Massage seat cover


Knock massage
The tapping massage is one of the most intensive massage techniques.
It stimulates the blood circulation and helps to relax muscle tension.
Likewise, it is effective for compensating unilateral loading, for stimulating cells in deeper tissue and for heating the body.

The tapping massage even helps with muscle building and even has a positive and mucous effect on the bronchi.
Application areas:
-Excension of the musculature
-Stiff neck
-Locking of cramps
- Pains caused by rheumatism
- Pains due to fatigue
Not applicable to:
varicose veins
Stretch and roll massage
Like two hands, the massage buttons slide along the spine.
This is stretched and stretched during the treatment.
In doing so, the intervertebral discs are relieved.

The kneading massage

The massage is carried out as with the fingers of a masseur, stimulating certain points,
Muscles and tissues are loosened and relaxed, which promotes blood circulation. Prevention of headache and migraine.

Acupressure massage
Acupressure is found in traditional Chinese medicine (TMC) as a main or complementary therapy.
Left and right of the spine pass after the massage therapy SHIATSU important energy meridians. Tension of the back muscles hinder the flow of energy and can cause health problems.

The shiatsu massage technique stimulates important acupuncture points in the back.
Body energy is therefore balanced and the defenses are strengthened.
At the same time Shiatsu activates the tsubos (points), which are responsible for the respective organs.
Pressure is intended to eliminate disturbances in the balance of life energy, such as those caused by stress or a wrong lifestyle, and thus to alleviate various symptoms.

Depending on the type of stimulation, Shiatsu has an invigorating and soothing effect on the whole organism.
Against pain in the area of ​​the lumbar spine an acupressure massage helps better than the classical physiotherapy.

- painful muscle tension and hardening
- A headache
- Cross pain
- Irritating
- Exhaustion syndromes
- Elevation of the mirror of the happiness hormone serotine
- also recommended for depression and depression
- Sleep disorders
- Menstrual problems
- Promotes blood circulation with wrinkled skin and scarring
+ Acupressure should not be used for infectious diseases, osteoperosis, recent injuries, thrombosis, varicose veins, tumors, and pregnancy.

Back pain also with you?
With back pain the suffering begins!
Actually, the story begins in childhood. Schoolchildren often carry far too heavy satchels, the fashion does not correspond to the back, but. laterally. This in turn creates postural damage. Whether in the workplace or in another work the back is also heavily loaded. Heavy objects are improperly lifted, sport is little used for time reasons
Smaller routes are driven by car. In general, irritation of the spinal column, which have a radiating effect on other body functions, is produced here.
Such irritation can even produce phantom pain.

In Europe, statistically, 27-40% of all residents currently have back pain.
In about 70% of people, this pain occurs at least 1 times a year:
Often even in an intensive investigation no causes can be found.
In more than a third of cases, back pain is associated with mental stress,
such as stress at work. New research results show. That this may also be the cause of so-called phantom pain. A doctor's visit usually helps here, but often the cause is not properly controlled. Syringes only help for a short time and ultimately there are chronic back problems.
Finally, the spine of the species is attacked that the wear can then lead to a herniated disc. Very often can be created by prevention remedy.

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on natural medicine. The body is traversed by so-called meridians. The life energy Ki flows through these channels. These endpoints are symbolized by so-called Tsubus. Each organ can be precisely assigned these acupuncture points.
If there is a disturbance of these meridians, disorders of the entire body weight will usually occur. Often the consequences are: headaches / migraines, sleep problems, digestive problems or back pain. Through targeted massages problems that affect the body balance and lead to discomfort can often be targeted.

Shiatsu massage activates the points (Tsubus). The responsible for the respective organs draw.

In the knock acupressure certain muscles are addressed which then correspond again with certain meridians and influence the organs. These sensitive points are then massaged using different techniques such as pressure. If a sensitive Tsubos was hit with the finger group, then you usually get a quick feedback from the affected person. (Pain).

From painful pressure, which is not necessarily perceived as unpleasant, finally results in a pleasant sensation that eventually spreads over the entire body. Modern massage chairs are nowadays able to offer this massage technique often better than the masseurs at home in the living room.

The size of the body is scanned first. Through a special roller system which moves horizontally and vertically, the massage intensity is brought to the body.
Additional vibration motors allow gentle massage to be performed.
The targeted support of so-called airbags in the back and leg area simulate an acupressure massage exactly after.
The rollers used in the back area are able to perform a variety of massage types.

