The combi-trailer - a practical means of transport for a child

If the last third of a pregnancy is reached, many mother-to-be will become a real buying noise, and even today a suitable baby carriage is still one of the important purchases for the child. If you have not quite agreed with Bettenkauf, whether a cradle and a baby's bed are necessary, the abundance of different baby carriages will become a further challenge. If the mother needs to have a baby carriage for jogging today or is the traditional stroller a must. But also a so-called buggy for the child should be available. Now beats the hour of patents designer ideas and here can be the Kombikinderwagen simply be the best choice.

The combi-trailer - the patented 3in1 model

If the decision for the right pram in the oversized shopping world for toddlers is difficult, then one should take the pathetic alternative of a combined stroller. If the number of children desired is not limited to one or two children, the purchase of individual car models can also be worthwhile. But for the typical small family with a child, where the baby car is given away after the first or second child to the friends, it is worth a combined baby carriage. With its filling of components and conversion possibilities, it is favorable and functional, so that all three possible baby carriages can always be carried with them when traveling in the luggage compartment.

The combi-trailer - how can it be used

The combination car is usually a model with four wheels, in which the child can be the first option as a baby. In addition there is the possibility of attaching the baby bowl, which is practically also used in the car. If the child is bigger, then the stroller will be a few steps to the buggy and all this will still be crowned by many manufacturers, because the delivery is still one Diaper bag in the same hue. You can even find a rain cover, a foot cover or a bottle holder and help to make excursions with the child in a baby carriage a pleasure. If there is also a changing bag in the scope of delivery, then this should be converted into a changing mat underway. All this can be carried along for the trip and even the wrapping can be done easily and simply. The frame with four wheels and the large handle can be collapsed very well after use, so that the car will find its place without a baby tray or traction well in the trunk. Baby cups or trawls can be stored comfortably in the car on the seats, so that a baby can safely and peacefully make a nap.

The Kombikinderwagen - that should be considered at the purchase

If the combined stroller seems to be the best choice for many families, you should ask yourself before the purchase, but some questions, which help to avoid a purchase of the combi-van. The first thing to look at the family car was the question of whether a modern stroller in the Kombistyle would really fit into the trunk. If you are still driving through the area with your usual small car, you will get problems if you want to stow the stowed frame of the stroller in the trunk. In the modern family variant of a car fits this but best and so the family can quietly buy a combined stroller. Already your own living situation can play a role in the choice of a suitable baby car, because it is always about citizen dances or one has to choose the paths in rural region. But also the question of whether this baby car is also suitable for use of bus and train can be important in the purchase decision of the best combination car.

If you live in a higher floor and there is no elevator, how can you then the stroller again and again in the direction of the apartment drag. For this purpose, the suitable baby car has to be suitable for shopping with a child. Perhaps not only a child announces, but twins or even triplets are to be expected. Then the question arises, which baby car can now be the best choice so that all children can lie comfortably and be pushed by the mother without problems. And if the combined stroller becomes the buggy, then another question arises. For the child is now always to look at the mother and so sit or should have the same direction as the mother. The choice is also difficult for sporty mothers, although the choice of a standard three-wheeled jogging model for a running mother or a sporty father can be the standard model of a combined baby carriages. If you want to raise your child in rural idyll, the quality of the tires should be taken into account so that driving in the forest on the stick and stone does not lead to damage quickly.

The Kombikinderwagen - its many advantages

The first thing to mention is, of course, the favorable price, because if you would have to buy parts as a combined stroller, it would be much more expensive. In addition, you now have all parts in the same color. So can be used also blankets and pillows for the child, since one will find the same coloration for all components. If the child gets bigger, it is not necessary to buy a new baby carriage again and simply place another part on the frame. This saves costs and leaves the way for the purchase of other important things for the child, which are used according to age. Another advantage is the long service life of the baby car, with some manufacturers prescribing a weight up to 15 kg and connecting it with an age of the child of three to three and a half years. The great advantage is the many components that are included in the delivery, so even a diaper bag and other important things for the child are covered with the purchase of the baby carriage and do not have to be bought extra expensive.

The Kombikinderwagen - it can also have disadvantages

Unfortunately, only one rack is available in the combi-van model, so that the next child needs to be looked after for a new frame or a second combined baby car is purchased. The combined stroller is only for one child to buy. By constantly building and dismantling the stroller, wear damage can occur more quickly. The stroller is not a standard model, so that the attachments of other pram models will not necessarily fit into your own pram model. Since this is a model with four wheels, the sporty mother has to buy a jogging model with three wheels in any case. In all attachments, the child's direction of vision is directed towards the mother and can not be altered.

