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What is a metal detector?

The name says it basically already: one metal detector indicates metals. metal Detectors are available in different designs and for different purposes. They are used to detect metals or metal objects. This is the case with treasure hunters detectors very popular. they allow Metal, even when it is buried up to 50 cm deep under the ground. Probably it would never be found without a search device. Many of these devices even display the metal found, so the viewfinder immediately knows whether an excavation is actually worthwhile.

How it works

portable metal Detectors have a handle, on the upper end a handle and the Control or display unit sit. At the bottom is at an angle the plate-shaped Kitchen sink appropriate. Due to the adapted shape, the coil can be moved close to the ground. A display with a needle indicates if something has been found. At the same time, an audible signal can also be emitted, allowing the user to focus more on his environment and not have to constantly monitor the display. The tone may vary depending on the metal type and size found. metal Detectors can work in different ways. The different methods are based on the PI technique (pulse induction technique) or on the principle of AC measurement.

The PI technique

The pulse-like emission of strong magnetic impulses induces currents in conductive metal. The probe is in principle transmitter and receiver at the same time, but can not both at the same time. First, it transmits the magnetic impulses, then it receives the electrical currents. This is approximately 600 - 2.000 times per second. The magnetic pulses are generated by strong direct current flowing through the coil attached at the end. The resulting induction for conductive metals is measured by the probe. The probe can be enlarged Increase working depth, The received signal is directed from the coil upwards into the measuring device. The larger the object of metal is, the stronger the deflection of the measuring device. In the shaping of the probe, the manufacturer has several possibilities in PI technology. With larger metal Detectors can be found in to search for large areas.

The alternating current measurement

At metal Detectors, which are based on the alternating current measurement, is used instead of the direct current alternating current. There is no switching between sending and receiving, but the amplitude and phase position are measured without interruption. In this way material and size are measured in the soil. Devices of the upscale price class can be simultaneously different frequency ranges which leads to more accurate and more sensitive results.

Differences in metal detectors

Especially popular are detectors with a wide bandwidth, They show most of the metals under the soil layer. Beginners have usually not specialized in a specific metal and therefore access these Allround equipment, The disadvantage of these devices, however, is to have a reduced sensitivity due to the high bandwidth. The working depth is lower than with devices with narrower bandwidth. This also allows for a more accurate localization also smaller items. Some users often attach different detectors. Thus they are able to use a device for the rough search on larger terrain and in a find the exact position with a more sensitive device to determine. There are also metal Detectors, which have a watertight probe. They are preferably used in streams or on river banks. Some metal Detectors were optimized for a specific metal. That's the case, for example Detectors for gold.

Cheap models

As so often, the price has a big impact on quality and functionality. In the cheap price segment are mostly metal Detectorsthat are equipped Spartan. Important is a display option, often designed as a pointer. It allows you to specify the type of metal and the size of the object. In addition, the exact position of the object with the needle indicator can also be determined. Before use, the display should be calibrated to zero for correct values ​​to be displayed. Also an Esensitivity analyzer (discriminator) to be available. It allows adaptation to different ground conditions. Inexpensive devices often also allow the volume control of the acoustic signal generator. Thus the use of the metal detector does not become physically exhausting, care must be taken to the length of the device. Short devices force taller people into a stooped posture when the probe is passed close to the ground. Ideally, there are also devices in the cheap price sector, which are limited adjust individually in length to let. A further advantage is that the search coil can also be changed. For example, with a larger coil, the terrain can be roughly searched. Any finds can be marked in this way in order to be able to determine the position with other coils later. Some manufacturers even have interchangeable coils in their program or enable the operation of coils from other manufacturers. An example of an inexpensive metal detector is, for example, the Seben Allround Metal Detector for under 40 €.

Seben Allround Metal Detector Metal Detector Indicator
  • The original from Seben: Proven and successful metal detector
  • Acoustic and optical find piece display
  • Location depth: max. theoretical search depth 60cm (large objects), coins up to max. 15cm
  • Cable: inside (no tangling and slagging)
  • Waterproof "Seben Ultimate Focus" search coil, shallow water search up to 25 cm water depth

The upscale price class

These devices usually have an improved LCD display compared to the analog display. By a lighting function these devices are also suitable Darkness or poor light conditions better. The display provides more accurate data about the object and its position. In addition, the higher quality metal detectors often have a Pinpointer, which provides even more accurate results. Also the susceptibility to malfunction, for example in the vicinity of mobile radio masts, has been significantly improved on some devices. A comparison of the technical data provides further information on the performance. As a rule, the better devices also have a higher working depth. In the upper price range is for example the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector.

Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector Metal Detector with 11 Segment Target Identification Display
  • 11 digital segment target identification
  • Three-digit numerical target value display and 4 acoustic tone feedback
  • Filter function by pressing a key hides unwanted targets
  • Point location for deepest search and accurate localization
  • Münztiefenanzeige

The clear advantages

One metal detector shows metals hidden under other materials. Everyone knows the little helpers, which show pipes and metal pipes in the wall. They indicate the exact course and thus prevent unintentional damage to the pipes and pipes, for example when holes have to be drilled in a wall. Another example of detectors are the Metal detectors by supervisory authorities, for example at the airport. They feel weapons made of metal. The military uses metal Detectors um Mines, ammunition, bombs or grenades track down in the ground. The same applies of course to the ordnance clearance service. Treasure hunters, of course, have very different intentions. They are not necessarily looking for lost treasures, but anything that is valuable or old. An antique jewel or tool may not have a high material value, but it can ever be worth a fortune. Sometimes, however, they also find items that fall into the field of ordnance clearance. Especially from World War II there are regularly finds on construction sites and in forests. In such a case should immediately notified to the competent authorities be.

Some people came to one in need metal detector, Lost items, such as jewelry, watches or car keys can of course also with a metal detector find good. On the beach in the sand or in tall grass the search without technical support would have taken forever and many give up the search after hours. Again, it calls especially on tourist beaches some self-proclaimed "treasure hunters" on the plan, in the hope, with a detector lost valuables to find. Whether it is in the case of success to "honest Finder", is an open question. Nevertheless, it shows the performance of the metal Detectors, On construction sites or in your own garden, such a device can also be an asset. If the course of metal pipes or cables in the ground is not exactly known, a detector protects against earthy damage from accidental damage. Another group of potential users of one metal detector put meteorite hunters Many meteorites that hit the earth have a metal core. These are often a few inches below the ground cover layer and waiting to be found. Some people are so successful that they can even live on the sale of found meteorites.


As a treasure hunter should be taken into account in any case, the current legal situation in finds. This can be regionally very different and result in severe penalties for violations.

Treasure trove in water and under water

For most metal detectors, the probe is waterproof. Thus, the use of river edges is also suitable. Rivers and their tributaries usually originate in the mountains. So a river is a transport system for many metals. Some people dig gold from the rivers. On metal detector especially when looking for bigger ones gold rags be very helpful. But also ancient coins or other objects have been found frequently in rivers. They are mostly from sunken ships, Of course, this applies especially to the oceans. Treasure hunters and archaeologists also use under Water metal detectors, Often it is the sunken cannons, which are the first to point to a shipwreck. They last for hundreds of years and, due to their size and quantity of metal, provide a strong rash of the level indicator. Of course these are special metal Detectors for the Underwater use designed.

The metal detector as an interesting and varied hobby

Of a metal detector can quickly be a fascination. It makes it possible to find hidden things. Most of these things are already very old, so they have been buried by the earth over time. Bringing them back to daylight and thinking about their origins has already affected many people interesting hobby given. It can also be a nice leisure time fun for groups or families. Of course, several people can use multiple metal detectors to scan much larger areas at the same time, which of course increases the chances of success on a treasure trove. Another variant is the joint purchase of a possibly higher quality Metal detector. So the cost of each individual is not so high and you do not have to compromise on performance and quality. There are also many forums that deal with the topic metal Detectors or the treasure hunt. Here you can exchange important information and there are plenty of tips. A common problem is determining the value of a find. Much that seems valuable turns out to be relatively worthless. On the other hand, seemingly worthless things can be very valuable for archaeologists. The locality should be noted as accurately as possible, as there may be some other surprise hidden, even if it is not made of metal.

