Dog beds

Dog bed

Dog bed - comfortable, individual and shapely

The dog spends most of his time sleeping. So that his favorite place is not the sofa or bed of master and mistress, should be furnished his own comfortable sleeping place. There he can retreat and switch off once. On Dog bed is therefore a great way to offer your dog a safe retreat and a cuddly favorite place in one.

Dog bed vs. Dog basket

A Dog bed does not have a very high and / or fixed boundary to the dog basket, but only a low margin. Since the dog spends most of his life in his bed, you should think about a suitable model before buying. Only suitable for the dog also Dog bed at the right location invites the four-legged to relax, lout and stretch out.

What are the advantages Dog beds against a basket?

Depending on the preferences of your four-legged dog, the special bed for the dog opposite the basket can have some advantages. So are Dog beds for example because of its low margin better for older or sick dogs.
Also especially larger breeds and dogs, they like to stretch out long or turn in the night often, are in one Dog bed better kept than in a narrow basket.
The bed allows the dog to have a full view of its environment because of its low limit. Thus, during his resting phase, he always has his family in view, without having to raise his head big.
Dog beds can be cleaned better than baskets made of rattan or other materials. In most cases, you have a removable cover that can be cleaned with the washing machine. This is particularly important if your four-legged child is ill or older and therefore a mala can happen.
And last but not least Dog beds usually simply constructed and adapt themselves thus timeless to each living room. The choice of colors, shapes and materials is diverse, so that is suitable for every taste Dog bed can be found.

For which dog is a Dog bed suitable?

As already mentioned, this type of sleeping facility is particularly suitable for large, elderly as well as sick dogs, since they can be entered without exertion and hingeless. The bed offers plenty of freedom of movement and is also hard or softly padded, depending on the preference. This increases the comfort of lying down and thus the satisfaction of your four-legged friend. While shy and frightened dogs are better off in a closed basket or high-robed bed, the majority of the balanced four-legged dogs may be a retirement from which he can have an eye on his entire environment.

How big should that be? Dog bed be?

The length and width of the dog's bed depends on the size of the dog. It should not be too small or too big. The perfect size is calculated from the length of your four-legged animal. It should not be placed on the edge of the chair in an extended lying position dog bed bump. However, you can also measure your dog from the tip of the tail to the snout plus 10 cm for stretching. Then add 20 to 30 cm to get the perfect size of the cot. This allows the dog to bask properly and, in the sleep, also rotate undisturbed without bumping into the limit.
If you are measuring and calculating the Dog beds You can also simply follow the manufacturer 's instructions as most models are offered with appropriate recommendations and contain a list of breeds suitable for this size of Dog beds are suitable.

From which material should the Dog bed consist?

Not only for comfort, but also for hygiene, the bed for your four-legged animal should consist of an easy-to-clean material. Very popular are materials such as microfibre, polyester or cordura as well as other modern mixed fabrics, plush and suede. Lovers of high-quality lifestyle can also get products made of high-quality leather or a faux fur, but care should be taken here that the dog does not often insert with wet coat, as this material does not tolerate long-term moisture. Since also the cleaning of the Dog beds only by hand, these beds are the exception.
When choosing the perfect dog bed you should also pay attention to the fillings of the respective products. Just like in humans there are also lovers of soft or hard sleeping places. If you observe your dog in advance, you can find out which of your four-legged animals is preferred. Does he rather lie on soft sofas, or is he lying on the cushions? In zoological shops, you can also try different models with your four-legged model.
Often the upholstery of Dog beds from polyesterflies, foam flakes or styrofoam spheres.
Polyesterflies is widely used, cheap and noiseless. However, it is not form-stable, as a rule irregularities develop, which can interfere with the sleep.

Flakes of foam material have the same properties and therefore unfortunately also comparable disadvantages. Although that Dog bed can be very cuddly soft with this filler, it does not remain stable for a long time.
Styrofoam balls, on the other hand, fit perfectly to the body shape of the dog, but they have the disadvantage that they rustle when turning. A daily shaking of the bed is necessary, as there is the danger that the dog pushes the balls aside and sleeps on the hard floor. Since styropic spheres are not long lasting, must Dog beds filled with this filling at regular intervals or the beads exchanged. This should be done preferably outside of the apartment, as the small balls are distributed throughout the room and stick stubbornly in crevices or corners.
More modern Dog beds sometimes also have fillings made of viscose foam or latex. These materials are very rigid and adapt to the individual body shape. The comfortable mattresses of the people consist largely of this material and therefore promise a high level of comfort. These materials can not move and therefore have an optimal pressure relief. Unfortunately, these are Dog beds also somewhat more expensive, a purchase, which however quickly profits.

