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Computer keyboards offer more than just simple pulse transmission

You as PC Users and users are only satisfied with the right keyboard for your PC. You know exactly what you want, because missing functions and clattering keys are in some ways frustrating and that does not need to be. Just find the right keyboard that does not give you joint pain and it does not have to be very expensive. With the right advice when buying, you will find yourself as a gamer or someone who wants to write a lot, exactly the product that suits you and your requirements really.

Do not look for the right keyboard if it's too late

You should not compromise when you notice that a keyboard appears too hard or uncomfortable. Do not wait until the old keyboard has given up on the mind or it annoys when the strokes are not sitting properly. Many manufacturers have real comfort in offer and additionally offer these new Keyboards innovative ergonomics. There is always the right product and you should choose this everyday accessories from the range of many keyboards. Kabellose transmission and soft and supple buttons that floats you in front. Also, the attitude of the hands above the keypad, can save you a lot of effort. These are the first attributes of the products that the manufacturers offer you many times and these features should also be used.

The right comfort

Additional functions of a keyboard actually belong to the standard and many substitute products of this genre also offer as a favorable offer these newly discovered functions. These features can speed up your work significantly, especially if you spend many hours in front of your PC. Poor and inferior keyboards may even cause health damage to you, and the really good and comfortable keyboard protects many areas of your body.

Cheap deals and entry rates for keyboards

New and ergonomic keyboards for your PC do not have to cost a fortune. This is the first message you should remember. You get very powerful and comfortable PC keyboards for small money, which will save you rattling and make every stroke a new experience. The very high demand can also be met with the offers and prices can be called up by the hundred. This is a logical representation, because as already said, the manufacturers offer a very wide range of good products of these keyboards. You should therefore consider exactly what you really want to achieve with the new product. In any case, the chances are good that you will ultimately find the best keyboard for your needs. Let us show a very favorable example; the CHERRY JK-0800DE-2 KC 1000 in black layout Germany; is available at Amazon already for around 13 Euro. Another example is the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus Layout Germany QWERTZ in the color black and here you have to pay around 37 Euro for this comfortable product. So you already see, the price starts very small and increases slowly. The entry rates for keyboards are also really good for good products of well-known manufacturers and these keyboards are really worth a investment.

Important advantages of new keyboards

There are always good reasons for replacing an old keyboard. Perhaps the function keys on your old keyboard are just a kind of ornament, because many operating systems have only a few functions. An example of who is constantly using the help button is to use the principle that you should look at a new keyboard as a replacement accessory if the old keyboard hits your PC. An important Advantage with new keyboards are the features that are offered to you in addition and if you decide to purchase, then you should also consider the new Driver to this keyboard to install. With this simple trick, you can really use all the important features offered, and that brings you real comfort. This is one of the most important benefits when you decide to replace your old keyboard with a new one. You can then start programs from the keyboard, edit your e-mails directly, and directly control the webcam via the keyboard. In addition, you can configure each new keyboard individually and make the appropriate settings so that you can really help with that keypad get. They also make themselves more independent of the functions of the operating system used and here you get the important advantage of many additional features of new keyboards. Have you ever heard about macros, that are whole command chains, which you can control with a new keyboard and their additional functions, with only one click. For example, you can always create the correction directly using the keyboard and the command chain. You do not need to run any further work steps because the macros do the work automatically. New keyboards also offer the convenience of defining special key combinations, so you can also specify the command sequence of work in such a workstep. This simply can not make your old standard keyboard and these are significant advantages if you really want to work efficiently. Also the possibility of several people using a PC and a new keyboard is provided by the manufacturers. Here, individual user profiles can be created on these new keyboards, which everyone can then use personally. Special keys can always be configured individually on new keyboards.

Remote control of programs

If you have not even thought about using your programs remotely, then some models of new keyboards also allow you to discover this new discovery. You can, for example, play music remotely, adjust the volume, and stop or start videos like in a movie theater. All you have to do is purchase one of the new multimedia keyboards. These models are particularly suitable for you if you use these tasks frequently via your PC. That saves you the handle to the mouse.

