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With grill cleaner against ash, grease and marinade residue

Residues of marinades, vegetable and meat remnants, cheese traces, ashes and burned fat - that is what is often left on the grill, when all the guests have already gone to clean up and especially cleaning. Oils, greases and protein encrust on the metal of the grill and form layers which can only be removed after a long time with great effort. In order to achieve effect, often only intensive scrubbing and the use of aggressive cleaning agents helps. However, there are now also more environmentally friendly and nevertheless very effective Grill cleaner, This is all the more important as the cleaning of grilling plants places particular demands on them. First of all, it is, of course, areas where food is prepared, which places special demands on hygiene. In addition, the appliances can only provide the required performance if the individual components - and in particular the grate grate - are clean and free of residues. Old rests of food, oils and fats do not only contain the risk of bacteria, but also the danger of new dishes being trampled by a rancid and unpleasant aroma.

Grille to clean - a special matter

Grill cleaners should not be applied to aluminum, plastic or varnish. At the center of the cleansing, however, is the grill grate, which reveals specific problems during cleaning. Both the intensive contamination by poorly soluble substances such as fat, oil and protein are problematic as well as the uneven surfaces and the grating structure of the grill grate. The substances should therefore remain adhered for a long time, so they must not be too liquid to develop their fat-dissolving effect. In the case of the often thick encrustations and burned grease layers, this is precisely the result of the simplicity in removing the residues. It should be noted that the soaking of the grill grills, because of their size, is often either very complicated or simply impossible. Therefore, the best detergents are in foam and spray form or are applied with the brush. Thus, the grill cleaner is optimally and completely adhered to all surfaces which are also difficult to reach.

Gentle barbecue cleaners protect the environment and health

When cleaning grill systems, extremely aggressive chemicals are often used. These contain certain dangers and are not particularly healthy for humans or nature. In these conventional barbecue cleaners are used sodium lyes, the so-called caustic alkali (potassium chloride) or other chemical hazardous substances. These funds are effective but require special precautions. In order to avoid skin contact or inhalation of fumes, we recommend wearing protective clothing and spectacles when using these dangers. The use should also take place exclusively in the open air. All in all, it can be said that the environment and health are subject to greater loads, especially when the cleaning is done regularly and the use of these conventional grill cleaners.
However, great progress has been made in the production of alternative and more gentle barbecue cleaners over the past few years. The trade now offers a whole range of grill cleaners, which do without caustic alkalis and caustic alkalis. These substances are neither highly flammable nor evolve toxic fumes for the eyes and respiratory tract. With them can be worked without protective clothing and even in enclosed spaces. The grill cleaners can be used in the kitchen as well as in the garden grill, flock and hoods.
Altogether it can be said that cleaning substances should generally only be used when the grill surfaces have cooled, since otherwise toxic fumes can develop. Concentrates must be diluted and caustic soda and potassium leaches should be kept away.

Duration of exposure and required accessories

If environmentally-friendly grill cleaners are used, little additional accessories are necessary. It is important that after the use of the grill, not too much time elapses before the cleaning begins. If possible, the grill grate should be soaked in a larger container. However, spray, foam and also substances applied with the brush are readily adhered to, so that this process can be dispensed with. The duration of exposure is measured primarily by the degree of contamination. If this is not so intense, it may take just a few minutes to use the effect of grease and dirt. After this, the grill cleaner and the soiled dirt should be wiped with a lint-free and moistened cloth or cloth. It is recommended to use microfibre cloth. If the fat, oil and protein residues are very massive, pulp can of course also be used. All in all, the best thing to do is to leave the grill cleaner overnight, but in any case at least two hours. Then warm and clean water should be used for wiping. In most cases, the soiling should then be easily removed. This is the most material-friendly variant. If the soiling can not be remedied, the use of wire brushes and scrapers is necessary.

The use of grill brushes

If the grill grill is used intensively, the grill brush can also be used when using the best cleaning agents. However, the material of the grate is thus strongly stressed, so that this practice should only be used very sparingly. The grill brush (or the scraper) should be appropriately shaped in order to reach difficult areas. In the trade, there are corresponding utensils which have been developed from stainless steel precisely for the use and thus enable an effective and uncomplicated cleaning. In the case of the grill brush, care should be taken that brass bristles are used. This allows self-baked residues from the metal of the grill grate to be removed. Steel wool can also be used in individual cases.

These are the best grill cleaners

Ecolab Acti Grill Cleaner
This cleaning product from the manufacturer Ecolab is one of the most health and environmental friendly barbecue cleaners available on the market. It also removes intense and difficult-to-remove contaminants and even burnt-on grease residues. The thick liquid cream adheres even better, as liquids or foam also on vertical surfaces, which are thus easy to clean. Although this is one liter more expensive than other cleaners at a price of just 30 Euro per liter, it is also very economical because of its thicker consistency and it consumes considerably less than with other barbecue cleaners.