Useful tools for massages in the sitting - the massages
Massages while sitting are very popular, especially when it comes to mobile massage. This form of the massage was only established in the 1980 years. Up to this time, massages were mostly practiced lying down. But this has fundamentally changed with the development of massages. Many patients today prefer the massage while sitting. And for the therapists the massages were a very useful development. Because of the development of the massages, the mobile massage became really popular in the 1980 years. This means the in-house service in relation to the massage met the then time spirit very well. However, everything had begun in the form of the "chair massage", which was initially offered in offices, airports and at exhibitions and conferences and from there to the home.
Thanks to the massage chairs, a massage can be placed wherever you want. The massage in the sitting is used mainly with stubborn shoulder and neck braces. A massage chair is also available
Relaxation with little time. Because the patient does not have to search for a sitting position on a massage chair for an unnecessary length of time. The massage chair, for example, describes how one has to rely on this tool or can do it exclusively to experience relaxation. Useful tools for massages in the sitting - the massages

massage chair
Massage chairs can not only be very practical when it comes to relaxing. If you have problems with your back, a massage chair can help you too. At the same time the acquisition of such a chair would save one or the other visit to the physiotherapist. These are very time consuming, which is also true for the exercises in a gym. The massage chairs pamper their backs with, among other things, a kneading massage. A roller massage or the Shiatsu technique are equally popular and stand for pure relaxation. It does not matter if the chair is used in the office or at home.
Very new is the so-called 3D sensor technology, which is used for navigation. The back is first scanned and then it is possible that the massage is individually tuned. A tension or even stiffening can be so permanently reduced. In the best case such complaints can also be completely eliminated.
There are different areas where a massage chair can work. If you suffer from insomnia, you might even be able to test an armchair of this kind. At the same time, the armchairs counteract various symptoms of stress. Tensions can be released not only in the muscles in the back but also in the shoulders or neck. If tensions can be solved, this also prevents pain. However, exactly the signs of heavy legs can be easily made out of the world. The vegetative nervous system is influenced in a positive way and generally a mental relaxation can be achieved. Many companies have been offering massage booths for many years and therefore have a great deal of experience in this field. It is sometimes recommended that such an armchair be tested in a furniture store. This can prevent big disappointments after a purchase.

Massage chairs offer more than just massage
Many people have certainly thought about a massage chair, but usually spared the expense to buy such a chair. Furthermore, the question arises about the benefits. Can a massage chair really relieve tension and relieve the spine? Yes, such a massage chair can do this and much more.

A massage chair provides relaxation
Our high-quality massage chairs prove daily that the spine is relieved and tension is released. They thus promote health and contribute to the general well-being. A visit to the physiotherapist is often not necessary, especially since there the waiting times of a quick treatment and thus a symptom relief oppose. Our chairs are not only physical, but also psychic.
Our massage chairs are individual
We carry massage chairs, which are individually programmable, which means that the appropriate massage is tailored to size and weight. Before the actual massage, the body is scanned, so the special points are found and the device works where it is needed. But not only the physical well-being is strengthened, also the soul hygiene is not ignored by our massage seats. After such treatment, most users experience a soothing relaxation throughout the body and this also affects the mood.
Spoil the back with a massage chair
Without time-consuming exercises in the massage studio / gym, the back can be relieved and pampered with various massage techniques. Whether it's a kneading massage, roller massage or a shiatsu massage, our massage chairs will fill you with new energy, either at home or in the office. Inform yourself without obligation in the net about our high-quality massage seats, you will be surprised.

massage chair

Finally relaxation with wellness products such as massage chairs

Everyone knows this. A long working day behind them, a lot of stress at work, bullying.

This often leads to back problems, tension in the muscles and neck, and many other unsightly things.

Therefore, the wellness industry is booming today with many products (including wellness gifts) on the subject of wellness, massage, sauna, but also products such as massage chairs, massage chairs, massage tables. Everything is good for relaxation.

On this page we would like to help you a lot with wellness with massage chairs and massage chairs, but also massages on massage tables. Likewise to inform about the topic, say everything that does the body good

Massage donkeys help relieve back pain

Much stress, wrong movements, back problems. Back pain is often the diagnosis that ultimately shocks employees with their employers. Because a worker suffers from back pain, then there is a risk that he brings a sick report more often than someone who has this problem under control. Under control in this case means that many workers who do a sedentary activity, day after day, week after week, and year after year, may well buy something for back pain that has already occurred, for example, a luxury massage chair. Luxury massage chairs can perform various types of massage.
Electrical is not only the control of the massage variants, but also the adjustable backrest and leg support. Or just the way to a masseur and completely classical on a massage.

