coconut oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil - a treat for the whole body

coconut oil has been used for years for internal and external application. Due to its valuable ingredients, the oil can alleviate or even cure many ailments. Science is still busy exploring the multiple modes of action of this extraordinary natural remedy.

Effect of the product

The coconut oil has many different uses due to the valuable ingredients. This contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lauric acid. Each of these active ingredients fulfills a certain effect in the body and thereby enables a broad spectrum of action. The oil can be applied to the skin for external use or even be taken.

Effect on the skin

Coconut oil is great for treating various skin problems. The oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and can therefore contribute to the fact that small inflammatory foci heal quickly in acne but also in atopic dermatitis. Lauric acid, one of the most important active ingredients of the oil, is able to kill any kind of bacteria, germs and viruses. In this way, the inflammation can be relieved quickly. The oil is gentle, so it can be applied even on sensitive areas of the skin, without causing unwanted side effects.
The product also helps in the care of healthy skin and can also be used in facial care. The oil can protect the skin from wrinkles and other changes. With its high-quality ingredients, it is always able to provide the skin with sufficient moisture. In addition, it forms a kind of protective layer, through which sensitive skin can be preserved from numerous environmental influences such as dry heating air, exhaust gases, cold and UV radiation. In this way you can keep a young appearance longer.
Gladly will coconut oil also used for lip care and looks more sustainable than any lip balm. The oil can be applied to the lips and supports the natural structure of the lip skin. The lips do not dry out and small cracks, which may have been caused by dryness, heal quickly. Due to the antibacterial effect of the oil and herpes blisters can be brought quickly to heal. Since this lip care works completely without chemical additives, it can also be used often, without damaging the lip skin.
Scalp and hair can also benefit from the oil of coconut. Many people who suffer from dandruff, hair loss or brittle and brittle hair know that cosmetic products often do little to remedy these problems. Coconut oil can simply be massaged into the scalp and flushed out after a short period of action. So you moisturize the hair and the vitamins contained in the oil provide new shine. By such a diet on Haarboden can be slowed in many cases, hair loss.
Another cosmetic application is coconut oil as a natural deodorant. The product nourishes the delicate skin of the armpits and odor-causing bacteria are destroyed. This prevents sweat odor without having to resort to chemically produced deodorants, which are often associated with cancer.

Internal application

Also, the consumption of coconut oil is indicated for many ailments. Lauric Acid is perfect for supporting the body's immune system. It is able to break down the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses and kill them. The body itself can not sufficiently produce lauric acid, and coconut oil is an ideal source for this important active ingredient. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties can even prevent the spread of herpes.
Various scientific studies have proven that coconut oil can be effective in serious illnesses. This includes, for example, Alzheimer's. Significantly fewer cases of Alzheimer's disease have been reported to occur in countries where this oil is used for cooking. It has already been proven that coconut oil can stop the disease and even have a healing effect. This effect relies on ketones, which can be provided by the coconut oil in the brain to convert glucose into energy.

Regular intake of coconut oil can also provide protection against cancer. The oil greatly increases the number of antioxidant enzymes in the body. These enzymes inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
Amazing is also the effect of coconut oil on Parkinson's disease. The same enzymes that prevent cancer growth also have a positive effect on the human nerve cells. Parkinson's and other degenerative nervous diseases can therefore be alleviated by the oil or a development can be avoided.

In what form can the product be bought?

coconut oil is solid when cold and liquefies only when added with heat. For most sellers, the product is available in glasses. Basically, one differentiates between refined and native coconut oil. In the refined version, the meat of the coconut is first dried. Then the oil is squeezed out of the dried meat. Subsequently, the product is refined by a chemical treatment so that odors and flavors can be removed. Thus, the coke meat used for this process does not necessarily have to be completely pure. Despite this process, the lauric acid is usually well preserved. However, caution should be taken when treating the refined oils with hydrogen. In such cases, trans fats can form that can raise cholesterol levels. Refined coconut oil is usually offered under the name "RBD".
In contrast, there are the native oils, which are also referred to as "VCO". These oils are obtained by gentle mechanical processes and must not be deacidified or deodorized. Most products of this type are produced by the so-called dry method. The coconut meat is first dried in the sun or in large industrial ovens. Thereafter, the oil is cold pressed without heat. Oil produced by this method contains little moisture and is therefore durable for years to come.
In the wet method, however, the fresh coconut meat is used. The coconut milk is pressed out of the meat without heat. There are several ways to separate the oil from the coconut milk afterwards. The best and gentlest kind of centrifugal method.

PureBIO coconut oil 1000ml (1L) for HAIR, SKIN and COOKING - coconut oil organic, native and cold pressedDisplay
  • From controlled organic cultivation from Sri Lanka
  • Suitable for frying, cooking and baking
  • Care product for hair and skin
  • Care product also for animals
  • Natural, native, cold pressed, raw food, organic, vegan

How do you recognize a high quality product?