How can you get one Dog bed clean?

In most cases, these beds are made for dogs so that they can be easily vacuumed or brushed. This is also necessary to maintain hygiene. For small soiling a damp cloth is usually sufficient. However, it may be necessary in some cases Dog bed also to wash more thoroughly.
In addition to cleaning hair and sand using a vacuum cleaner or brush Dog beds can therefore also be cleaned by machine. Especially if the dog comes wet and dirty from the walk and retreats into his bed or is old or sick, so that he can not stop, the lief of the four-legged should be provided with removable covers. This makes cleaning in the washing machine possible. Before using the dryer, however, should be omitted. The risk of material spillage or shrinkage is too great. Therefore, it is beneficial if you purchase one dog bed ensure that there are also replacement covers for the respective model.

Which location is suitable for the Dog bed?

In addition to choosing the right material for the dog's bedding, the location also plays an important role. On the other hand, your quadruped should of course be able to switch off and therefore do not necessarily have to sleep in the biggest hustle and bustle. On the other hand, dogs love to keep the full overview even during the resting phases and therefore do not want to be deported into an unclear corner. The best location is therefore in a place from which the dog can see the whole room, but without getting in the way. Also make sure that the bed is neither directly in front of the heater, nor exposed to direct sunlight or drafts. A corridor or a large window on the south side with long direct sunlight should therefore also be taboo. Since the dog always likes to participate in your life, should Dog beds close to places where you are staying for a long time, the sofa or the desk. This allows the dog to be close to you and always has the feeling of overlooking every situation.

How to accustom his quadruped to that Dog bed?

In most cases, a comfortable berth in the right size and the appropriate location of your quadruped will be accepted very quickly. But even in puppies or young dogs it can happen that they are not alone in the new Dog bed and will follow you as soon as you remove. If you are starting to feel like this, you can try to make your new dog's bed more attractive by placing your favorite toy or treat. Also a worn garment like a t-shirt, which smells like a mistress or mistress, can cause miracles. Of course, you should also give your puppy the basic rules like seat, Place and stay if this has not already been done. These commands help you not only to get stress-free through the day, but also to make the dog faster to that Dog bed to accustom.

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What should you buy a dog bed note?

When buying from Dog beds you should pay attention:
- The correct size of the bed, because only in this way your dog will feel comfortable and will Dog bed also as a sleeping place.
- The material and its processing, because the quality of the material used determines not only the lying comfort but also the service life.
- Easy cleaning thanks to removable and easy to clean covers. clean Dog beds look not only more beautiful, but are also more hygienic for humans and animals.
- The robustness. Dog beds should be scratch-resistant, so that the dog and the owner have a long time to enjoy the new sleeping place and also the wild contemporaries can not divide it into individual parts.
- The shape stability of the fillers. In general, the more expensive Dog beds , the higher the quality should be the upholstery.
- A slip - resistant insulation material on the underside prevents the dog from slipping uncomfortably dog bed during insertion or recirculation.
- Price and performance should be in a reasonable relationship. Not always the most expensive bed is also the best and suitable for your dog. Compare prices on the Internet and take advantage of discounts and coupon promotions.
- The health effect should also not be left out of the field of view. Dogs are getting older, some unfortunately also ill and suffer later diseases of the joints or the bone skeleton. An orthopedic Dog bed with individual fillings are cost-intensive, but they are gentle on the dog and relieve pain.
- Some models offer special accessories such as extra pillows, a further blanket or replacement covers. Thanks to these products, money can also be saved.
- The quality of Dog beds you do not always get by a high price. Before you buy, check out tester results from independent institutions and read the opinions of more or less satisfied customers. This way you can prevent expensive purchases.

Conclusion to the Dog beds Purchase

A dog sleeps or dusts up to 20 hours a day. Accordingly, it should be comfortable to lie down, so sleeping can also have a relaxing effect. Make sure you purchase quality and prefer branded products Dog beds from Knuffelwuff, Songmics as well as Monkey Mountain or Trixie. Observe the sleeping and sleeping habits of your dog as well as the perfect size of the bed. In addition, if you find a suitable location, your dog will accept the bed without hesitation and would like to be in it.