The combi-trailer - where to use it

A big problem for many young families is the stroller after use. If he is to be in the staircase, he must not be too big, and the fear of theft or vandalism may arise depending on the area of ​​the apartment. You should keep it steady in the 5. Floor because no elevator is available. The combi-trolley is folded very space-saving and is therefore easy to transport. In the end, however, it is often necessary to climb stairs until the child, then the shopping bags and the baby carriages are in the apartment. Better is the home, where the frame and construction just in the garage remains. Or it is just the rack here stowed and the child including baby tub or tragetasche with taken into the living area.

The modern combi-van - always pay attention to equipment and price

As with all products you can buy, the price is a decisive indication that a better processing is guaranteed. Now, things are convincing, as the constant folding of the frame does not lead to damage to the baby carriage after only a few months. A good suspension or the quality of the mattresses, everything can help a child in this baby car is particularly comfortable. In addition, there is the important reason that in a well-processed baby car there is no risk that if a child is trafficked by a heavy child and goods from shopping, the car suddenly fails to service and damages will be necessary. Especially the long use up to the kindergarten age makes it necessary that a stroller like this is always a very robust model. That is why it is always important to buy such a baby car that you are thinking about what kind of baby car you need. A comparison with the purchase of individual cars should therefore not only look at the price, but also the everyday benefits must be considered.

The Kombikinderwagen - a patent space saver for transporting a child

If you have decided to buy a combined baby carriages, your child can sit or lie comfortably here on all trips from childbirth to birth. A look at the assortment will surprise you, how versatile a combi-van can be and how many components it can have. This can mean that a good stroller of this kind will also cost 1000 Euro. A very useful gift if you are looking for grandparents as the first grandchild. In this case you should pay attention to an expensive and well-engineered model, because the normal stroller will be used just as it is, a combined model will be rebuilt very often and wear and tear may occur quickly if the material is not of high quality and the processing is poor. A worthwhile purchase for becoming parents, if all the ingredients for the parents are really useful.

