Quadcopter drone with 4K video and photocamera

Quadrocopter are now among the most popular radio-controlled model airplanes. Originally still the remote-controlled helicopters assigned, they now have their own division as Multicopter caused. Multicopter stands for one flight model, which has more than two mounted in a plane down-facing rotors. In detail, this generic term also includes:

  • Tricopter with three rotors
  • Quadrocopter with four rotors
  • Hexacopter with 6 rotors
  • Octocopter with 8 rotors

Aircraft models with an even higher number of rotors are so far reserved for self-construction or future developments, which then complement this list accordingly.

Quadrocopter There are very different designs and price ranges, so beginners and professionals can find a suitable model in the market for themselves. While most Quadrocopter are designed for an outdoor flight, there are also smaller ones Indoor models, which can be flown outdoors only in calm weather.

What is a quadrocopter?

Similar to a helicopter needed Quadrocopter no wings to gain buoyancy through airflow. A flight is made possible by down-directed propellers, thereby also vertical take-off and vertical landing are possible. Compared to helicopters requires one Quadrocopter but hardly any mechanical components, for example adjustable rotor blades or swashplates. Also eliminates a tail rotor, which at a Helicopter is needed for balancing the torque transfer to the chassis. On Quadrocopter has opposite rotors to compensate for the torque. Flight, position and movements are only achieved by speed changes of the individual engines, which Quadrocopter especially for Beginners recommended although they have all the control features of a helicopter.

How does a remote-controlled quadrocopter work?

On a chassis are four booms on which the four electric motors are mounted with their rotors at the required distance from each other. Partially (depending on the model), a gear between motors and rotors may be interposed. Two pairs of rotors run in opposite directions, which compensates the torque and creates a relatively stable attitude. Flight movements can be achieved by changing the engine speeds. Some models use as in Helicopters gyrosto stabilize the independent attitude. at quadrocopters the flight weight is distributed to the four rotors. This can be compared to a helicopter smaller engines and rotors are used. This allows a robust constructionwhich reduces damage to the models in the event of a crash. Also allow Quadrocopter a high load capacity, so that they are often additionally equipped with cameras, for example. The manageable flight characteristics of the Quadrocopter has also made it interesting for purposes other than hobby model flying. They are used, for example, for surveillance and transport flights. In addition to the drive unit need Quadrocopter of course the usual components of remote-controlled models:

  • Power supply (battery)
  • receiver unit
  • Radio remote control transmitter
  • landing gear
  • Speed ​​governor
  • GPS system


Before buying a quadrocopter, think about where you want to and want to let it fly. It is important to note the regulations for quadrocopters (drones).

The GPS system

By the Global Positioning System (GPS) one can Quadrocopter, for example the Revell Control RC GPS Quadcopter, perform additional functions. For example, it will stay in place when the joystick is released. In addition, the GPS can also be used to let a model advised from the transmission range return again. Some models allow automatic follow-up of the transmitter or preset navigation points. Telemetry data such as speed, altitude, position, state of charge of the power supply are often transmitted.

Revell Control RC GPS Quadcopter with FPV Full HD Camera, remotely controlled with GHz remote control with display for live stream & telemetry, up to 20 min flight time, follow me, coming home, NAVIGATOR 23899 indicator
  • with GPS system (Position Hold and Coming Home) and Follow Me function
  • Full HD camera (1.080p) - Recording via micro SD-HC card to 64 GB (card not included) - Live image via remote control display
  • Brushless motors and 2 speed levels with flip function
  • 4 channel 2,4 GHz remote control system (switchable mode 1 / Mode 2)
  • stable flight through 6 Axis gyro system, headless mode, height sensor - including LED lighting and replacement rotors

The radio remote control

The radio remote control meets primarily in one Quadrocopter the same requirements as with all remote-controlled models. With it all functions can be controlled by radio. There are different control channels available. Depending on the functionality of the model, 4 to 6 channels or more are needed. The frequency ranges of the radio remote controls are 27 MHz, 35 MHz (only approved for model aircraft) 40 MHz and 2,4 GHz. Especially the newer 2,4 GHz remote controls are characterized by high reliability. If the model is equipped with a camera that sends the images via radio in real time to a receiver, make sure that the radio signals of the transmitter and the camera do not interfere with each other. For example, there are wireless cameras that use the 5,8 GHz range for transmission. There are complete sets in which the radio camera with receiver is already included. Often they even have a small display in the radio remote control, or at least allow the connection of a display.