Special models of keyboards

Special office keyboards belong to this genre of the new keyboard for your PC. The perfect way to handle your office tasks, such as business letters, calculations, or serial printing of labels, can be done from the keyboard when you are interested in keyboards with these additional features. Special internet keyboards are also available from some vendors that allow you to browse and search the Internet quickly. You can revolutionize your e-mail communication and more efficiently surf.

Keyboards with integrated display

An integrated display can help you keep track of time and date. The playback of music tracks can also be monitored via the display and you can also directly display the e-mail, SMS or other tasks in this display. In addition, some of these keyboards also provide a link to the smartphone and the incoming messages. These keyboards also have interfaces with Bluetooth or WiFi.

Absolute individual configuration

It can be a blessing to you when you buy a new keyboard that allows you to customize it. Just gamers are ready to redefine all settings for your needs. With these keyboards, you get the possibility to really match all keys to your personal needs. In the driver layout you can save your programming and you will get used to the new design of your new keyboard. This means absolute comfort for you, because you have acquired a unique product. One thing is certain, once you have taken this step, you will find it hard to work on a standard keyboard. But you will then be glad to have taken this step, because you will not want to miss this efficiency, especially when you are playing with the PC.

Without cables, another convenience for the new keyboard

Today, no one is going to discuss cable harnessing anymore, and this is also true when buying a new keyboard. Wireless-powered products of this kind are today as direct and reliable, as for example models that you dock via the USB connection to your PC. You can choose an independently freely chosen location for your PC and you are free with your keyboard and your work. On the other hand, you have the freedom to change this location again and again and find a new comfortable place. Ugly and obstructive cables on a keyboard do not have to be, and this feature should allow you in any circumstances.

The ergonomic shape of the keypad

Curved forms of new keyboards are not just a fashion kick or a design study, but here you can relieve your joints and spend without pain a very long time on a keyboard your time. The arrangement of these molds corresponds to tests made by manufacturers for your future customers. You can also benefit from buying a new keyboard here. The offer of these keyboards is simply perfect and this applies to wide pads and super-thin bodysuits of these products.

A lot of things speak for the purchase of new keyboards

If you now know the benefits of using a standard keyboard so far, it's time to start searching for a new and more comfortable keyboard. The conclusion from the consideration of these good and not necessarily expensive products is recommendable. With the new keyboard on your PC, you can simply do more, make your work more efficient, and use many additional features that have hitherto been hidden from you. Simply find the right product for you from the offer of the new keyboards and you will experience new with these keyboards.

