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knife block

So much ahead

Solid knife blocks are made of wood and stand stable on every work surface. Even normal knife blocks are extensively equipped. They usually get some knives and scissors. Also obtaining a whetstone and the sharpness of the knife is usually included. Good knife in one knife block should be processed cleanly. In addition, the material must be high-quality and durable. The right knife fits well in the hand and stays sharp for a long time.

Why a knifeblock?

Every kitchen should have enough sharp knives. So you can cook and prepare your food. However, it is usually the case that knives are stored incorrectly. If you stow this in a drawer, it is possible to lose the knives quickly. You should avoid this by keeping your beloved knife in a knifeblock. These can be found in many designs at different prices. Quickly one can be overwhelmed at the purchase, because the multitude is immense.

In a knifeblock, however, it is not only important to clean the blades properly, but also the block itself. We have now prepared some information for you. So you can find the right knife block for your kitchen.


Knives have been around since people remember. Although the first knives were not even comparable to today's models, they were quite common. Knives are no longer to be thought of in any kitchen. Laymen are satisfied with simple knives. Hobbyköche however and also professional cooks place very great value on a high-quality quality with a good knifeblock. The knives usually come from well-known suppliers and are not selected arbitrarily.

Advantages of expensive knife blocks

  • are durable
  • high quality in execution
  • Weight distribution knife is perfect

Disadvantages of expensive knife blocks

  • expensive
  • are not suitable for the dishwasher
  • you have to treat them gently

In addition to knifeblades with steel blades, today there are also good alternatives with a ceramic blade. These are very hard burned under a great pressure and immense heat. Ceramic blades are long sharp and very light. Ceramic has proved to be anti-allergenic and is not rust-prone. However, there is also a big drawback here. If the blade falls, the blade can break.

Popular today are also knife blades made of damask. These knives are mostly held in Japanese knife form and are usually forged by hand. Typical of these knives is the grain, which reminds of a tree stump.

The handle of a knife

Normally there is a handle for a knife from the knife block made of plastic or wood. But there are also knives from all-steel. This means that the entire blade including the handle has been forged in one cast. Plastic is easy to keep clean. Wooden handles are somewhat more in need of maintenance. Nevertheless, they are favored by many buyers. They lie well in their hands and usually last quite long. However, all-steel is rather cool. However, the overall weight is particularly impressive here, which means that the knife can be guided easily.

What is it?

You have chosen a six-part set of knives such as the Zwilling Professional S Knifeblock? Then you will find a total of 5 knives and scissors in this set. You will get a vegetable set, a chef knife, a narrow knife with a long blade, a filing knife and a sawing knife for bread cutting.

How to find the right knife block?

Good is if you know your own preferences. You should know that a knife must always lie well in the hand. It is also important that heavy knives consist of high quality materials. You can always go out of it. The blade handle should be non-slip and, of course, also well in the hand.

How expensive can it be?

A good knifeblock does not have to cost much. You can expect to get a solid knife block between 50 and 100 Euro that will be a great help in your kitchen. One thing is guaranteed. Your new model will surely be used when you have decided.

So you should treat your knifeblocks

The sharper the blade, the more vulnerable it is. Never store the blades in the drawer. It is also useful to keep the knives always ready for use. The good thing about the open storage is that you are proud to be proud of your new knifeblock.

Practical tips

Horizontal inserts are safe and protect the blades from abrasion. Vertical inserts are practical because the blades can be turned over and the blade does not lie on the ground. It is also practical when the inserts are open downwards. Then any crumbs can fall out. However, it is impractical for you to slide knives into the wrong groove. So you could scratch your work surface because the knife then looks down out.

More than brilliant are knife blocks, which have bristle inserts. In this case, you can store all the knives and expand your knives as you wish. Here, unfortunately, there is the disadvantage that these bristles are not so easy to clean again. For cleaning you must be creative and have a certain degree of patience. This is why you should consider whether you prefer this block to a normal wood.

