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Apple has its new flagship, the iPhone X sent into the race. But does it keep its promise or was the announcement too full-bodied? What's new? It's definitely the iPhone X with the highest price ever. Get to know it here today.

How does an iPhone X work?

The new iPhone X The extra class has face recognition, a huge display and animated emojis. The all-new iPhone X was impressive in the test but still it's only the choice for the absolute hardcore Apple fans.
The future of this modern smartphone, as Apple's engineers envisioned, began with a head movement describing a circle, turning its head twice clockwise. Then the smartpone reports "Face ID done" on its screen. His facial verification has thus been set up. From now on, the smartphone will only be unlocked if it is held in the user's hand and identified with a deep look through the infrared camera.
First of all, be aware: Of course, this is new iPhone X (say: "10", not "x") of quality. Of course it is also expensive. However, is it a phone that should already be in the shopping cart today? It costs around the 1149 EUR with 64 GB memory and around the 1319 EUR with 256 GB. And since there is talk of a device that seems to be very fragile after the first tests, or splinters very easily, you need extra protection. The program for Apple Care gets you for 229 EUR, a protective cover is much cheaper.

New design - an almost rimless device!

The company Apple has on iPhone X renewed the design all around. They made an almost borderless smartphone and equipped it with a very powerful chip and additional sensors. On the display that has iPhone X 5,8 inches and thus really big. By comparison, the display of the much larger, heavier iPhone X 8 Plus only measures 5,5 inches. The device has just under 24 hours to count with a single battery charge without the eight hours of sleep.
Apple has now for the first time installed one of the OLED displays in the iPhone X, in which the black pixels actually remain dark and not illuminated. This gives you more contrast, a point that has a positive effect on movies, and a battery lasts longer. If you follow the experts, then Apple has iPhone X the best top display built in, which currently exists in a mobile phone.

The camera on iPhone X

The camera is currently one of the best on the market. Selfie mode lets you shoot portraits with a bokeh effect that blurs the background. The lighting conditions analyze the device in real time. Thus, the face can be lit interesting, at the same time the background is totally blackened. That looks impressive - if it works: So as one stands on a stage and is illuminated by a spotlight.
The rear-view camera (12 Megapixel) delivers images of similar quality to those of the iPhone X 8 (Plus), making it one of the best on the market. In daylight, a color-fast and high-resolution images succeed. The telelens with a 2x zoom has only one f / 2.4 f-stop instead of f / 2.8. This means that in dim light conditions, you'll get better photos. Both lenses now also have an optical image stabilizer, which should reduce camera shake. The photography blog "Fstoppers" has uploaded a video on Youtube by taking video footage of the iPhone X compared to a professional Panasonic GH5 worth 2000 US Dollars. Conclusion: The iPhone X is impressive.

Also slow motion videos with 240 recordings per second can be recorded in full HD quality. 4K videos can now be captured using 60 instead of 30 frames per second. This makes the clips look smoother. It's important to know that 4K60FPS uses 400 megabytes of volume per minute. A conventional full HD movie consumes only 90 MB per minute.

iPhone X - A device that does not require passwords

Most interesting, however, is the face recognition of the iPhone X, Everyone of that iPhone X wanted to immediately take it in hand to see the Face ID technique in action. Face ID is best suited to understand the vision of Apple. The technique works by two built-in infrared sensors that both 2-D images and simultaneously create an 3-D model of the face of the owner. The 2-D model is created using the 30 000 infrared points projected on the user's skin. This image is then converted into a numerical value and stored on the smartphone locally, in a particularly secure area.
For many users, the technical subtleties and details do not really matter. They find the feelings behind them more important: how do you feel about them now? The answer is quite as easy as if there were never any passwords. The technology disappears in the background, it can not be more comfortable at the moment. Finally, a well-secured device that iPhone X where everything was done to stop annoying the user with typing in the passwords. What does the notch on the upper edge of the screen mean. Good looking she is "not". But in this iPhone X Monobraue is the little killer feature: a new "TrueDepth camera", with which the device is unlocked.
Apple called this feature the Face ID. This is not just a simple face recognition that can be outwitted with a single photo, as is possible on many Android devices. Instead, a complex infrared module works with the camera. If the determined code matches that of the already stored face, the smartphone is unlocked. Thanks to infrared technology, it even works in the dark. Everything happens in fractions of a second. The setup of the Face ID is particularly intuitive and especially in less than a minute it is already finished. In doing so, the user has to circle his head 2 times in a predefined image detail, as if he were tracing the circle with his nose tip. Then that's it.

Goodbye to Hombutton on the iPhone X!