SaleBestseller no. 1
Logitech K280e Keyboard (Wired, Business Keyboard, QWERTZ, German Layout) black indicator
  • Large, comfortable palm rest - keeping employees productive all day without sacrificing comfort
  • Splash-proof - Even when the coffee is spilled again, your investment remains protected
  • Modern, elegant profile - Employees enjoy the refined design and feel really comfortable in their modern workplace
  • Included in delivery: Logitech K280e Keyboard (Wired, Business Keyboard, QWERTZ, German Layout
Bestseller no. 2
Bestseller no. 3
Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set, 2.4 GHz Wireless Connection via Nano USB Receiver, Long Battery Life, For Windows and ChromeOS PCs / Laptops, German QWERTZ Layout - Black Indicator
  • Advanced Wireless 2,4-GHz Connection: Logitech's wireless technology ensures a fast and reliable connection over a distance of 10 m
  • Compact computer mouse: The PC mouse can be easily stowed away in the jacket or notebook bag and facilitates mobile work
  • Long operating time: Works Siemonatelang without battery change with keyboard (36 months) and mouse (12 months). The on / off switch helps to save electricity
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: With no cables, working or gaming at home and on the move becomes even more comfortable
  • Keyboard with 8 special keys: You have direct access to the media control
SaleBestseller no. 4
VicTsing gaming keyboard PC, all-metal panel, rainbow illuminated keyboard led, QWERTZ, 19 keys anti-ghosting, palm rest, waterproof, wired gaming keyboard ideal laptop for gamers | office black display
  • 1. 【Durable metal panel of the gaming keyboard】 The ultra-thin panel is made of metallic materials to protect the entire gaming keyboard when lit, the lifespan up to 20 clicks, more shockproof, sturdy and more wear-resistant than the other plastic one. And the surface is covered with a soft, skin-like coating to add the soft and delicate feel.
  • 2. 【Comfortable keys and ergonomic palm rest】 The height of the keys on the PC keyboard is only half that of the others, and the height of the hits is just right. Palm rest maximizes the comfort of your hand to meet the needs of a long time game. Laser carving characters, not easy to fade.
  • 3. 【Rainbow LED backlight USB keyboard】 Colorful backlight, vivid colors. 2 backlight modes: permanent lighting and automatic breathing lighting. Set four light levels: 100% -60% -30% -0%. New Note: Labeling of the buttons is transparent.
  • 4. 【Powerful game features】 With 19 anti-ghosting technology, multiple gaming keyboard PC keys work simultaneously to ensure a smoother gaming experience. There is also a WASD / directional key switch function, which was specially developed for game users. And 12 multimedia buttons make the game easier to use and improve efficiency.
  • 5. 【Wide compatibility】 This wired keyboard gaming is compatible with Windows 95/98 / XP / 2000 / Me / Vista / 7/8/10 / PS4 and Mac OS. Please note that the multimedia key combinations are not available in the Mac system.
SaleBestseller no. 5
HAVIT gaming keyboard and mouse set, LED backlight QWERTZ (DE layout), 7 buttons gaming mouse with 7 LEDs as lighting (800 / 1200 / 2400 / 3200 DPI adjustable) (Black) display
  • Not only for everyday use, but also for a good gaming experience. Compatible with Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Mac OS etc.
  • 19 conflict keys, 12 multimedia keys, interchangeable "WASD" keys and WIN keys can be locked for gaming.
  • 3 backlight modes: This gaming keyboard features 3 modes: Rainbow Colors / Pulsate (Breathe) / Shut Down. To toggle, just press Fn + "LED" button.
  • 7 gaming mouse buttons: Trendy, turn-off, LED lighting in 7 colors that constantly change during use: red, blue, purple, yellow, cyan, pink, green.
  • Gaming Mouse Functions: Backlight / Forward / DPI selection lights off 800 / 1200 / 2400 / 3200 DPI adjustable; Flashing display when DPI switching: 800DPI red; 1200DPI- Green; 2400DPI blue; 3200DPI Purple.
SaleBestseller no. 6
havit mechanical gaming keyboard, QWERTZ keyboard (German layout) with red switches, mechanical keyboard for PC gamers and work, black (HV-KB432L) display
  • 【Great for playing and typing】: Mechanical keyboard is with very linear and quiet red switches. be faster and more precise than ever before; At the same time, there will be no unnecessary noise in the office, at home or in the playroom.
  • 【Multiple light modes with adjustable brightness】: The keyboard backlight can be switched between 23 preset LED light effect modes. The brightness and the rate of light change are adjustable. 5 groups of backlight modes can be customized and recorded.
  • Funktion Full function keys】: 12 multimedia keys (Fn + F1 ~ F12); Key rollover and anti-ghosting; Press FN + WIN to lock the Win key.