But maybe this is not all for you and you are opting for a magnetic strip? Then you should know that you can also save space on the workbench. Ceramic knives, however, do not adhere to these strips.

If you want to bring your knife with you and want to have it everywhere, then a knife pocket is suitable for you. This allows you to keep several knives separate from each other. Keep in mind, however, that it is cumbersome to open the bag anywhere. Usually the space is not sufficient, because the bag needs a large space requirement. To many people it is also simply embarrassing and therefore is then rather rather a normal knife from the drawer seized. However, the bag is a good alternative to the usual knife block.

Knife in the case?

More than practical is a knife case from Wüsthof, the cooking case with magnetic base. This can also accompany you on the road. Are you planning a holiday in the holiday house? Then take your own knife in the suitcase. In this case, your knives are stored safely and you can use them directly after your arrival. The case is sturdy and robust and will accompany you for a long time.


Now it is about finding a suitable underlay. You should not use a support of glass, metal or stone. The support must be non-slip and should rest firmly on the surface. Good when rubber feet or a slip-resistant coating are present. Wood has proven to be the best option. It keeps the knife sharp longer. In addition, it is antibacterial. Then there is the plastic material.

Short for cleaning and care

Cook knife from the knife block should always be cleaned immediately after use. It can be wiped with a damp cloth. Go from the top over the blade back to the edge. Then take a dish and wipe the knife dry. Knives that lose sharpness quickly could have been mistreated. Acid-containing foodstuffs or abrasive and corrosive detergents can damage the blade. Do not use rinsing agents, too hot water and salt during cleaning.

You must also wipe away the wooden handles with a damp cloth. You should not forget such a knife in the sink. This is fatal for the wood.

The knife block itself should be cleaned from time to time with a good detergent and water. Do not use sharp chemicals. Also scratching sponges are not for cleaning your knife block. The block should dry in air after cleaning. Free the bins from time to time of crumbs.

Zwilling Professional S Knife Block, black, 7-partsDisplay
  • Friodur ice-hardened blade for long life of the cutting edge and corrosion resistance
  • Stainless special steel, twin special melt
  • Sigmaforge knife - forged from one piece
  • Seamless transition from crop to handle
  • Scope of delivery: Professional S knife block, 7-part

The sharpening

Unfortunately, this process is wrong with most people. It is always recommended to have the knives sharpened by a professional. So you can enjoy it much longer. This of course affects, in particular, knives made of ceramics.

In the case of good knives, it is sufficient to have them sharpened every two years.

What we wanted to say!

Do not forget that knives are always sharp in a knifeblock. Always keep the knife block away from children and be sure to use it correctly. This way you can avoid injuries.

Conclusion on knifeblocks

Knife blocks are practical and belong in every good kitchen. You will be able to process and process them a lot. Be sure to find a knife block that meets your requirements. Very good are knife blocks of twin. You can opt for knife blocks in the middle price segment and will not regret it. The important thing is that you get everything you need and use the set correctly in your new knife block. The knife block is practical and can be cleaned easily and quickly. We have also shown you the alternatives that you would like to consider.

