LENA Worxx construction vehicles


You are the boss on the construction site!

With the LENA Worxx wheel loader, you can open your own construction site both on the beach and at home, in the nursery or sandpit. The construction vehicle offers many possibilities and a lot of fun, whether alone or together with your friends. The wheel loader is a faithful Liebherr L538 Litronic and about 48cm long.

For your safe fun, it is made of high quality plastic and also has two 6mm galvanized steel axles. This is the only way to guarantee complete stability, which also makes it possible to lift and transport sand. With the 15cm-long arm, with the large bucket attached to its end, you can move construction materials from one place to another on your jobsite. In addition, the loader is also suitable for excavating holes that are needed on site.

With a size of approx. 16 x 8 x 7 cm, the bucket is big enough to handle all the activities on your construction site with ease. The LENA Worxx wheel loader is specially designed for playing in the sand or on other surfaces. For this he has an adjustable Radlerarm, which can also be locked in a desired position. The LENA Worxx cab can also be used to assist the steering. This makes precise steering possible and you can drive your cargo exactly where it's needed.

The LENA Worxx wheel loader is suitable for children over 3 years and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Special fun arises when using the construction vehicle in the sandpit. Here you have building material, which you can easily transport, stack and load and unload with the wheel loader. So you become the boss on your own construction site and have the opportunity to turn the sandpit into a construction area with the help of the shovel loader. LENA Worxx also attaches great importance to making your playing fun as safe as possible. Therefore, the shovel loader is produced in the EU and certified by TÜV.

There's nothing to stop your gameplay, grab your LENA Worxx wheel loader and conquer the sandpit, beach or your own nursery. Feel like a real construction worker and set the tone on your construction site. Discover the numerous possibilities to use the LENA Worxx wheel loader and benefit from the functions. With its big wheels, you can take it anywhere and playfully explore your surroundings. Both on earth, as well as the lawn in the garden or in the sand on the playground, the shovel loader is easily usable. Now get to know the worlds of the shovel loader and build your own construction site! The LENA Worxx wheel loader will give you the fullest support. Have fun!

Tractor driving on your own farm!

The LENA Worxx tractor shows you the way to life on the farm. It is a faithful Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 7250 TTV tractor with front loader, so you can handle even the heaviest jobs on your farm. With its large tires and sturdy construction, the tractor is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. The LENA Worxx tractor is made of sturdy plastic and also has two 6mm galvanized steel axles, which ensure longevity and fun even under heavy loads. So it is easily possible to fill the shovel of the tractor on the beach or in the sandbox with sand and other materials. You are thus able to use the tractor to carry out activities that are needed on your farm.

With a size of approximately 45 x 19 x 21,7 cm, the tractor is the ideal size to help you with your farm work. Thanks to the approximately 16 x 8 x 7 cm-sized bucket, you can easily transport larger quantities, sand or earth. The swiveling front loader arm convinces with a length of 19cm in the extended state. Both the front bucket, as well as the loader arm, you can adjust to different levels and of course also lock. This allows you to use the LENA Worxx tractor in a variety of ways and to do exactly the job you want. You can use it both at home in your nursery, out in the sandbox or even on the beach. The big tire allow even driving on quite uneven surfaces.

The LENA Worxx tractor is suitable for children over 3 years and is produced for safe gaming fun in the EU and certified by the TÜV. With its sturdy construction, tractor size and faithful design, the green tractor has the potential to be your hero at your farm or even your construction site. Let your creativity run free and discover the numerous functions and possibilities of the LENA Worxx tractor. Convince yourself of the many game functions and the robust presentation of the vehicle and get to know your surroundings playfully. With the tractor you can start your own farm, drive to the cows in the morning or stock up on the field at lunchtime. The stable front bucket is capable of handling even the heaviest jobs, such as large loads of sand, lifting and lowering, and transportation.

Your farm, together with the LENA Worxx tractor, will be a great pleasure, whether alone or with friends. Next time, take the rugged tractor into the sandbox, learn about the new options, and explore what the tractor has to offer you with its features. We wish you a lot of fun!

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