beard trimmer

beard trimmer

A beard trimmer is a Musthave - no matter whether it is a three-day beard or full beard.

The beard is a trend that continues throughout the year and is adopted by men of all ages. Like the woodcutters, some men can grow their beards - this is easy and requires no further action. It is not easy to control the growth.

Usually, bearded men want to have their beard groomed and tidy. The only possibility of a well-groomed beard is the right beard care, ie the commitment, the right care means and: a beard trimmer. The body hair is closely linked to the image of a strong man and reflects to a certain extent your personality. A beard emits so many positive vibrations. Trust, wisdom, courage, strength. Women find beards attractive.
But maintaining the shape and appearance of your beard is more than just boasting. Before you want to use a beard trimmer you have to consider how the beard should look in the future. If you want to see the classic 5 watch shadows (bearded, which you can admire at 17: 00 clock in the face when you are in the morning) or you want to look like Zach Galifianakis, who is better than Alan Gartner from the movie Hangover is known? Skin care? Beard hair care?
Every man should know how important it is to cut the beard regularly, because most of the benefits are in appearance, some things can make your beard look bad and unkempt. Examples:
Facial hair is prone to scaly skin. Especially in the case of dark hair types, the skin cells are more visible and stick to the beard over time.
More hair = more skin irritation

Microbiologists have found that in beards many bacteria are found that are comparable to the bacteria that we normally find in the toilet! Under the beard, the skin fat can lead to acne in conjunction with other skin diseases.
Look for the right model that best fits your face profile. Take the time to search and run a bit of research. A good beard trimmer is a vote of functions, application profile and the price you are willing to pay. And like every care product, there are several crucial factors - pros and cons - which play a big role in choosing your trimmer.
Quality: The goal is to buy a beard trimmer, where you have a long time from. Look for models whose blades are made of stainless steel with a firm grip control.
With cord or cordless: some traditionalists prefer the extra power and the infinite juice from the socket. While others enjoy the portability and convenience of a wireless model for themselves. Everyone has to decide which type he belongs to.

Dry Wet trimming

No matter whether dry or wet. Each trimming has the same advantages. Nevertheless, it is quite handy to switch between wet and dry.
Length settings: Short, medium or long? Smooth or stubble? A trimmer with different length options can help you achieve the look you want.
Versatility: Ear trimmer or trimmer with vacuum system. Make your experience with the extra features.

What to look for when purchasing a beard trimmer?

Keep these things in mind when choosing your beard trimmer:

  • Power - More power means more torque, which means that more mustaches are trimmed in one pass.
  • Battery life - comfort comes with a long battery life and charging time.
  • Practical - Practical is a beard cutter, which is washable and saves you time. Or can be switched to double voltage when traveling internationally.
  • Easy to clean - The best trimmers have removable cutting heads that can be removed and cleaned, which helps you keep a sterilized cutting blade.

All of the above criteria provide a general rough idea of ​​how to make a smart purchase decision. Ask yourself how or where you will use your trimmer. In the shower? To trim other body regions?

Philips Series 7000 Vacuum Bartschneider BT7220
Best for: Clean and tidy trim
What you should know: The blades are "ready for maintenance" and no oiling is required - at least for a few months.

Philips Series 7000 vacuum beard cutter with 3 day beard function BT7090 / 32, black
  • Integrated vacuum system is used for collecting cut-off beard hair
  • Contours provide a precise and even result
  • 18 adjustable lengths, from 1 mm to 18 mm via the Philips ZoomWheel
  • Lithium-ion battery with 75 Min. Cutting time at 1 Std. Charging time
  • Scope of delivery: Bartschneider, 1 comb comb attachment, 1 detail comb attachment, 1 cleaning brush, 1 storage pouch

