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When in the spring and summer everything in the garden grows green and the bushes and trees, the hour of the hedge shears has come. With it, the most stubborn thorns, branches and branches of various hedges as well as tree and bush species can be put to the brim. The hedge trimmer is by no means only what was previously understood. Because the sharp utensil can no longer only be moved by hand, but also with various drives. There are now models with petrol but also with battery. Do not forget, the user should be a very sharp tool with a hedge shears, whether moved by hand or a mechanical drive. The greatest care is therefore offered if you only want to cut grass, shrubs and hedges and not even your own limbs. Since the type, size and drive of the hedge trimmer must be adapted to the opposites, the various types of hedge trimmer will be briefly presented below:

The battery hedge trimmer

If you are interested in a hedge trimmer with motor,hedge shears the right variant. This tool operates either with a voltage of 18 Volt or 36 Volt, depending on the desired power. In 36 Volt, the hedge shears usually have a quick-charging hook that can fully charge within 30 to 45 minutes. With such a battery, the hedge shears can be operated for approximately 50 minutes. There is even for a slightly higher price even battery hedge shears, which can drive a small saw blade. But in general, the utensils in the garden are particularly suitable for small and uncomplicated work. This includes the trimming of the not so unruly hedge and the processing of the small shrubs in the front garden.

The built-in battery makes the user extremely mobile, without having to bang with cables and sockets. In addition, the weight is three to four kilograms per unit, well below the weight of an electric or petrol powered hedge trimmer. Also the price is much cheaper than with the other models. The disadvantage is that the performance is not very high. For the higher performance requirements, a cable can not be used with the battery hedge trimmer. In the case of battery hedge shears, there are often replacement or replacement batteries, which can be purchased in the trade. Some devices also work with two batteries. However, despite these improvements, the performance of an electric hedge trimmer from a battery hedge trimmer can not be achieved. On the battery hedge trimmer you should take back, if one seldom plans smaller circumcision plans, which should not be too much noise.

Bush clippers

The battery shears are available not only for hedges, but also for shrubs. This is battery shrub shearing is usually guided by the hand and is characterized by a relatively short sword. The voltage of the shrub shears is lower with a maximum of 12 Volt, than with a battery hedge trimmer. Most models have a lithium-ion battery. This is both easy to load, as well as with one and a half to two hours of running time particularly powerful. The shrub shears are adapted to the special requirements of shrubs and grasses. Before you use it, you should have considered the type of grasses and shrubs to be treated.

The electric hedge trimmer

If you want to put your thicker branches in your garden, you should also use an electric hedge trimmer instead of a battery hedge trimmer. This tool works with a cable. This means that mobility is restricted, but a higher performance is guaranteed. There are also different accessories for the electric hedge trimmer, for example a telescopic handle or a fang. The cable of the current models of the electric hedge trimmer is usually several meters long, thus longer distances can be covered. Extreme caution is advised, since it is often not ensured that the cable does not lie in the cutting area and then cuts it with the scissors. Anyone who has to work with his hedge shears overhead or on a ladder will notice the disadvantages of an electric cable. For an electric hedge shears should decide who is more power than a battery hedge trimmer, but does not want to produce as much noise as with a petrol hedge trimmer. Electric hedge trimmers are extremely environmentally friendly. Electric hedge trimmers have a much longer cutting blade than battery hedge shears and are much lighter and easier to handle than petrol hedge trimmers.

The engine hedge trimmer

The largest and most powerful models of hedge shears are powered by engines and gasoline. These hedge shears can have very large saw blades and saw through even thicker branches. Because of its drive it often has an immense weight and is therefore really only to be used by professionals. The engine hedge trimmer partly produces immense exhaust fumes and an infernal noise, so that sound protectors often have to be used. The price of motor hedge shears is also significantly higher than on other models. If you do not need this tool too often, you should not buy it and rent it better. The greatest advantage of the petrol-driven hedge trimmers is undoubtedly their performance. They are usually driven by a two-stroke engine. If an electric hedge trimmer can squeeze the saw blades and blunt them later, this is not to be expected with a petrol hedge trimmer. The motor and the robust saw blades can also be used to cut thick branches effortlessly. This tool is not enough for logs. A chain saw must be used for this. A further advantage of the motor hedge trimmer is the flexibility in use. Cables can not be interfering in the way. Wide distances are no problem. But engine and gasoline can already weigh some kilos. An optimum use is therefore only possible if the corresponding body force can be applied. Due to these limitations, hedgehog shears are usually used for commercial purposes. Anyone who decides to buy an engine hedge trimmer should be aware of the high cost of purchase and maintenance.