Coconut oil is basically a high-quality natural product with many good properties. However, there are some important quality differences that are mainly related to the manufacturing method. If the oil has a yellowish color, it can be assumed that it has been produced under the influence of heat, as a result of which many active ingredients are lost. When shopping, one should first pay attention to the organic label, which confirms that only coconuts were used by cocos plantations managed according to ecological guidelines. Of particular value is often the oil produced by smallholder cooperatives. In addition, one should choose native oil, which was produced by the wet method and centrifuge technology. Furthermore, it is desirable that the oil contains only a small residual moisture so that the oil lasts longer.

Offers of high quality manufacturers

A high quality product is available from Mituso. The product that you see on the internet under the name

mituso organic coconut oil, native, 1er Pack (1 x 1000 ml) in the handle glass display
  • Mituso Organic Coconut Oil natively contains up to 53% lauric acid and caprylic acid up to 8%, capric acid up to 6,5%.
  • First-class organic quality from first cold pressing and controlled organic cultivation of small farms in Sri Lanka.
  • Raw food, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free, trans-fatty acid-free, unrefined, deodorized, hardened or bleached.
  • Our coconut oil is versatile, for frying and baking, for wok and stir-fry, spreads and sauces.
  • Also used in cosmetics for the skin and hair.
is produced from organic coconuts in small farms in Sri Lanka. The oil is produced by gentle cold pressing, so that all important ingredients are preserved. The product is 100 percent native coconut oilthat is free from any chemical additives.
Another excellent product is under the number
Ölmühle Solling organic coconut oil nativ in the handle glass 1000ml indicator
  • Highest premium quality from 1. Cold pressing - Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 100 percent of native coconut oil from certified organic farming / EC organic quality
  • Not refined, not hardened, not bleached, not deodorized - pressed from fresh pulp
  • Residue controlled by accredited specialist laboratories in Germany
  • VEGAN and lactose free, rich in lauric acid
offered by oil mill Solling. This product is also produced by organic coconuts from Sri Lanka. The product bears the organic seal and is native. The purity of the product is guaranteed by regular checks by independent laboratories in Germany.

The best products and their application in the video

The versatile mode of action of the coconut oil Even with serious illnesses, most people are always amazed. So it is quite interesting to listen to expert opinions on the topic. For example, youtube has a video that teaches you how to better understand the effects of oil on the brain and other bodily functions.

The new trend to use the oil for the treatment of dementias such as Alzheimer's is explained and also presented understandable to the layman.

Although the results obtained from scientific studies on the properties of coconut oil and their effect on serious diseases are astonishing, a large number of people are interested in the cosmetic effect of the oil. In the YouTube video you can get a quick overview of how the product can be used.
Of course, it is important in internal as well as external application to buy a quality product.

The latest research

The results so far with studies on the subject Kokosöl encourage scientists to research further possible uses. In 2016, for example, the effect of the oil on colorectal cancer was investigated in a study. This cancer is one of the most common cancers in both men and women. The study was conducted by American scientists from the University of Adelaide and published in the Cancer Research Journal. The lauric acid contained in coconut oil was able to destroy 90 percent of the colon cancer cells within two days. Despite the lack of resources to carry out these studies on living organisms, the discovery is considered groundbreaking in the search for gentle methods of cancer treatment. The study is also supported by studies conducted on animals at the Coconut Research Center in the State of Colorado. It has been shown that cancer cells do not continue to grow in animals receiving an addition of this oil.
Coconut oil also brings relief to chemotherapy patients. It has been proven that daily intake of coconut oil can curb the often serious side effects that usually accompany such therapy.
The lauric acid contained in the oil is now considered the great hope in cancer research, justifying the assumption that by consuming the product, one can protect oneself to some extent from the onset of cancer.

Advantageous purchase on the Internet

If you coconut oil in your diet, or want to use for beauty care, you have excellent opportunity on the Internet to buy the product. There is a much larger selection offered, such as in the bio shop. So you can look at the individual product descriptions at your leisure and find a truly high-quality product in which the important active ingredients are unchanged. You can also view product comparisons and tests and find out from which country of origin the products come from. Bio-seals and independent controls are available for each product and continue to help you find a premium grade oil. Another advantage of buying on the Internet is that in most cases you can save on purchase compared to the bio store or health food store. In addition, it is of course pleasant to check the products on your own schedule on the computer and then just give an order. So you not only save money, but also time.


The composition of cold pressed, biological coconut oil is extraordinary and makes this product a gift of nature that can positively affect the body in many ways. The oil consists of 92 percent of saturated fatty acids, which are an important source of energy for the body. 62 percent of these are medium-chain fatty acids, in which lauric acid also plays a major role. This is of paramount importance for maintaining the immune system. In a similar concentration, lauric acid is found only in breast milk. Studies have shown that lauric acid and caprylic acid, which is also present in coconut oil, are able to kill bacteria, viruses and other germs that cause diseases such as throat infections, cystitis, rheumatic inflammation, pneumonia, meningitis, genital infections, gastric ulcers and cause many other ailments. Also fungal infections or viral infections such as herpes and measles can be cured by the oil.
You can add the oil to your diet in a variety of ways. It can be heated up to 177 ° C without forming free radicals. Therefore, you can use it well for cooking and baking. With its pleasant taste, it is also suitable for salads. The oil can also be taken directly, which is especially recommended in case of illness. In addition, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil can also be used for external wound care and skin care.


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