Bestseller no. 1
Mountaineer Capri stroller 3 in 1 pram stroller Megaset 10 part including baby seat, carrycot, sports car and accessories
  • Huge children's set from Bergsteiger. This package leaves nothing to be desired and will accompany you and your child from infancy. Included are a baby carrier (for the car), a baby bath and a sports seat (buggy). The individual attachments can be changed in seconds. The ingenious design is easy to use. Because of the low weight and size you can stow this stroller very easily in the car.
  • Security has priority! With this combi-van you are always on the safe side. The mountaineer stroller fulfills the European safety standard EN1888. This specifies safety requirements with regard to materials, construction and stability. The baby tray also complies with the ECE 14 / 04 approval standard and therefore meets all quality and safety standards for child restraint systems.
  • Great colors - modern design. This mountaineer stroller is not only extremely versatile, it is also an absolute eye-catcher. The modern color design combined with the large air tires on the chrome rims provides a beautiful look.
  • Great price / performance ratio. The strollers of Bergsteiger offer exceptional equipment and quality at a fair price. It is not without reason that these prams are becoming increasingly popular. The response from other customers is extremely positive.
  • Top service - no risk. If something should not be according to your ideas, a competent team is always available to you after purchase. The procurement of wearing parts such as hoses or tires is no problem. This stroller will satisfy you - guaranteed!
OfferBestseller no. 2
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Bestseller no. 5
Stroller "Florida", 3 in 1 Combi stroller Megaset 8 part including baby seat, carrycot, sports car and accessories, certified according to the EN1888 safety standard
  • Very large delivery / This pram package leaves nothing to be desired and will accompany you and your child from the beginning. Included are a baby bath, baby seat (for your car) and a stroller (the baby bath can be converted into a sports seat, see photo).
  • Nice design / The stroller "Florida" is also an absolute eye-catcher. The modern aluminum look in combination with the big tires make for an impressive sight.
  • Safety to EN1888 / With our stroller you are on the safe side. The stroller "Florida" meets the European safety standard EN1888, which defines the safety requirements for prams by the EU.
  • Very good price performance ratio / Already during the development of the stroller, our focus is on the first drafts and our focus is on comfort, safety, appearance and at a very good price performance ratio.
  • Scope of supply: Car seat, carrycot with removable weather cover, sports seat, sunshade for baby seat, mosquito net, rain cape, diaper bag, stroller frame with adjustable handle
OfferBestseller no. 6
Clamaro 'CORAL 2018' Pram 3 in 1 Combi system (24 colors selectable) with baby bath, sport buggy and car baby shell (ISOFIX), aluminum steel frame with air tires and adjustable suspension Suspension, front with 360 ° swivel wheels and rear with EASY- STOP Brake indication
  • Clamaro 3 in 1 "Coral 2018" Combi Stroller Complete set System - consisting of compact aluminum steel child carrier frame (small collapsible), Sportbuggy attachment, baby bath attachment, ISOFIX capable baby car bowl of the group 0-0 kg) ECE R13 / 44 certified ISOFIX compatible with ISOFIX Base which can be purchased separately)
  • The foldable aluminum / steel construction of the combi-bogie frame has 360 ° swiveling wheels with locking function (for straight driving in the field), a height-adjustable push handle, a central EASY-STOP brake, adjustable suspension comfort suspension and a large shopping basket under the frame
  • Baby tub, baby car seat and baby buggy attachment can be inserted very easily and few handles, forward or backwards into the universal rack. All textiles used are Öko-Tex 100 standard certified, inside the baby tub CLAMARO uses high-quality hypoallergenic cotton fabric
  • Safety at CLAMARO: Sportbuggy attachment with padded 5-point seatbelt, detachable safety bar (fall protection), adjustable backrest and footrest. Robust and sturdy frame with central brake and air swivel wheels with locking function - All Clamaro children's strollers fulfill the EU safety standard EN 1888: 2004
  • CORN 3in1 Baby carriages Travelsystem Scope of delivery: Universal aluminum steel folding frame with large shopping basket / baby bath top with mattress and foot cover / Babybuggy attachment with winter footbag and removable safety clip / 0 + Winding pad / bottle holder
Bestseller no. 7
Circle Merano 4 All in One - Color: Woven Gray
  • ABC Design stroller 3 in 1 Set Merano 4 all in one
  • The ABC Circle series stroller with seat, bath, car seat and adapter
  • The 3 in 1 stroller set is sprung and has a generous sunscreen
  • The wheels are individually removable
  • Circle is the entry-level line of the brand manufacturer ABC Design stroller
Bestseller no. 8
+++ DISCOUNT Raff White Lux System stroller buggy stroller, car seat stroller system + diaper bag + rain cover + insect screen
  • Super light and high quality aluminum frame with a large and spacious reclosable luggage rack that offers plenty of space for your shopping
  • Best textiles according to Oeko-Tex-Standard 100 certified The 360 X ° rotating and lockable pneumatic wheels make the stroller particularly agile
  • 3in1 Modern Travel System - Carrycot, Sports Seat, Baby Carrier 0-10 kg The variably adjustable lying position ensures a good sleep for your child.Children's Car EN 1888: 2004 Safety approved Car Seat ECE 44-04 Safety approved
  • The compact folding system ensures easy folding and storage in the smallest space Thanks to the height-adjustable slider, the stroller can be individually adjusted to your body size
Bestseller no. 9
ABC Design pram Salsa 4 Air - Diamond Special Edition - including carrycot & sports seat - Asphalt indicator
  • BABY PAN FOR THE FIRST MONTHS: The foldable carry cot is the perfect sleeping place for newborns thanks to its mattress, protective blanket and ventilation window.
  • SPORTS CAR SEAT FOR SMALL CHILDREN: Comfortable seating unit with selectable viewing direction, reclining position, 5 point belt, protective bow and large hood. Perfect for sleeping and watching.
  • MANY BENEFITS FOR MOM AND PAPA: the height-adjustable slider (101-110 cm) is ideal for parents of different sizes. The large basket offers plenty of space for shopping. Folded small, the car fits in almost every trunk.
  • LUFTRÄDER FOR MORE DRIVING COMFORT: swiveling front wheels and 27 cm large rear wheels with profile make the full suspension salsa the perfect car for every trip.
  • ELEGANT & STYLISH: The Diamond Edition relies on noble highlights. Diamond seams on fine melange fabrics, large white-wall pneumatic tires and the shiny chrome frame set the car apart from the competition.
OfferBestseller no. 10
Besrey 3 pram in 1 3 complete set 1inXNUMX- Multi pram stroller baby stroller - sports car with red baby carshell indicator
  • 3 in 1 complete set consists of a carrycot, a sports seat and an infant carrier of group 0 + (0-13 kg), the supplied adapter ensures a firm and secure attachment of the shell to the frame
  • Manufactured according to EN 1888; 3-IN-1 SYSTEM: all attachments (carrycot and sports seat and carrycot) can be conveniently mounted in and against the direction of travel on the frame.
  • All-terrain wheels with four-wheel suspension are particularly agile, making it easy to avoid any obstacle in the city or on the ground. Rear wheels: approx. 27 cm; Front wheels: approx. 17 cm
  • Folded in seconds and opened by a two-handed folding mechanism, equipped with an extendable, extra-large sunshade with 50 + UV protection
  • With 56CM seat height from the ground, the sports car can also be used as a mobile highchair on the table. XXL lying surface (80cm * 39cm)
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