Useful is a massage chair / massage chair for both older and younger users. After all, many young people already suffer from back problems. Of course you can not take the massage chairs with you to work, although it is also rotatable. At the workplace directly, only a frequent change of sitting position can help in a predominantly sedentary activity and prevent back pain. Above all, the correct seat height is to be considered here. In addition, sports such as aerobics, cycling, as well as hiking and swimming are suitable to prevent back pain in the first place. A power cable is not needed to operate a massage chair. All you need is a power supply for 220 V / 50 Hz / 180 W.

massage chairs

Massages allow any position during the massage

The various massage types also require a support on which the patient feels comfortable. Massages are best suited for this purpose. These are also suitable for mobile use and for this reason easily in weight, in addition very compact and also comfortable. After all, the massage chairs are also suitable for use by the masseurs in the home business. And these massage chairs also have a so-called Sternumkissen and also a Tragetasche. Of course
Seat height, armrest, chest and headrest individually adjustable.

The massages allow the masseur to bring the patient into a kneeling position. This does not mean that every massage has to be performed on the back. There are also massages, where you do not need any help measures such as a massage chair. This is especially true of Kamasutra, although massage mats can also be used.

The massage chairs are mainly used for relaxation massages. The massage chairs look like the ergonomic desk chairs that are also suitable for children. These have a backrest, but this area is designed with the massage chairs that the face finds a pleasant place there. The massage chair thus provides the tense patient with a secure hold and the masseur the opportunity to perform the massage properly.

Professional massages in practice use

If you have decided that you are a qualified massage therapist and you want to be treated in your own house, you need some essential utensils, which can be transported as easily as possible , Because if the masseur goes to a customer, then of course it does not look as if he would move out of his house or move into the patient. This means, if possible, the utensils that can or should be used for a practice use in your own vehicle (with advertising inscription is ideal here, so you also make advertising in the neighborhood of the patient you are visiting and can do this way too new customers). However, you do not have to do without professional massages. Because these are also foldable and therefore easy to transport, as well as a massage lounger. However, the massages are, of course, much more comfortable for the patient with certain massage forms than if the massage therapist has to ask them to lean over their own dining chair to enjoy the massage. Mobile massage beds are also padded, of course, providing the best possible support and comfort for the patient. The portability should, of course, be designed so that people with overweight can also be treated.
Massage tables

Massage beds - Basic equipment for hot-stone massage

Massage can be done anywhere. Many masseurs offer their services also mobile. That means they come home. Also the hot-stone massage is partly applied at home with the clients. However, the masseur has to take a lot of equipment to the hot-stone massage. Apart from the basalt lava stones, this also includes the massage lounger. This is mobile and collapsible. Both massages, as well as the Massageliege costs only a few hundred Euro as basic equipment.

The massage massage must of course also of a shapely design, thus a

Combination of technology and elegance. Of course, a massage table makes a good impression when it is made of an elegant aluminum frame. Such a couch is then built quickly, usually within a few seconds. Of course, this massage table should also be free of care. Because after each use, it sends for a really good masseur, if he cleans them. The massage table should of course have a comfortable cushion pad. Because the user of the massage should of course be able to benefit from the convenience of her. In addition, the massage pad should also have a very high load capacity. Massage tables should be able to withstand a maximum of 300 kilos, because after all, a masseur wants to serve every customer, even if this one adds a bit more weight to the scale.

Massage for back pain

Back pain is one of the national diseases in the industrialized countries, and therefore also in Germany. Today statistics show that three out of four Germans suffer from back pain at least once in their lives. But back pain can also occur chronically, with back pain with a share of 5 to 10 percent being the most common cause of disability. But also many people who are unable to work are suffering from chronic back pain. The reason for this is that the individual spinal column sections are subjected to varying degrees of stress in the various professions. For this reason, they are often affected by the respective complaints. Pain in the lumbar vertebra belongs to 62 percent. These are the typical cross pain. But also chest and neck swelling pain is often affected. But the pain can be even more severe. Thus, laryngeal and sciatica and disc problems can also occur.

Among the measures that can be taken against this pain are drugs. However, if you do not want to do this in the long term, you should definitely consider that a massage is also an option. A massage against back pain ensures that the tense muscles are relaxed. The spine is gently stretched. However, not only physical blockages but also mental and energetic blockages can be solved by such a massage.

