices we take under the microscope work with a lithium-ion battery of 18 Volt. Exceptions are, for example, the Wolf Robo Scooter 500 and the Viking iMow Mi-322 C, which are equipped with lead-acid batteries, which are each 24 Volt strong. A lithium-ion battery with almost 30 Volt offers the one Concept Garden Hero.

In the lawn area, which can be mown, the differences are already greater. By and large, one can distinguish between devices for under 500 square meters, those that make between 500 and 1.000 square meters and those that are suitable for even larger lawns.

At the time the mower needs to recharge its rechargeable battery. During the Husqvarna Automower 430X only 65 minutes to charge the battery and then mow 135 minutes with it, it is with the other mentioned models 60-70 minutes recharge time, to be able to mow at the same time (approximately one hour).

User friendliness and quality

With a simple operation and excellent quality comes the Husqvarna Automower 430 X very big out. Even his little brother 320 can score points in both categories. Gardena is getting a big plus for its operating instructions, which are truly exemplary. The settings, which are directly on the mower can be changed very well.

The lawn robot from Bosch with the name Indego can also be used with good quality and easy installation and programming. The successor Indego Connect can be operated with mobile terminals such as the smartphone.

There is the wolf from Wolf Robo Scooter 500, Again, the operation is easy.

The mowing result and the movement system

The Husqvarna Automower scores with a free movement pattern. The lawn can thus get an optimal picture. The cutting pattern is described as excellent. Three small knives on a cutting disc rotate and cut as with a razor blade. The exchange of exchanges should be exchanged for a good result every two to three months.

Gardena also lets his robots work for a free movement pattern. Random work paths ensure that the mower has been in the end everywhere and the lawn is beautifully even.

Bosch is committed to precise and perfect lawn cutting. The optimum mowing track is calculated by the unit itself. The cutting strategy is a different one from the previous ones: parallel paths provide a working surface without omitted areas.

All these devices have a cut height adjustment, so you can determine how high the grass should remain. Some of the models have an 7 to 10-style adjustment, such as the Indego from Bosch.

The volume at work

The mowing robots have the advantage that they can also work on Sundays and holidays of their work, which is not the case with an ordinary lawn mower. Because the low power of the robot ensures that it is also many times quieter. However, there are also differences.

The Husqvarna models are especially quiet under 60 dB, while the device by Wolf is over 77 dB. Bosch brings a volume of 75 dB to the surface. All mower are however far below your usual lawn mower and therefore do not cause any noise pollution.

On this you should buy a Rasenmähroboters respect, think highly of

If the decision has been made that such a robot is purchased and perhaps even one or the other model has entered the shortlist, the following criteria should be thoroughly examined.

There would be on the one hand the kind of battery technology. Today it is mostly lithium-ion batteries, which are installed. This is important because they are unrivaled in terms of the speed of the cargo, and they also have a comparatively low weight.

If it appears to you to be able to operate electronically and not by hand, it may be useful for you - perhaps due to different garden areas - to adjust the cutting height frequently.

If it is necessary that many edges are cut, it is worth the purchase of one Rasenmähroboters with the so-called edge mowing function.

In normal cases, the mowing robot requires a limiting cable. Anyone who wants to have their garden mown by a robot must first consider well where he has to lay the cable and whether it can be improved in the garden design in this respect. Trees and other larger objects - but a limiting wire has to be laid around a flower bed. The more expensive variants are the mowing robots with sensor detection. However, it is necessary here that beds and co have distinct partitions, since otherwise the mower simply passes over the transition between lawn and flowers.

If there is a slope in the property, this should be estimated as a percentage. Most mowing robots produce around 35%. But there are special equipment that also creates steeper slopes. But you have to search for them.

Very important: the garden size. Here, the mower should be as exact as possible, which surface the mower has to cope with and for which it is designed. The square meters are indicated on the device for which it was designed.

Last but not least: the volume. Here, the mower should not be louder than 75 dB, which corresponds approximately to a conventional vacuum cleaner. What lies above can be disturbing. But it depends on course whether the piece of grass is possibly a little further from the house.

Where to buy the mower best: retail or online?

Of course, both have its advantages and disadvantages. The problem is that you get the retailer's advice free of charge. Unfortunately, its expertise is often limited, especially in construction and garden markets. However, you can be lucky in the real trade and meet a colleague who really knows what he is talking about. There are also, according to experience, more models and manufacturers than the usual. The big advantage of the retail trade is, however, that one goes to the customer's home, inspects the property and then makes an offer, or even offers the commissioning and the laying of the wire.

Advantages of the retail trade:

  • Professional competent information
  • Discussion of the selection on the own property possible
  • Delivery and laying of the wires on site by the dealer

For the online trade, it is said that there is a larger offer and the prices are generally considerably lower. However, you can not expect someone to know what is the best device for your own garden or help with the installation. Buying via the Internet is more of a question, if you know exactly which model you want, and you can install it alone.

Advantages of online trading:

  • Large selection
  • Lower prices
  • Very fast delivery

The leading manufacturers of Rasenmährobotern

For the private use rather than Bigmow comes - the most powerful mower of the world. These are very good, but designed for areas around the 20.000 square meters.

Viking, founded in the early 80 years, specializes in gardening equipment and sells also mowing robots. These are often in rankings among the first places to be found.

The well-known company Bosch also offers mowing robots. These are among the outstanding ones of the class and are also bought in the private sector.