  • 【Durability and ergonomic comfort】: The high-quality aluminum housing ensures a longer product life. With the included rubber feet you can change the angle of the keyboard and ensure that it fits perfectly.
  • 【Wide compatibility】 Compatible with Windows, Linux, Chrome and MAC OS. (* Note: The multimedia key combinations are not available in MAC / Linux systems).
Bestseller no. 7
Logitech MK330 Wireless keyboard and mouse, USB, long battery life, compatible with Windows and Chrome OS - QWERTY German keyboard layout - Black indicator
  • You want to watch your favorite movie, skip a boring song or go shopping on Amazon? With 11 special keys and 4 programmable F-keys you have direct access to your favorite media, the internet, start / pause, volume and much more
  • The sleek and stylish design of the keyboard has flat, whisper-quiet keys, ensuring a consistently comfortable typing experience
  • With this portable mouse with storage compartment for a USB receiver that can stay plugged in permanently, you are always and everywhere connected - in the whole house, in the office or on the move
  • With 24 months battery life and 12 months on the mouse, you can spend a long time without bothersome battery changes. * And with the on / off switch on each device, the power management is right at your fingertips. * Calculating battery life for the keyboard is based on an estimated 2 million attacks per year in an office environment. Individual deviations are possible. Battery life for the mouse is dependent on usage and environmental conditions
  • Logitech Advanced 2,4 GHz wireless technology provides a reliable connection with the greatest possible freedom of movement - fast data transmission, virtually no delays or failures, and wireless encryption
SaleBestseller no. 8
Razer Ornata Chroma gaming keyboard with Mecha membrane buttons, half-height keycaps and chroma lighting (QWERTY layout) display
  • Brand new Razer Mecha membrane (patent pending)
  • Half-height keycaps for faster release
  • Customizable Razer Chroma backlight with 16,8 millions of custom color options
  • Ergonomic palm rest for even longer gaming comfort
  • Cross-device synchronization powered by Razer Chroma
Bestseller no. 9
2.4G wireless mouse set, iclever aluminum wireless slim keyboard QWERTZ layout (German), for computer / desktop / PC / laptop / surface / Smart TV and Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP (2.4GHz, USB) display
  • Slim and refined: The gorgeous aluminum and the high-quality ABS will look good with any laptop! This streamlined keyboard is thin, lightweight and ultra-portable. Put it in your pocket so you can work anytime, anywhere. You will enjoy 99 fully functional keys, including traditional number keys for effortless typing.
  • Ergonomic design: say goodbye to unpleasant typing! Extra large buttons provide easier accessibility and the matte finish is soft to the touch. Better still, our unique inner scissor design eliminates annoying rattling for whisper-quiet keys.
  • Powerful wireless connection: Do not burden yourself with uncomfortable cables. Get the ultimate in wireless stability with state-of-the-art 2,4 GHz technology. You can quickly connect the keyboard and mouse to your device - no pairing required! With a generous range of 10 meters, you can use your keyboard anywhere in the room.
  • Long battery life: The powerful 280 mAh battery provides incredible 90 hours of use after a full charge. The total charging time is 2 hours - you will spend less time waiting and more time.
  • 3 adjustable DPI levels: Select your desired sensitivity with our 3 adjustable DPI levels (1000-1200-1600)! The receiver's advanced 2,4 GHz technology transfers data quickly and accurately while avoiding frames and frame drop skipping.
Bestseller no. 10
Logitech G213 Prodigy gaming keyboard, RGB lighting, programmable G-keys, multi-media controls, integrated palm rest, splash-proof, German QWERTZ layout display
  • Gaming Keyboard with RGB Lighting Zones: This Logitech keyboard offers five separate lighting areas with color choices from a range of over 16,8 million colors
  • Case: Standard size gaming keyboard with slim case, protects against dirt, crumbs and splashes, easy to clean - the ideal combination for gaming mouse
  • Mech Dome Buttons: Provides performance comparable to mechanical keyboards, combining good tactile behavior with powerful performance, and adapted to gamers' playing style
  • Anti-Ghosting Gaming Matrix: Optimal game performance to keep control while pressing multiple gaming keys simultaneously
  • Special multimedia controls: Control background music without interrupting games, as well as play, pause and mute songs and videos
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