It is best to carry out such massages continuously as a prevention, so that it can not come to these tensions at all. In addition to the walk to the masseur you can get a massage chair, but the industry also offers whirlpools with a massage option, or you can go into professional sauna centers. There you can relax the muscles through heat and at the same time are mostly massage professionals available. Also at home there are possibilities again and eg massage - shower panels which can be easily installed in the shower. Although products such as massage chairs, whirlpool systems, sauna, etc. all cost money, of course, they can pay off in the long term and you may end up with significantly less back pain than before.

head massage

Escape daily routine. Treat a headache. This can be done well with a soothing head massage. With head massage one understands the entire environment of the head, speak face, neck, neck, but also scalp. But not only against tension helps a head massage. Hairdressers recommend, for example, regular head massage against hair loss. Although this is not a miracle cure, but could definitely delay the hair loss. Unfortunately, several million people unfortunately suffer from such hair loss, but mostly hereditary. Meanwhile, there are already some promising remedies against it. So there is a special pill for oral use with the active ingredient finasteride, but also means of massaging on the head, such as Minoxidil. The goal is to bleed the hair follicles better again and supplemented with a good head massage, this complements very well. Whoever can not achieve any more success, can only help with a hair transplant / hair transplant. The success is here, however, and about hair transplanted need about 12 months until they finally grow. It is important only to inform oneself well in advance, as by specialized companies. Hairforlife - Andreas Krämer, for example, offers detailed advice on hair transplantation. Just as good information can be found in forums, or on the web in general. It is important to get several opinions before an intervention.

The Thai massage - the ancient healing touch

The Thai massage is widely used in Germany. This is an ancient massage technique, originally from Thailand. This form of massage is also known by many as Nuad Phaen Boran. And this translates as much as "ancient healing touch". In the Western European area, however, this form of massage is called Thai-Yoga-Massage, because this form of massage consists of the passive part, the stretching positions and stretching movements, the joint mobilizations, and finally the pressure point massages. The masseur applies to the patient a combination of the massage with the hand, the thumb, but also the knees and the elbows and feet. The energy lines play a very important role in this form of massage. This is where the so-called Marmapunkte (the energy points) lie. According to Ayurvedic doctrine, man is supplied with life energy (the prana). The prana can be delivered to the body via breathing. The thai massage can be used to ease nausea, headache, constipation, diarrhea and also earaches, as well as sleep problems, back pain, knee pain and also shock and also cough. These belong to the modes of action in traditional form. In addition, there are also effects from a school medicine perspective. Above all, school medicine is thrilled that these pressure point massages stimulate blood circulation. The resulting stretching can also relax the muscular culture.

Wellness for the home
Often it is so that after a beautiful extended wellness holiday no longer has a desire to the classic everyday life. One longs for the relaxing flair of the Wellness Lounge. However, one does not need to revel in memories. Because it is not so difficult to get this atmosphere home. With a few handles and tricks you can create a wonderful private recreation center in your own four walls. Of course it is not always possible to install a sauna in the bathroom. However, there are a number of possibilities for installation engineering.

First of all, you have to choose a suitable place. Depending on your needs, a room corner is enough. In which you can make yourself comfortable. If you can make yourself comfortable with a nice book, you could buy a hanging chair. Add some cuddly pillows and a pleasant light and you have created a quiet reading oasis. Even more attractive may be a massage chair. In modern shopping centers, these are even available for stressed shoppers. If one puts oneself a massage chair one should take something deeper into the bag. If you do not pay attention to the quality of massage chairs, armchairs or cushions, you will not find relaxation. The pleasant ambience is provided by homely accessories, which can be obtained very cheaply, for example from the innovative company KARE. People happy who do not prefer 08 / 15 facilities will be happy there.

Of course, during a spa evening in your own home, no real thermal bath feeling can be realized. But with a little bath salt, that can be quite simulated. The mineral-rich water especially relieves chronic diseases and helps with allergies and rheumatism. The complete wellness experience in your own home, of course, also includes cures that can be applied internally and externally. Anyone who wants to get ready for the coming summer must resort to the classic cold-warm cures. Even if they are a bit uncomfortable, they are extremely effective.

If this is all too complicated for you, then of course you can also recover by doing nothing. Just leaving everything alone is not so easy for many people. But that's exactly what you should train. In addition one makes oneself clear that today there is a day of nothingness. Where you only do things that you like. All unpleasant work just stays to the left. Who can not realize this for reasons of time, which is a completely different wellness method advised. How about wellness in the car, for example?

Massagesessel - The advantages
Massage and massage chairs have a positive effect on their health due to their soothing massage function. The massage stimulates relaxation. Back, neck and shoulder muscles are loosened and stress-related headaches and back pain can be mitigated. Stress symptoms such as high blood pressure can be improved by a massage chair. Through the deliberate relaxation in the massage chair, the ability to let go can be trained and problems with breathing or thumping can improve. Heavy legs, fatigue symptoms and circulatory disorders can be remedied by a regular massage in the chair or chair. In addition, deliberate relaxation also has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system and the psyche. Modern massage chairs also provide you with an appealing look and fit seamlessly into your living room.
Relax in the workplace
If you want to relax not only at home, but also in the office against the stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then an office chair with massage function is the right choice. Treat yourself or even several times a day for a few minutes of rest and relaxation, then you can face the everyday problems freshly strengthened.

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