Sunday, April 21, 2019

Multifunction Tool

The multi-function tool for home improvement. The tasks in the home improvement sector, such as sawing, grinding and polishing, always require some skill and different tools. So that you can ...
SDS drilling machine

SDS drills

SDS Drills can be used flexibly A classic SDS drill is a quick-change system for drills. This system was developed by the Bosch company 1975. Out...
Rotary Hammer

Rotary Hammer

What is a rotary hammer? A drilling hammer is a tool for drilling holes in harder stone grades and solid concrete. It is used where ...

drill collar

The drill collar - the ideal tool for do-it-yourselfers The ideal tool for do-it-yourselfers is the drill collar. In many situations where you drill a circular hole ...
Pretty woman with electric screwdriver

Cordless Screwdriver

What is a cordless screwdriver, what is a cordless drill? The term "cordless screwdriver" is often used for several types, but the individual tools are different.