constructive possession


What is a condominium?

constructive possession is a popular means in Germany to pass a certain thing on to someone without giving up the right to possess.

For example, it may be a possession institution when renting a house. This is hired by someone but the actual Usable owner remains the owner. It is always possible to conclude such leases and thus to apply someone's own load. The rent is always recorded with a contract. If you want to rent something and take possession of the property, should be well informed. In some cases it is even necessary to consult an attorney. This attorney will certainly be able to explain even more clearly what it is. Above all, it is about creating a contract that is complete. You should always arrange a lease.

In no case should such a thing be spoken by telephone. Who wants to rent a thing also needs collateral. Unfortunately, it can happen again and again that the tenant is wrong and does not deal properly with the business he is supposed to manage or care for. With a rental agreement, both parties have something in their hands. The individual conditions should always be fixed in writing, because only sufficient security exists. If you are not sure, then a lot can happen. The contract must also be signed by both parties.

The ownership can also be car hire. In this case, it is even more important to keep all the details accurate so that nothing is wrong. Ownership is an important issue that nobody should neglect. Information is always available from a lawyer. The possibilities are almost unlimited with the possession institution, whereby also a lot of safety measures can be taken. Such a right should always be granted. In no case should someone rent something without a contract. In this case, it is also impossible to determine the rules, and only the word of the other. If it does not hold on to it, it may become quite expensive. For all contracts one should have someone who is familiar with it. If you want to be absolutely sure to have noticed everything, you can make a good contract. This makes everything clear and you have something in your hand.

The property is a good thing if you plan to rent something. Usually, however, they are moving things. The items are then let for a certain time. It does not belong to the new owner. Even after a long time the new owner does not belong to the borrowed. It always remains with the original owner. These contracts can also be dissolved. They can be canceled at any time. It is important, however, that the contract is not relocated. Therefore one should also take care. If you buy something and pay it out on installments, you may already have seen the right of reservation. This fixes the basic conditions. In the case of the possession of the building, it is similar. You can only be the owner if a purchase contract has been concluded, which is also legally binding. Now should be acted quickly if a contract has been signed with reservation. No one has to accept this contract if it has been clearly designated as a possession institution in advance. Therefore, you should look more closely at all contracts and get a good deal of information.

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