The two main competitors are Gardena and Husqvarna. While Gardena is well-known in the manual sector with garden tools, Husqvarna is particularly popular with the outstanding chainsaws. Both are always in the front places in comparisons and are also both recommended machines. Husqvarna has perhaps the longer life and better quality, but also the higher price.

Furthermore, good mowing robots are available from Al-Ko, Ambogio, Friendly Robotics, Honda and Sabo as well as Stiga and Wolf as well as Worx.

Wissenswertes about mower

The beginnings

From the middle of the 90 years onwards, in some gardens, one saw the self-propelled lawn mower and not infrequently the people stood by the fence to admire this marvel of technology. Many a pet did not look badly, which was suddenly there, who wanted to dispute the garden.

The first "real" mowing robot is the Automover G1 from Electrolux and Husqvarna. For he was the first to move himself back to the Ladestation when he had to be recharged. This was a novelty which mowed the lawn alone for the first time, without human help, if one were to ignore maintenance and commissioning.

Many manufacturers are satisfied with their proprietary developments with license verifications. Especially Husqvarna Automover and Friendly Robotics Robomower are among many other companies.

Mowing robot or petrol lawn mower?

Apart from the Convenience of a mowing robot many ask themselves whether there are other advantages or disadvantages of the robot against a well-functioning gasoline lawnmower.

The purchase costs clearly speak for the gasoline lawnmower, because it costs a fraction of a good mowing robot.

For the robot the better mowing result and the small space requirement for the device speak. Also, of course, that no grass cut has to be disposed of.

But what about the environment and efficiency? Ecologically, the robot has the nose ahead. Because the gasoline lawnmower is used to emit exhaust gases, which are not exactly good for the environment. A mowing robot works electrically and thus cleaner. They are considered to be efficient and gentle.

Maintenance of the Rasenmähroboters

What about maintenance? As a conventional lawnmower needs to be cultivated, anyone who owns a garden knows. But the maintenance that the expensive robot receives can not be neglected.

Once a week, the robot should be cleaned and the knives checked. These must be replaced when they are dull, which is seen relatively quickly in the mowing result.

The battery is part of the robot, which is subject to wear. This will normally last several years, but should not be too cold in the winter according to the instructions of the manufacturer. The cellar is in any case better than the garden hut, because too many minus degrees for a long time make a battery always create.

So that the lawn becomes beautiful ...

It is known that grass does not just grow up in front of you and looks beautiful. As long as the grass was used exclusively as an animal feed, it did not matter how evenly it grew. But today, where a piece of grass exclusively serves the ornament, the grass is to grow thickly and uniformly, while still being short and cultivated.

The mowing robot certainly adds to this, because its regular cut makes the lawns good and ensures a decent appearance. However, most lawns suffer from a lack of nutrients. These are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Special lawn long-term fertilizers ensure that the lawn looks good again and grows quickly in density.

The low lawn cut, which is obtained with the mowing machine with a mowing robot, is simultaneously used as Fertilizer designated. Because when this is left on the lawn, the grass area is good and it can absorb the nutrients, apart from the fact that the cut does not have to be disposed of.

If you use such a robot, you can do good on your lawn, but you should not forget that you must be watered in case of prolonged drought. While flowers and other plants are often poured, the lawn is often forgotten.

To facilitate the air exchange and the gift of Water and fertilizer should be verticalized once a year. This is because lawn felt and moss are eliminated and the lawn can breathe again. This step is especially important when you use a mowing robot, since this will "drop" the cut off small grass tips into the lawn, where they are usually fertilizer. However, in the event of unfavorable weather conditions, a certain felt is also required, which must be removed.

These questions are often discussed mower posed

When is worthwhile mower?

Actually, whenever lawn mowing is difficult or time is not enough. Especially for allergy sufferers it is a real relief.

How does the mower know where to drive and where not?

Usually, a limiting cable is laid. This is adapted to the situation and ensures that the robot circles bushes and beds. He stops anyway in trees or toys that lie in the garden.

What to do in the rain?

There are now mowing robots with rain sensor. Most users take over the charging station, and this does not leave the "electronic sheep", or return there when the first drops drop. If the mower does not have such a rain sensor, it is advisable to take it off the surface to protect it. But in principle, the mower can also work in the rain.

How can the mower know where it has not been?

The mowers drive according to a certain accidental principle. They ensure that they have finished the entire area. As soon as the mower has to stop, for example because a tree stands in the way, it turns off and goes along somewhere else.

How do I know how strong my mower have to be?

The manufacturers indicate on the devices, for which lawn area it is suitable. Most distinguish between under 500 square meters, between 500 and 1.000 square meters and above. If one considers these statements, we create the mower, the whole area to drive.

What do I do with slopes in the garden?

If these are no more than 35% high, then in the normal case it creates each mowing robot. If it is steeper, however, one should indicate this at the dealer and purchase a special device.

How do I move the limit cable?

So that the mower does not scratch the concrete, wood or plastic, remove a certain distance and place the limiting cable there. Usually, limiting wire and the necessary tools are included in the scope of the mower.

Trick: If you put the rake edges so flat that the front edge of the mower is over, the robot can mow to the end and there are no edges that have to be re-mown.

The Cables can be routed over the grass or even below. The depth can be up to 10 cm, here you should look at the manual. Then the wire is not visible and also no tripping. However, one can not correct it, if something changes on the bed, without first recovering it.

What is the volume of such a device?

In the normal case, the mower should not be louder than a vacuum cleaner and thus neither disturb the owner nor the neighbors. It can not be compared with a conventional lawn mower.


All in all, the mowing robot is a fine thing when you have a larger lawn. But you should not forget to look and look after him.

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