Prowin oven cleaner

This cleaning agent has an extraordinary cleaning power and is recommended especially for use on the grill. The liquid can also be applied to parts which are difficult to reach by means of the supplied brush. Here one can safely dispense with the use of brushes or scrapers. The substance is applied, allowed to soak, and simply wipes off the grease and oil residues. However, this grill cleaner with just 30 Euro for 500 ml is not exactly cheap. Please note the possible health damage. In contact with skin, eyes and respiratory tract, this cleaner can cause severe burns. When used intensively, corrosion damage can also be caused by the metal. Due to the excellent cleaning power, this grill cleaner can nevertheless be the optimal cleaning substance for the highly stressed grill grate.

Ballistol Kamofix

This is actually a cleaner, which has been designed for the cleaning of kitchen appliances, such as pans and pots. The advantage here is that the Kamofi, in contrast to many other barbecue cleaners can be used not only for steel, but also for the cleaning of aluminum. Kamofix is ​​a cleaning foam which adheres stably, even on difficult parts, where fats, soot, and also strongly burned, detach perfectly from the surfaces. Only the cleaning of paints should be avoided.

Brauns Heitmann Pure soda soda

This Sodareiniger is particularly impressed by its low price, not even 10 Euro. And it is only possible to buy it, but it can even be produced by itself if necessary. The soda powder is mixed with water and a spraying agent, but has to work considerably longer than other barbecue cleaners. A further disadvantage is the highly alkaline effect which makes the use for the cleaning of aluminum impossible. For the cleaning of stainless steel, however, this soda ash can be a good and, above all, cost-saving alternative.

Dr. Becker Brat crust remover

Also with this means is a price of 23 Euro for 1 liter rather a more cost-intensive variant. However, rely on the cleaning power, at the latest during the second treatment. This cleaner is especially recommended for professional use. For normal household use, the chemicals contained are simply too problematic because they are highly corrosive. If you use this grill cleaner you should use glasses, mouth protection and protective gloves in any case. The advantage of the Dr.Becker crust crusher remover is that even the most stubborn dirt has no chance and the grilling device can be completely cleaned in any case.

k2r Oven cleaner

The main argument for the use of this grill cleaner is the price. Per liter, this cleanser does not cost more than five euros. However, it is also necessary to make cuts in the cleaning power. The use of a grill brush or scraper can still be achieved even with long exposure times. If you want to save money and also does not shy away from scrubbing, this cleaner is nevertheless right.

Weber cleaner

If you want to achieve a quick and superficial cleaning of the grill, you can also access Weber's cleaner. If the outside surfaces of the grill are shining again, this cleaner is sufficient. Against burnt-on fat residues and a grate burned with egg whites and marinades, this grill cleaner can do little.

Even old home remedies can help with the barbecue cleaning

If you want to save money while cleaning the barbecue grill and still have the protection of the environment in mind, the use of old household equipment is recommended. Particularly effective is, for example, the burning out of the grill grate. When the last sausages and steaks have disappeared from the grill, you can let the grill get hot again and stir the embers until the last fat residue is burned. The resulting carbon black can then be freed from residues with roughly a little effort and a grill brush.
Also useful is the use of cold coffee or coffee grounds. Apply the liquid or substance to the grill grate with a cloth and let it act overnight. And the next morning you can free the grill from its biggest dirt. Also effective is the smoothing effect of ash. Previously, soap was prepared by mixing oils with ash. This effect can also be used with the grill cleaning, if you apply an Aschelauge to the used grill grate. Curious, on the other hand, the tip appears to place the grill grate, if appropriate near an ant heap. The crawfish, so swear experts would liberate the grill grate quite effectively from foodstuffs.


The grill party can be a great fun, the cleaning of the grill afterwards it is often not. However after grilling is before grilling and steaks and sausages are only really delicious when they are cooked on a clean grill. In the case of grill grate cleaning, one should rather invest a handle and a euro too much than too little. If you want to clean your grill efficiently and perfectly, do not miss the barbecue. Where possible, the use of harder chemicals such as caustic potash and sodium hydroxide should be economical. Meanwhile, there are also ecologically harmless sprays, creams and brush spreads. If you do not have them on hand, you can still go back on old home remedies.

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  • EASY TO APPLY: Use a grill brush to remove superficial dirt on the grill, such as stewed barbecue spice, spray the surface to be cleaned with the cleaning spray, sprinkle with a grill brush, let the detergent soak in, and wipe the grill clean. The result will surprise you. Since the grill cleaner is highly concentrated, a small amount is sufficient for cleaning. As a preventive measure, you can also wear barbecue gloves
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Mellerud 2001002718 Grill & BBQ Cleaner 475 size indicator
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MELLERUD oven and grill cleaner, 0,5 liter display
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