The hand shears

Of course, there are also still hand shears, without drive. These are similar to true shears and they are available with the different lengths of the shear blades and different levers. These shears are usually used to cut larger surfaces which have previously been cut with driven hedge trimmers. For soft twigs, small corners and edges these hedge shears are still optimal. The hand hedge trimmer is responsible for the subtleties in the garden hedge and has also the advantage to use it as long as one likes it. Hand shears are also available with telescopic bar. Usually, however, these models are offered as so-called branch cutters. By means of a band, the shearing blades can also be pulled together over a longer distance and thus branches are sawn through.

Hedge shears with fangsack

When using a hedge shears, a lot of leaves, as well as shrubs, branches and branches of the branches fall on the ground, which must then be rejoined. This can be exhausting. And that is why it is worth looking at the hedge shears, which are offered with a so-called "fangsack". The fang is adapted to the average cut of the respective device and is often too small or too cheap. A kind of hose construction as a collecting basket is especially optimal. Thus, both large and smallest residues are collected. The basket can also be easily emptied. Altogether, it can be said that in the case of hedge trimming, a catchbag almost always hinders handling and is in the way of the operation of the scissors in the way. Most models of hedge shears are offered without a traction hook, which can be bought as an accessory. When purchasing, care should be taken to ensure that the hedge trimmer has the necessary devices for attaching the bag.

Long and telescopic hedge shears

In addition to very short hedge shears, there are also very long models with which one achieves an unequally wider range of the saw blade. The longest and most complicated hedges can also be cut with long legs and long sleeves. However, it should not be forgotten that the longer it is, the more difficult it is to operate a hedge trimmer. Particularly suitable here are electric hedge trimmer shears, since they have both the performance for the long saw blades as well as the lower weight, as engine hedge shears. However, some places in the garden can hardly be reached for these long hedge shears, so that a so-called telescopic bar must be used. A hedge trimmer with such an extension bar is also referred to as a long-bar hedge trimmer and is, in principle, a common hedge trimmer with a corresponding extension.

These telescopic hedge shears are available with battery and electric drive, as well as with gasoline-powered engine. Probably the most important point when buying such a hedge trimmer is how much the problem hedges or shrubs really are. A telescopic rod with a length of, for example, five meters makes sense only if regular plants of this height have to be pruned in the garden. If hedges and shrubs are only three meters high, such an extension is enough. If you order a telescopic hedge shears, you will get a suitable tool with a long bar. This can then be extended either rigidly or in telescopic form. The length varies in most cases between two and five meters. The hedge trimmer can be mounted on the tip of the bar. In the case of an engine, this is installed in most cases below the extension rod. As a result, most manufacturers try to shift the mass point of the device as far down as possible. However, some telescopic rods may cause the motor to be attached to the top of the rod, which makes manipulating the hedge shears unequally more complicated. A proper telescopic hedge trimmer should also have no problem with thicker branches. However, in addition to the performance, the flexibility in handling is also important. A good telescopic hedge shears should not only lengthen well, but also be particularly flexible in the angle. It is of little help if the telescope is very long, but the hedge trimmer can not reach the tail edge at its tip. The blades of the scissors must therefore have a certain angle to the extension rod. This is the only way to cut any bush and shrub without having to climb a ladder. Best results are also achieved with long cutting knives. This makes it possible to cut even the widest hedges.


If you want to get the best hedge shears, you should pay attention to the pros and cons of the various hedge shears before you buy. A hedge trimmer with battery makes sense when the work is light and the performance is low. Low weight, low noise, flexible in use - these cutting tools make little problems but can not afford much. Electric hedge shears are ideal for telescopic bars and also for the difficult places of a larger hedge. However, the power cable limits the possible applications. If you need a large area and you also have to saw thicker branches, you do not have to go past a motor or petrol hedge trimmer. These utensils are however difficult, often only to be used by professionals and also expensive in terms of acquisition and entertainment.

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Last but not least, a few shopping tips:

OfferBestseller no. 1
Bosch hedge trimmer AHS 45-16 (blade cover, carton, 450 mm cutting length, 16 mm blade spacing, 420 Watt) Display
  • Hedge shears AHS 45-16 - for comfortable hedge trimming
  • Suitable for the cutting of younger or small to medium sized hedges up to 1m
  • Due to the low weight of 2,6 kg also for longer work
  • Comfortable working and better handling thanks to small outside dimensions
  • Scope of delivery: AHS 45-16, knife cover, carton (3165140582612)
OfferBestseller no. 2
GARDENA electric hedge trimmer EasyCut 420 / 45: Electric hedge trimmer with 420 W motor power, 45 cm blade length, 18 mm blade opening, ergonomic handle and stop protection (9830-20) display
  • For small to large hedges: Comfortable cutting thanks to light weight of only 2.6 kg
  • Comfortable handling: Ergonomic handle with large release button for every cutting situation
  • Makes your device more durable: Stop protection protects the blades when cutting them near the ground
  • Extremely powerful: Profischliff and special teeth for effortless cutting even of strong branches
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1x GARDENA electric hedge trimmer EasyCut 420 / 45
Bestseller no. 3
Güde 94001 GHS 510 P electric hedge trimmer (500W, 460mm cutting length, 16mm blade distance, knife quick stop, sword guard) display
  • Power: 500 Watt
  • Knife movement: 1700 min-1
  • Accessories: two-hand safety switches, counter-rotating special knives, sword protection, cable strain relief, knife quick stop
OfferBestseller no. 4
Black + Decker electric hedge trimmer GT5560 with cable strain relief and direct connection of the extension cable for maximum comfort - 25mm cutting thickness - 550W - 60cm saw blade length - 2,9kg indicator
  • The hedge trimmer machine is ideal for cutting branches up to 25mm thick and impresses with performance and extremely high comfort
  • The Hedge Scissors are characterized by the angled tooth geometry and the specially coated surface - for a thorough cutting performance and longevity of the knives
  • Safe cable routing: Thanks to cable strain relief, the cable can be guided in a controlled manner / Direct connection of the extension cable ensures that no disruptive cable connections are in the way
  • Maximum comfort: The stirrup handle and the well-balanced weight distribution between knife and handle create the optimum balance - for easy, controlled handling
  • Scope of delivery: 1x electric hedge trimmer, with cable strain relief / 550W / 2 hand switch against accidental switching on / saw blade length: 60cm / 2 years warranty
OfferBestseller no. 5
Bosch hedge trimmer AHS 70-34 (blade cover, carton, 700 W, 700 mm blade length, 34 mm blade spacing) Display
  • Hedge shears AHS 70-34 - powerful for comfortable hedge trimming
  • Sawing function: Special teeth on the front of the knife easily cut branches up to 38 mm diameter
  • Especially suitable for hedges over 2 m hedge height
  • With knife guard for cuts along walls and floor
  • Scope of delivery: Hedge trimmer AHS 70-34, knife cover, carton (3165140643665)
OfferBestseller no. 6
Bosch hedge trimmer AHS 55-26 (blade cover, carton, blade length: 550 mm, blade distance: 26 mm, 600 Watt) Display
  • The hedge trimmer AHS 55-26 from Bosch - for comfortable cutting of your hedges
  • Effortless cutting of branches up to 32 mm diameter thanks to sawing function
  • Especially suitable for high hedges up to 2 m
  • Knife protection for cuts along walls and floor
  • Scope of delivery: AHS 55-26, knife cover, carton (3165140643542)
OfferBestseller no. 7
Bosch Battery Grass and Shrub Shears Set Isio (cutting length 12 cm, 8 cm cutting width, 3,6 V, in box) Display
  • The battery Grass and Shrub Shear Set Isio from Bosch - the perfect helper for daily gardening. Compact and lightweight: Ideal shape, size and weight for effortless operation
  • Relaxed work without interruptions thanks to anti-lock braking system
  • A new set of "multi-click" essays makes Isio even more versatile
  • Short charging times and no self-discharge thanks to lithium-ion technology
  • Scope of supply: Grass and Shrub Shears Set Isio, Charger, Multi-Click Grass Shear 8 cm, Multi-Click Shrub Shear Knife 12 cm (3165140630627)
OfferBestseller no. 8
Makita Battery Hedge Trimmer (52 cm, 18 V, without battery, without charger) DUH523ZDisplay
  • Compatible with 1,5 Ah, 3,0 Ah and 4,0 Ah batteries
  • Lightweight and handy cordless hedge trimmer
OfferBestseller no. 9
Einhell electric hedge trimmer GE-EH 7067 (700 W, 670 mm cutting length, 30 mm pitch, crop collector, cable strain relief) Display
  • The 700 Watt strong helper in the garden with a cutting length of 670 millimeters and 3.000 cuts per minute.
  • Blades made of laser-cut and diamond-ground steel. Metal gear and shock protection. The ergonomic additional handle and the rotatable rear handle ensure maximum operating comfort.
  • Lightning-fast switched off: blade stop under one second and additional large-scale hand protection.
  • Cable strain relief for rough use.
  • Including practical cuttings collector. Supplied with sturdy quiver for storage and transport as well as aluminum blade cover for knife protection.
OfferBestseller no. 10
Bosch DIY hedge shears AHS 50-16, knife cover, cardboard (450 W, 500 mm cutting length, 16 mm knife gap)
  • Hedge shears AHS 50-16 - powerful and comfortable cutting of hedges
  • Provides the necessary cutting force for younger or small to medium sized hedges up to 1m
  • With only 2,7kg also ideal for longer work
  • Small outer dimensions for a comfortable working and better handling
  • Scope of delivery: AHS 50-16, knife cover, cardboard
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