Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Quadcopter drone with 4K video and photocamera
A thermometer is used to check meat temperature at the ball grill

Grill thermometer

The cooking or roasting on an open fire, which is commonly referred to as grilling, is a popular leisure activity for the Germans. Especially in rural areas it is ...
Families in the garden pool

garden pool

The so-called "Gartenpool" is a water basin, which is smaller compared to a fixed swimming pool, but is nevertheless suitable for a wonderful cooling ...
gas Grill

gas Grill

What is a gas grill? - the outdoor kitchen for your garden! With a gas grill, you can fry far more than just sausage and steak. A gas grill is available.
Father's Day Father's Day


Bollerwagen In the term "Bollerwagen" most of us probably have cheerful men transporting their drinks on Father's Day. But actually ...
Little child on trampoline


What is a trampoline? For some years the garden trainer has been on the advance. It inspires young and old, keeps fit, strengthens the whole body and ...
Man under the garde shower

garden shower

A garden shower can be found on more and more land. This is not surprising, because as a refreshment on hot summer days, it is wonderful ...