Proper use of search devices

As with all technical equipment, it is important to be familiar with it before using it for the first time. Not for nothing you will find manuals of the manufacturer in the packaging. In which metal detector It is advisable to create a practice area, if possible on your own property. If you search on third-party land, have a written consent from the owner. It is best to start by burying various objects. Dig holes of different depths. To bury you use worthless metal, but also real jewelry and coins. Mark the places where your "treasures" are underground. Now start the search and collect important experiences. In this way, the Effectiveness and performance Determine your model well. You also recognize whether your searcher flawless is working. This includes the important function of Diskriminierung, Ideally, this ensures the detection of worthless metal in the ground. Take your time and do not put yourself under pressure. A little practice allows the optimal use of one Metal detector. What you might find surprising after finding the things you have buried yourself is first finding on your own soil. Who knows, maybe you are going to find a real treasure. However, first find out about the legal provisions and restrictions on the treasure hunt. With your own metal detector To go on a treasure hunt in the great outdoors is generally allowed to individuals. Valuable finds are tax-free, but there are restrictions that must be considered. Thus, significant finds can pass to the respective federal state. From state to state lie here different legislations before.


Children should not look unsupervised with a metal detector. The danger of finding remnants of the Second World War in the forest or on meadows is too great.

On the Internet or on the spot at the dealer?

Where do you want yours? metal detector to buy? Are you still considering whether at the local dealer or at one Online retailers to be bought on the internet? We are happy to help you make these important decisions. Use our information so you do not have to worry about making a wrong decision. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

In the shop shop

After the decision one metal detector Many buyers look for a retailer in their area to buy. You will surely have to realize, for the hobby treasure hunters it is difficult to find a corresponding shop. The reason for this is that there are not any special shops for this hobby. You will most likely find what you are looking for in outdoor shops and weapon shops. As the demand for the detectors In these special shops is rather rare, no very large assortment ranges are to be expected. The advantage of one metal detector to be able to take along directly, is very clouded by the small selection. The managing directors see a large assortment as a risk factor, since the demand keeps within limits. So there are more models for the inexperienced treasure hunter. The sales staff is sometimes overwhelmed with a really professional advice. In some cases it is automatically attempted to sell existing models in the warehouse. The prices are usually higher than on the internet. When buying from a specialty store, you may need to spend a lot of free time on the purchase. Getting there, finding a parking space and waiting for a consultation takes up all of your time and money. Here are already the advantages of buying on the Internet.

Purchase on the Internet

For a relaxed shopping, the Internet is available. In peace and quiet, you can buy and pay for what you want at home. Especially working people appreciate this luxury. The opening hours of the shops make the purchase on the spot with many working prospects almost impossible. Advantage is the Internet, the extremely good selection of metal detectors, in contrast to the retailers. All you have to do is pick a model of your choice among the multitude, and your anticipation can rise. Some shops ship immediately after order, even as express shipping. If a model is not in stock, it will be displayed to you immediately. The prices are also very attractive. On Metal Detector Bargains can be found effortlessly. Another convincing advantage is the selection of accessories. you find Batteries, specific tote Bags and Do the washing up in the online shop for the metal detector before.


Pay attention to the purchase on the power supply. Most devices are powered by batteries. If a charger is not included, it must be purchased separately. The operating time depends on the capacity of the battery and the power consumption of the metal detector. This should be considered in a purchase. For longer use, an additional charged battery may be useful.

Where to look for a treasure?

The metal detector Of course, in the long run, it's only fun if one or the other treasure is actually found. Where exactly can nobody tell you, but certain regions and jobs are more promising than others. We would like to inspire you with some ideas where to search with the Treasure Detector can stand for success:

  • The search is successful on fields. The excavation here is usually not so exhausting.
  • Among old and large trees, many of our ancestors found a place to rest in the past
  • On former battlefields the chances for finds are very good. Roman finds and items from the 1. and 2. World War II are among the most common finds in these places.
  • Underneath old bridges you can find Roman coins. Romans stopped here and provided their horses with fresh water.
  • River baths, lakes and beaches are for jewelry and coin finds.
  • Viewpoints, old mills, bogs, rock formations and ravines are also great for successful treasure hunts.

Beware of castles and ruins! Here is usually a permit requirement.

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