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For great time and work relief, the ironing station, The difference to the usual iron is therefore very clear. Housewife and housekeeper know well how important smooth ironed clothes in the professional life and the free time is. Smooth ironed textiles stand for a neat appearance. However, before deciding on a model, it is advisable to get a better idea of ​​our information Ironing stations close.

What is an ironing station?

From one ironing station is spoken when an iron and an additional base station can be found. So that the steam is generated continuously, ensures a integrated boiler in the base station for this claim. Unlike other irons, the hot water generated in the boiler is passed through a hose. This is at one ironing station the iron from lighter weight and joints, So ironing is a much less strenuous affair for you. Constant refilling of ironing is also eliminated. With a considerable amount of ironing, you will notice the many benefits of an ironing station quickly, and you will not want to miss it after the first use.

Well-known manufacturer of Steam irons work constantly on improvements and innovations, thereby the advantages become even clearer. The technology is constantly on the rise here and lets previous irons take a back seat.

If the purchase involves higher costs at first, they will soon pay off for you. You save energy and time, but ironing with the lighter iron is less demanding.

The operation is easily explained

Sense is when ironing one high smoothing effect to achieve. Thanks to a very good technology, this is made possible by an ironing station. The generated hot steam (about 4,5 - 6 bar) is led out of the steam nozzles. These are distributed on the soleplate of the iron. The steam is spread on the textiles, at the same time dried by the great heat of the iron. In this process can be with respect to the smoothing very impressive results achieve.

The convincing advantages of an ironing station

Ironing can take a considerable amount of time and energy, especially if the Ironing amount constantly as much is to classify. With an ironing station you save this and may over additional free time looking forward. These models are very comfortable and ergonomic in the hand hold. Any textiles, even coarse or thick, will be smooth without much effort - and if necessary only freshened up, With normal irons the steam does not enter the fabrics so effectively because they lack the immense pressure. Since not all fibers tolerate the same temperature, this can be easily controlled at an ironing station. Important for very delicate textiles such as silk, polyester and velvet. An important advantage is also that easy filling with water.

Basically, the ironing result of these models convinced. The results are significantly better and that lighter weight of the iron convinces quickly. Thus, even after ironing a large laundry mountain, you do not have to complain so quickly about pain and fatigue.


From the difference of the ironing station to a conventional iron, you benefit significantly. Thanks to the high pressure you can smooth even several layers of textiles at the same time. The effective pressure is created in the water boiler.

Consider the purchase decision

Do not buy yourself a foolish one ironing station, A wrong purchase decision would constantly disturb you and cause trouble during use. Certainly you expect longevity, but as well good value for money, Certainly the claim must be to one ironing station appropriate to the service to be provided. If you only iron one or two garments every now and then, your claim will not be that high. However, iron a lot and often, you should get one accordingly powerful model choose. Decisive is also what exactly you want to iron. Very coarse textiles demand a high level of smoothing performance from a station, as opposed to more delicate fabrics. In order for coarse to be smooth by water vapor, a high pressure must be present. That's the only way you can iron over after ironing smooth textiles looking forward.

Choose environmentally conscious

In the extensive assortment of Steam irons find one or the other interesting extra. So are models with Energy or eco-saving functions to find, as for example in the Tefal GV5245 steam ironing station Easycord Pressing. This can partially save almost a fifth of energy, which can add up naturally with frequent use quite nicely. The investment for such a ironing station is certainly worthwhile for the sake of the environment.

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Plan space requirements

Do not forget to clean up before buying. Not always ironed, so your desired model needs a place where it can be stored. The dimensions are very different, but must be determined before buying. Do not forget the weight of the station! In the meantime, manufacturers offer models that do not require a lot of space to store.

