Wednesday, january 22, 2020


The world is full of adventure ... and dangers. Especially when the youngest begin to explore their world. Sometimes they are so nimble that parents can hardly follow them. Particularly exciting is the crawling age, when the little ones are suddenly so mobile that they make the whole house unsafe. While you are inattentive for a moment, it is often already seen: A loud bang and rattling, the vase falls to the ground. Over such a small misfortune you will look without a big whirl and place the next vase in a safe place. But there are far more difficult situations that one does not want to imagine in detail. This is why parents are well advised to deal with the issue of safety in the house as early as possible

Polizeiauto at the roadside
inflatable armbands

arm floats

At the earliest at the beginning of the next, summer bathing season, the children want to jump into the cool water. Whether swimming pool, bathing lake, swimming pool or paddling pool, the water ...

baby monitors

Baby monitors - for more safety in the cradle Hardly a mother is not afraid that something could happen to the baby in the nursery if it happens ...

Booster seat

The seat height is on everyone's lips and should be in the car to ensure that children are properly strapped and elevated in the vehicle sit. Because...
Boy in child seat

Child seats

More safety for babies and children with matching child seats The safety in the car is a priority. Whether in the holiday season, on the way to shopping or ...