Sunday, April 21, 2019


Cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters: they all count among the most popular animal friends of man. Around 30 millions of pets live in Germany's households - only Russia has more domestic animals within Europe. Often, the bond to the animal is so strong that it is viewed as a family member or even as a child. The industry has adapted itself to this and offers our beloved quadrupeds now products, which are approaching more and more human quality standards.



A rabbit barn can be bought for breeding, but also for animal lovers. The demands on the rabbit barn therefore differ. But priority ...
Dog bed

Dog beds

The dog bed - comfortable, individual and shapely The dog spends most of his time sleeping. So that its favorite place for it not the sofa or bed of ...
Cat hair care


The care of the cat fur protects the health of the cat The fur care is an elementary part of the cat care. So that skin and hair remain healthy, every ...

Hamster cage

The choice of the right habitat has a great influence on the quality of life and the life expectancy of a hamster. The small size of a hamster pretends that ...
Barfmen in small pet bowl for dogs and cats

cat food

In cat keeping is an important aspect, if not the most important at all, the right diet. In the trade there are countless different varieties of cat food ....


A dog harness for a gentle handling of the leash In many places there is a dog service. But also to keep his four-legged friends safe through the increasingly unclear traffic ...
dog leash

dog leash

Finding the Right Dog Line - That's About Planing to Get a Puppy To You, So Think About Which Dog Leash On ...
cat litter

cat litter

Finding the right litter for cats Who has a cat who knows how much value a cat lays on good hygiene. The search for...
Cat flap with cat

Cat flap

Statistics assume that in German households approximately 13,4 million cats live. But not only cat owners are likely to be the freedom and freedom of the ...
scratching Post

Cat trees

Especially for owners of apartments, the scratching tree next to food bowls and litter box belongs to the basic equipment. Both for the regular wear of the claws as well as for resting ...