Renamed manufacturers

Almost every renowned manufacturer of home appliances has as well Ironing stations in his program. In Germany, AEG, Siemens, Tefal, Rowenta and Philips are among the best-known manufacturers. Here, the buyer has the ideal opportunity to choose products specifically to his requirements. This is how it works larger water tank For example, auspicious if larger amounts of ironing are incurred. The frequency of the required filling of the water tank decreases and saves time. Other features may be found in the different nature or shape of the iron or the soleplate. So the devices are different good for special requirements, for example for the ironing of shirts.


So you do not have to descale so often worth the use of distilled water. Also useful is the use of filtered water from the line.

Buy online or at the dealer?

First of all, the decision to buy a particular ironing station Please, ask yourself where you could buy your dream model. You have the choice between the purchase at the dealer, but also the Internet offers you the opportunity to make the purchase. In the past, the local dealer was the only choice Online purchase strongly in focus. Not unfounded, because the arguments speak strongly for the purchase on the Internet.

The purchase at the dealer

The advantages of making a purchase at the local dealer are quickly explained. You can look at the model directly and take it with you immediately after purchase. Unfortunately you usually do not find such a large selection of different stations at a dealer. Likewise, here are the very attractive bargain prices rather rare. Most traders go down a few bucks with the price, but with massive savings you can not expect more here. Sometimes sellers try to promote the existing models as particularly good. Negative are also the approach, parking space, travel costs and fixed opening times when buying a dealer to notice. Not always competent consultants are available for you. If so, you often have to wait with patience until someone has time for you. Long lines form, and patience is put to the test. Working people are limited in time by the opening hours. Valuable free time is lost.

Convenient to buy on the Internet

real Bargain on the other hand, you will find most of them Online sellers, Here can be found in the search really attractive offers. Ironing stations You can find it here in a very large selection and you have the free choice. Of course you are very welcome on the internet good product descriptions to disposal. It is also good to be able to buy 24 hours a day, so opening hours will not put you under time pressure. You avoid the unpleasant situations when buying a dealer locally. Professionals appreciate this fact. The online purchase is cheap and associated with much time savings. Customer reviews are very informative for you through the objectivity. These reviews provide information on how functional and practical the models are in everyday use. On the Internet, you will find competent advice from many providers, by telephone or even in chats. Via e-mail the questions can be clarified very well as well.

Safe handling of hot steam

Thanks to the know-how of the manufacturer Ironing stations Do not present any hazards in the household, as long as you comply with the manufacturer's code of conduct. Against burns of dripping water drops, ensures, for example, in some devices the Drip stop, By the steam regulation keep control as a user. For a long time refilling the water is no longer a danger, as the openings for filling have a pleasant size. Ideal is also a so-called Automatic shutdownwhich knows how to present itself relatively quickly when not in use. It is always important to provide the ironing station with a secure and wobbly stand. Do not experiment here, if need be matching ironing board be purchased.


Basically, when ironing, always pay attention to children and pets. As a matter of fact, a small child's hand can quickly go in the direction of the iron out of curiosity. Cats and dogs do not know how dangerous the heat can be for them. Please be a bit overcautious here!

Do you need a suitable ironing board?

So you really get the results of your ironing station In any case, a matching ironing board is required. You should pay great attention to the stability because this is a safety factor for accident-free ironing. New ironing boards often have the power they need, but play it safe. Of course, it is not a duty to buy an ironing board when purchasing a station. However, if you have concerns, you should opt for a new ironing board. Your ironing station must have enough space on the ironing board so that it can stand securely and firmly. Keep in mind that most of the time a practical model is larger than a regular iron. Basically, the water tank is the main factor that determines the weight. The more water there is in it, the harder it gets. Not every commercial ironing board can deal with such a load stable. If your ironing board broke down and collapsed, this accident could result in injury and damage. Therefore, please do not let the stability of your ironing board fade into the background!

Who benefits from an ironing station?