The device is almost borderless. For the Apple company removed here the Home Button, over which a whole series of actions were controlled inside the smartphone. Here was, for example, the unlock using the fingerprint scanner. The newly introduced, sometimes lively sweeping movements for a navigation can be learned easily and quickly. In the video below you can see the individual features.

Does the Face ID work as promised?

Some ask themselves the question: Does the Face ID work as well as advertised? Yes, after hundreds of trial runs - with various outfits such as sunglasses, cap, wig, in the dark - you can tell: It worked reliably and at least predominantly. An unrestricted view of the iPhone X unlocks the device in a second. Afterwards, it is important to swipe your finger from bottom to top to get to the start screen with all apps. An unnecessary point, thereby Apple wants to prevent news not be missed.
Occasionally, however, the technology also reaches its limits. The Face ID software sometimes has problems from a very slanted angle, as does the case when the smartphone is too close or too far away from the face for more than an arm's length. Already a major optical change is enough to get the algorithm out of order. If you have a scarf in front of your mouth and nose or if you shave off your full beard, the passcode must also be entered. If the correct, extended Face ID is the recorded data to the already stored 3D model. Since built-in face recognition is networked with the adaptive neural network, the Face ID becomes more and more accurate, says Apple.
All data for the Face ID is not stored in the cloud, but remains stored on the phone. Face ID also works without an active Internet connection. Even with the many security features Face ID is not perfect. Those of the "Wall Street Journal" leveraged the technique by a monkey triplets. Of course this is a peculiarity, but hackers worldwide will try to outsmart the system or crack the existing security measures. The next time will show how high the security of Face ID actually is.

The unicorn speaks in the iPhone X.

The technology behind the unicorn is not used alone when unlocking the smartphone. Apps that contain sensitive data and previously needed an extra authentication using a Touch ID, now get access to the TrueDepth camera. These are the banking apps, various smart home applications: such as the security scams from Arlo or the password manager iPassword. The alarm automatically rings when the iPhone X detects that you are looking. The phone also jumps faster to standby, if you do not look at it directly - for energy savings. Incoming messages show the device on the display to protect privacy when the user of the smartphone looks at the display. These are all intelligent functions that combine comfort and utility with each other.
There are also Animojis: With them, users can transmit their own facial expressions directly and in real time to large numbers of emoji, from the unicorn to the killing. Afterwards you can send the little pictures: send them to friends, for example, with iMessage or in the form of a video file with Whatsapp and Co. Whether this gimmick prevails, has not yet been proven, but it is funny. For many, the function is already the best thing that the new one iPhone X has to offer.

Equipment: Much computing power paired with wireless charging

The remaining equipment of the iPhone X is largely the same as the 8er models. The built-in A11 Bionic processor is currently the fastest one can find. In any case, he cuts a fine figure in benchmarks - special performance-finding programs: at Geekbench, he scored more than twice as many points as his competitors in some areas. The new iPhone Xs are currently the fastest smartphones available on the market.
iPhone X can be charged without cables and can be charged with all Qi charging stations available on the market - including those from IKEA furniture and IKEA lamps. Charging takes longer than needed on the cable. But this does not have to be fiddled with the cable anymore. The battery life says Apple is two hours more than it is the case with the iPhone X 7. That's realistic: at the end of the day with a "normal" usage, about 40 percent of battery remained. So you can easily get over the day, but two days without electricity are not possible.

Toy Tester has the iPhoneX

Even the smallest have already the iPhoneX. The 4 year old Toy Tester has already unpacked the iPhone and uses it for his Youtube activities.

Conclusion: The iPhone X was reinvented

With the iPhone X At Apple, the magic of previous devices returns. It's the perfect balance for those who want to have a big screen, but the 8 plus model seems too powerful. Cameras built into it are the best on the market right now, with up to 256 Gigabyte of storage, these devices will not run out of space. Despite the non-existent home button falls the user's operation. The new OLED screen looks great, the Face Unlock Face ID is a very exciting technique. It works amazingly well in daily use. It fundamentally changes the way we interact with our mobile phone. Future iPhone X generations will certainly benefit from the technology. There are still a few teething troubles to cure here. But Face ID probably only needs more time to work better - this will bring long-term testing to light.
An express purchase recommendation is not possible for the device anyway. With 1149 Euro (64 GB) and 1319 Euro (256 GB) this is iPhone X a very expensive device and is currently among the most expensive smartphones. Whether you need the face unlocking and the big screen at 300 Euro surcharge or you prefer the already not cheap iPhone 8 (Plus), every single one has to decide for themselves. Because the camera, the processor, the mobile technology and the processing is hardly distinguishable with differences. Comparable devices of the competition with an Android operating system are already starting from 500 EUR to buy, for example Galaxy S8, These do not work with Apple's ecosystem. And the charger has to be purchased additionally.

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