Bestseller no. 1
Knuffelwuff 14097-015 Dog Bed Dog Basket Dog Sofa Dog Cushion Dog Basket Cover Washable Large Dogs Xxl Lotte Gray Indicator
  • Removable cover, washable at 30 degree
  • Seperatly available replacement covers
  • Dog bed made of sturdy velor
  • ECO-TEX standard 100
  • dimensionally stable
SaleBestseller no. 2
NIBESSER Hundebett Tierbtt Cat Bed Dog Sofa Cat Sofa Pillow Fluffy, Soft & Soft. Washable for cats Dog display
  • Soft and warm: the material is velvet and cotton and feels so soft and warm.
  • Perfect beds: Give your pet the perfect place to snuggle, rest and relax.
  • Bed bottom: The bottom of the pet bed is made of rainproof cloth that is waterproof.
  • Pet Cave - ideal for pets who love a cozy place to curl up safely. Dogs and cats like to dive into soft beds and sofas, and they feel safe there.
  • Pet bed dimensions: S. 26x50cm; M.26x60cm; L. 26x70cm.
SaleBestseller no. 3
BedDog dog bed LUPI, dog sofa made of Cordura, microfibre velor, washable dog bed with border, dog pillow square, for inside, outside, XL, The-Rock, black-gray display
  • For more models and cheap deals on Amazon, click above on Bed-Dog under the title
  • Comfortable and pleasantly soft: Optimal lying comfort due to joint and spine-sparing filling made of foam flakes, with comfort entry
  • Robust, stable dog cushion: Durable dog mat with edge, increased scratch resistance and water-repellent surface, dimensionally stable and non-slip
  • Versatile: Indoor and outdoor dog bed for home, car or garden, as resting or dog sleeping place
  • Easy-care animal bed: surface can be easily sucked and wiped off, removable zipper cover from the dog basket washable at 30 degrees
SaleBestseller no. 4
Catalpa Flower Dog Bed XXL Dog Mat Pet Bed Dog Sofa Dog Cushion Washable 125 x 80 x 12 cmDisplay
  • The dog pillow has completely removable covers and is machine washable up to 30 ° C.
  • Suitable for animals weighing up to approx. 70kg.
  • High quality processed with anti-slip coating on the bottom
  • 125 x 80 x 12 cm Large animal bed made of polyester with beige non-woven cover. Fits optimally in almost every living environment.
  • Comfortable and soft, safe, durable, easy to clean, is the best choice for your pet.
Bestseller no. 5
SuperCushion24 Dog Bed Dog Basket Dog Sofa Pet Bed for Small, Medium and Large Dogs - Washable - Size L - Black and Gray - Flax paw paws
  • Bed for dogs - great comfort for small and large dogs. We make sure the animal beds are resistant to scratches, chewing and moisture. It works perfectly at home or outdoors.
  • Cuddly beds made of flexible, comfortable and pleasant materials that do not deform during use. The bed is thick and filled with soft silicone. The bed is filled with a fluffy fleece fabric and eco-friendly animal decor fabric.
  • To ensure the comfort of the bed, it is sufficient to wash the pillow in the temperature of 30 degrees. Pet hair can easily be vacuumed from the bed, alternatively, it can also be wiped off. All this serves to ensure that the four-legged friends have fun on the bed for a long time
  • Size L -95x75 cm (XL - 120x90) - The dimension tolerance is approximately 5%. The specified dimension is a total size - the inside dimensions are approximately L-70x50 cm (XL -100x70cm). This size is ideal for medium sized dogs.
  • Special - anti-allergic, waterproof, air circulation. Remember to stop exposing the pillow to water, as water may get into the material connection points!
Bestseller no. 6
FEANDREA Washable dog bed, cover removable and machine washable, cuddly dog ​​cushion, brown 90 x 25 x 75 cm PGW11CC indicator
  • A OWN BED FOR YOUR FOUR LEGS: With this luxurious dog bed your dog will feel like a full family member
  • A PRIVILEGED LOCATION FOR YOUR DOG: With this wear- and scratch-resistant dog mat your pet will feel completely at home. Thanks to the good padding and cuddly plush bed, your dog will have a comfortable place where he can relax well; also anti-allergenic
  • BREATHTAKING GOOD PROCESSING: The edges of the bed are raised and well padded so that your dog can rest his head on it; In addition, all seams are properly processed; Furthermore, the underside of non-slip fabric with nubs protects your dog from cold and moisture