OfferBestseller no. 1
Deik Profi Knifeblock knife set, 16-tlg, stainless steel Chef's knife set with wooden block, black indicator
  • Sharp blade of German stainless steel and blade block made of oak. As a result, these knives have a longer service life and better corrosion resistance
  • 16-piece knife: wood block, 8 "chef knife, 8" meat knife, 8 "Stainless sharpening steel, 8" scissors, 5 "utility knife, 5" Santoku knife, 5 "tomato knife, 4,5" steak knife * 6 pieces 3,5 "paring knife , 3 "peeling knife
  • Unlike traditional knives from one piece forged throughout. Low weight for fatigue-free work. The knives are perfectly balanced according to mechanical principles.
  • Antibacterial technology: dirt can not settle, bacteria have no chance. Clean design according to current scientific knowledge.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: 100% virgin material with unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee and 2 years warranty
OfferBestseller no. 2
Deik Knife Block Set | Knife Set | Professional chef's knife with precision blades | 14 part | Extra sharp | stainless steel | ergonomic handles | including kitchen scissors and sharpening steel rod | Acrylic display stand
  • 14 X-TOOL KNIFE SET FOR ALL KITCHEN NEEDS: 1 x chef's knife, 1 x bread knife, 1 x carving knife, 1 x utility knife, 1 x paring knife, 6 x serrated steak knife, 1 x pair of scissors, 1 x sharpening steel rod are the perfect tool for chopping, filleting , Dice, mince and also cuts meat away from bone
  • HIGH QUALITY KNIFE SET: Knife block made of X50Cr15 stainless steel, namely 16-18% Chrome and 0,6-0,75 Carbon.Which makes it twice as hard as other knives and super sharp for precise cutting, resistant to stains, rust and bacteria
  • RUGGED ACRYLIC STAND AND ERGONOMIC HANDLE - ACRYLIC STAND made of special materials, resistant to falls and not easy to break. The handle for optimum balance Hollow grip provides a pleasant grip, minimizes fatigue of the fingers and improves balance
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Besides carbon, 16-18% chromium is also included in the blade metallic composition. This gives a shiny finish that will not fade or tarnish even after using it for a long time
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: 100% virgin material with unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee and 2 years warranty
OfferBestseller no. 4
Emojoy knife block indicator
  • Emojoy
  • household goods
Bestseller no. 5
Zwilling 31673-200-0 Twin Gourmet Knife Block 8 pcs
  • FRIODUR ice hardened blade for extra long blade durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Blade made of stainless steel
  • Classic three-rivet design
  • Seamless transition between handle and blade
OfferBestseller no. 6
OfferBestseller no. 7
esonmus knife block with knife set, kitchen knife set with stainless steel blade and ergonomic ABS handle, 15 teilig indicator
  • 15 knife set: 8 "chef's knife, 8" meat knife, 8 "bread knife, 7" Santoku knife, 5 "utility knife, 3.5" peeler knife, 6 x 4,5 "steak knife, 8" sharpening steel, 5.5 "poultry shears, wood block
  • Sharp Blade: The combination of traditional forging with the latest precision technology using a special stainless steel blade guarantees sharpness, elasticity and longevity
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Ergonomically shaped plastic handle and ideally balanced blade and handle weight for comfortable handling, known for comfort, strength and stability
  • Safe storage: Knife block made of natural wood without chemical seal, bacteria-free, natural and food safe, therefore these knives have a longer life
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: 100% new with 30-day, unconditional money-back guarantee and 2 year warranty, risk-free purchase
OfferBestseller no. 8
Deik Knife Block Set | Knife Set | Professional kitchen knife | Extra sharp chef's knife | Wooden block | 6-tlg | Stainless Steel Chef's Knife Set | Ergonomic handle | Black display
  • PRECISION HIGH CARBON BLADES - Blades are made from X50Cr15. Superior high carbon stainless steel for precision and accuracy. HRC58-60 Rockwell hardness makes it one of the toughest knife sets in its class. Sharper, more durable and better rust protection
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - This solid pine wood block with a sophisticated matte surface can effectively prevent discoloration or mold growth and preserve the health and safety of your knives. Like WMF Knife Block Equipped
  • FULL TANG DESIGNED - Knife block with knife -Full tang running a bit from blade tip to blade handle, superior strength, triple rivet handle with seamless convergence throw, no bacteria build up
  • PERFECT BALANCE - Slender, sharp, fluid, well-balanced and truly comfortable ergonomic CURVE grip, incredibly comfortable, whether slicing, dicing, slicing, chopping or peeling
  • Warranty: Developed in Germany with LIFETIME WARRANTY
Bestseller no. 9
Emojoy knife block indicator
  • Emojoy
  • household goods
OfferBestseller no. 10
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