Conclusion: Super stylish, super powerful, the Philips Vacuum Barttrimmer BT7220 is a caring "flagship". A specially developed vacuum system catches the trimmed hair in the handle of the device. This makes a quick and easy disposal possible. Keep your floor and wash basin clean. The adjustable blade works perfectly when trimming different bar styles. She glide gently over the face without pulling the hair. By gentle gliding, the trimmer reduces inflammation and skin irritation. The long-lasting blade comes without additional oiling. Even a cleaning under running water does not matter to the blade. The older model BT7090 also has a turbo button. This increases the blade and suction speed to cut thicker hair with faster precision. Up to 20 Lock-In Length settings are available, starting with 0,5 mm and up to 10 mm for modern "Vikings". The great battery performance is another feature of this trimmer. With a single charge of an hour, the beard trimmer 80 minutes can be used for wireless use.

Philips Series 7000 vacuum beard trimmer BT7220 / 15, black / silver indicator
  • Integrated vacuum system is used to capture cut-off beard hair and ensure a clean bath
  • Patented DualCut technology to cut beard hair with the stainless steel blades even more effectively
  • 20 adjustable lengths, from 0,5 mm to 10 mm via the Philips ZoomWheel
  • Easy cleaning thanks to completely washable blades, 80 minutes of battery life
  • Scope of delivery: beard trimmer, precision tweezers, 2 datacard covers, storage bag, cleaning brush

Brown BT5090
Best for: Beard styling
What you should know: The powerful dual battery system allows 50 minutes of powervolles trimming. Conclusion: One of the newer models on stage, Braun's newcomer offers a gorgeous and sleek premium look that can easily be confused with one of the company's award-winning electric razors. The Braun BT5090 beard trimmer comes with an ultrasound blade, the 25 precise settings therefore offer. The precision wheel provides settings from 0,5mm to 25mm. Trim at the highest setting provides a bushy beard. Maintenance is simple: rinsing the blades under running water removes debris and hair effortlessly. The battery life remains the greatest attribute because the device has a special dual battery system that provides enough power for a trim from an 5-minute quick charge. One hour is equivalent to 50 minutes cordless cutting. The slide and style function is also useful for styling edges.

Braun beard trimmer / beard trimmer BT5090, with 25 length settings, incl. Precision trimmer, charging station and case, silver indicator
  • Perfect trimming and styling. Bartschneider and Barttrimmer for a great look: precise length and sharp contours
  • With 25 length adjustments, the Bart Trimmer provides reliable and repeatable results with consistent precision
  • Lifetime sharp blades for precise hair cutting
  • Powerful dual battery system for 50 minutes trimming
  • Hair dryer is fully washable for convenient cleaning under running water

Panasonic ER-GB40-S
Best for: Sensitive skin types
What you should know: The masculine design complements its powerful engine
Conclusion: Showers and shaving can be poison to your beard trimmer if you are not clinging to the ER-GB40-S. A special cleaning window makes facial cleansing easier and enables the trimmer to immerse completely in water. The blade system is precision ground in an acute 45 degree angle. This simplifies trimming and beard care. The grip control is unfortunately underestimated for all beard trimmers. Many trimmers use a plastic handle, which is easier to clean but does not offer the necessary support. The Panasonic ER-GB40-S comes with an ergonomic, rubberized grip. It is therefore well placed in the hand. Due to the balanced weight and the maximum control this trimmer glides over your facial hair. Although the motor power is lower than that of the competition, it generates sufficient force to make the beard uniform and to support it. The ER-GB40 S has 19 different length settings, which are programmed to trim short fuzz and long beards. The classic nickel-metal hybrid battery provides power for about 50 minutes with an 15 hour charge.

Found my trimmer. Now it can start

With trimming yes - what about the care? As initially written, your beard is a natural trap for all types of dirt and bacteria. To a beautiful beard also belongs the care with a corresponding Bartöl. Furthermore, a beard comb in the reporter of every bearded man should not be missing. Like a good beard trimmer, haircuts should not be missing in the cupboard. They support the care and make the hair smoother and healthier.

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