  • CLEANED WITHIN LESS MOMENTS: The cover is removable and machine washable
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: FEANDREA offers professional customer service before and after ordering. Do not think long and just hit it!
Bestseller no. 7
Dog bed, dog pillows, dog baskets with reversible pillows, size M, color gray / black
  • HIGH COMFORT FACTOR. This especially soft and cuddly dog ​​bed must not be missing in any household. The non-slip bottom with non-slip pimples ensures optimal hold and the modern design for a real eye-catcher.
  • PRACTICAL TAIL PILLOW. The removable floor cushion made from two different materials makes the comfort of this basket perfect. Your dog will love his cuddly underlay.
  • COMFORTABLE ENTRY. The deep entry facilitates the entry and exit. Exit for dogs of all sizes and thus promotes well-being.
  • EASY CLEANING. This dog pillow is very easy to clean and can be washed by hand.
  • DIVERSITY. For an optimal choice, there are our dog baskets in different colors and sizes. Available in the color gray / black and size M, exact dimensions are shown in the pictures.
Bestseller no. 8
Wuudi pet bed 50 cm dog bed cat bed round soft and soft for pets / puppies / pet / cat bed in donut shape light gray display
  • Suitable for cats, kittens, puppies and small dog pillows to keep your pet away from the sofa / chair.
  • Warm and comfortable pet bed - The pet den is perfect for a safe pet that likes the comfort of the place to cuddle and feel. Dogs and cats will be happy to plunge into soft beds and sofas to keep your pets warm and comfortable while at rest, and feel safe.
  • Delicate design: thick padding on both sides, non-slip underside for the head and neck of the pet, which provides relief for dogs and cats with joint pain or arthritis.
  • Approximate dimensions for pet beds: 50 x 50 x 20 cm / 70 x 70 x 20 cm
  • The soft plush fabric adapts to the different sleeping positions of the pets and the underside is a thick, waterproof and non-slip fabric.
Bestseller no. 9
FEANDREA Hundebett, Hundekorb, Abnehmbarer Bezug, 120 x 85 cm, dunkelgrau PGW19GGAnzeige
  • 5-STERNE-BETT FÜR BELLO: „Wuff! Dieses Hundebett ist so kuschelig weich!“ Mit atmungsaktivem Leinenimitat versehen und einer dicken PP-Füllung ausgestattet, erfreut dieses Hundebett Hundeherzen und spendet ein 5-Sterne-Rundum-Versorgt-Wohlfühlgefühl
  • WIE SIE ES AUCH DREHEN UND WENDEN: Das abnehmbare Wendekissen dieses Hundesofas bleibt stets kuschelig und gemütlich. Auf der einen Seite ist es jedoch mit flauschigem Plüsch und auf der anderen mit angenehmem Leinenimitat bezogen
  • AB IN DIE MASCHINE: Sowohl die Hülle des Hundebetts als auch der Bezug des Kissens lassen sich per Reißverschluss abnehmen und in der Maschine waschen. So wird das Hundekörbchen spielend leicht von schmutzigen Pfotenabdrücken oder Speichel befreit
  • AVOID SLIP PARTIES: So that the dog basket does not slip meters through your apartment when your dog jumps on it, it is equipped with anti-slip knobs on the underside
  • SOMETHING UNCLEARED? Our friendly customer service will be happy to answer all your questions. Present your fluffy friend with this cozy dog ​​sofa!
Bestseller no. 10
FEANDREA dog bed, dog basket, reversible cushion, washable, 73 x 60 x 27 cm PGW31GG
  • CLOSED TO THE HEART: "Woof! I feel safe in this dog bed! ”Equipped with a 27 cm high edge and a large lying surface, this round dog bed delights dogs' hearts and provides an all-round feeling of well-being
  • HOW TO TURN AND TURN IT: The removable reversible cushion of this dog sofa always remains cozy and cozy. On one side, however, it is covered with fluffy plush and on the other with a pleasant imitation lead
  • DOWN INTO THE MACHINE: The cushion cover of the dog bed can be removed with a zipper and washed in the machine. So the dog basket is easily removed from dirty paw prints or saliva
  • AVOID SLIP PARTIES: So that the dog basket does not slip meters through your apartment when your dog jumps on it, it is equipped with anti-slip knobs on the underside
  • SOMETHING UNCLEARED? Our friendly customer service will be happy to answer all your questions. Present your fluffy friend with this cozy dog ​​sofa!
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