The ironing activity takes a lot of time for larger quantities of ironing. If there are still hard-to-iron garments in the laundry basket, ironing is often postponed. Sooner or later this will lead to a huge mountain ironing. If you are one of those people who can not accept a single wrinkle-fold, ironing becomes a forceful act. A ironing station will surely be the solution for you. It can save a lot of time, because this ironing miracle stands for time savings and efficiency. After ironing it is easy to see for what good results these ironing models are. Even hard-to-iron textiles are smooth and wrinkle-free with these technical wonders. Also for brush up already worn clothes can be reported by these devices only good. Multi-ply materials, fine and delicate textiles also benefit from the damp and hot steam. Practical is the Adaptability to different tissues, For example, if you want to iron a silk blouse or a polyester nightgown, just reduce the heat and steam. Robust materials such as linen and cotton, on the other hand, can handle more power Dampfbügelstation.

A ironing station for the following claims:

  • A constant demand for wrinkle-free clothing and other textiles.
  • The desire for time savings and more free time.
  • The claim to be able to save energy while ironing.

Basically, a dress without wrinkles for an attractive and well-groomed people, regardless of gender, age or occupation. Crumpled textiles give the impression of carelessness, which creates a negative image not only in everyday working life. In professional life, many people are in the public, have customer contact and represent a company, so on well-kept clothes must be observed.

Maintain proper maintenance

As one ironing station hardly has any mechanical components, the effort of a regular maintenance is low. Of course, the quality of the device plays a big role. Good equipment can perform for years without significant maintenance. But as with almost all devices that come in contact with water, here is a weak point. Tap water can be regionally very different. Especially the values ​​of the water hardness vary extremely. The reason for this is mainly the lime content in drinking water. Lime has the property of settling. Thus stubborn encrustations can arise, which the ironing station sooner or later impair their function. Nozzles or hoses can become clogged by this deposit, resulting in reduced performance or total failure.

To determine the water hardness test strips are available, which manufacturers partially the ironing station enclose. They are also available separately and are recommended for regions where the water hardness is unknown or varies widely. Basically, there is also a lot of information about the water quality of the drinking water supplier. This can be based on the water hardness already recognize if one descaling be carried out at longer or shorter intervals. Some manufacturers also directly supply certain agents or additives to prevent calcification. The alternative would be to use distilled water, which some manufacturers even dictate. Even households, which have their drinking water in the house installed decalcification system win, are clearly in the advantage here.

After using the ironing station This should be rinsed briefly, ideally with distilled water. There should be no water in the tank or pipe, because if the water evaporates, the lime or other debris will remain. Similarly, bacteria can quickly form in stagnant water. If descaling is required, follow the instructions of the manufacturer, otherwise the warranty may be voided. When cleaning the must ironing station be disconnected from the mains and be sufficiently cooled. Some manufacturers provide their devices with a Kalkablass screw, which makes the descaling easier. In the operating instructions, the manufacturer often offers its own descaling agents or makes recommendations. Positive is the Calc-Clean function as in the Philips GC7715 / 80 FastCare Steam Ironing Station

Alternatively, available in stores universal descaling agent to disposal. During maintenance, attention must be paid to the power cord. Especially with older devices defects can occur over time. The cable and connector must not be damaged.

Philips GC7715 / 80 FastCare steam ironing station 2,2 l Water tank 5,5 bar Pump pressure gauge
  • Removable XXL 2,2 liter water tank
  • 2.400 Watt max. Performance, up to 5,5 bar pressure, voltage: 220 to 240 V
  • Constant steam output of up to 120g / min, powerful steam boost of up to 250 g / min
  • Silence function for silent ironing
  • SteamGlide ceramic soleplate ensures optimal wrinkle smoothing

The alternative: steam iron

Basically, a steam iron is significantly smaller than an ironing station. It does not need much space to store and is priced significantly cheaper. However, since it has integrated the water tank, you quickly notice the higher weight when ironing. At the ironing station, however, the water tank is not directly in the iron, so you can look forward to a lower weight. Those who iron for a long time will notice that as relief in their wrists. For the steam ironing station speaks the enormous pressure, because this smoothes fibers without effort. Basically, a steam iron is not an equivalent alternative to an ironing station.

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