The receiver unit

Suitable for the transmitter, a receiver is required. It processes the received control signals and passes them on to the components, for example the speed controllers of the motors. The receiver must have the appropriate number of channels for each function and use it over the same frequency range and transmitter channel of the radio remote control. In older radio remote controls, a channel change is effected by changing plug-in quartz (transmitting and receiving quartz).

The speed controller

To regulate the speed of the electric motors speed controllers are required as with other electric models Quadrocopter according to the 4 engines four pieces. By operating the joystick on the remote control, the speed controller connected to the receiver then regulate the speed of the individual rotors or the associated electric motors. Also gyroscopes can be used to stabilize the speed controller Quadrocopter drive.

The electric motors

Because of the efficiency will be at quadrocopters frequently Brushless motors used. They achieve very high speeds and are relatively wear-resistant compared to brush motors. Internal combustion engines are generally only used by professional model manufacturers for larger models. Compared to electric motors, they are louder, generate exhaust gases and require a gasoline mixture that is flammable and toxic.

The batteries

The required power for Quadrocopter deliver Accumulators (rechargeable battery), It refers to rechargeable energy storage, The big advantage is compared to batteries, they do not have to be renewed as soon as they are empty. Batteries are also preferably used in the radio remote controls to reduce costs there. However, a rechargeable battery and a charger is required, which is often already included in the sets.

Different types of quadrocopters

Depending on size, equipment and intended use, there are different types and models of the trade Quadrocopter to disposal. Choose the ideal model for yourself. We'll help you!

Quadrocopter (mini quadrocopter) for indoor use

Similar to the small one Mini helicopters there is also Mini Quadrocopter, They are particularly suitable for flight in spacious rooms, halls or even in the cold, even for outdoor use. They are very small and light. The low weight does not pose such a great challenge to the engines, which is why very small and energy-saving engines can be found. But they are very vulnerable to wind and can not be controlled anymore - or only very badly. Their low price and their easy handling make Mini Quadrocopter ideal for children, beginners or beginners. Due to its low weight, damage to the model and furnishings in the event of a fall is significantly lower. In terms of price, they are in the range between 20 and 70 Euro, such as the Archer Skytech M62 Mini Quadcopter.

Archer Skytech M62 Mini Quadcopter 4CH 6 Axis Gyro Drone 2.4GHz Remote Control Indicator
  • Compact and lightweight design. With LED lights it is possible to fly at night.
  • The 6 Axis system allows the quad to be started by hand.
  • Stable: 6-Axis Gyro Quad-Rotorcraft Flight, strong stability, easy to implement different flight movements Stronger Wind Resistance, easier to control.
  • 2.4 technology adopted for anti-interference. Even multiple quadcopters can fly at the same time without interfering with each other.
  • Rechargeable high-performance battery, you can enjoy a lot of flight fun.

Quadrocopter for outdoor use

Higher weight and stronger engines are included quadrocopters available for the flight outdoors. You have a clear one more stable attitude and can not be easily disturbed by wind, whereby strong gusts are of course also clearly perceived with these models. There is for this type of Quadrocopter also still inexpensive entry-level models, whereby the price with the size and the equipment (for example, camera system) can also quickly rise to several thousand euros for ambitious hobby pilots. Similar to other remote-controlled models, it comes also to the scope of delivery. Most Quadrocopter be in complete Sets (RTF "ready to fly") delivered with all required components. The integrated camera systems often have the choice of image quality or resolution. Some models offer one HD resolution, other deliveryn 4K quality. With the camera systems, there is still the difference whether the images are transmitted in real time, for example on a display or FPV glasses, or stored on a memory card for later evaluation of the images. By a Real-time transmission of images is a control of the model based on the received image information possible, it is practically controlled as if the pilot sat in the Quadrocopter, The name is for it FPV what kind of "First person view" stands. In connection with FPV also a GPS system is mostly used. This allows further functions. By the GPS system, which is also used in navigation systems, can the Quadrocopter orient or navigation data can be transmitted. By means of this telemetry, for example, position or current altitude can be read off. Some models can even return automatically when leaving the transmission range, which increases the security very much, especially if long distances with the Quadrocopter be covered. Another feature offered by some models thanks to the GPS system. Here the transmission signal is automatically followed. For example, if the "pilot" is on a hike from his Quadrocopter filming.

The advantages

Surely you will be with one Drone with camera unlikely to have much fun. Being able to look at nature from a bird's-eye view is not only a pleasure for nature lovers. Much of what is otherwise hidden can be viewed from above. With the popular FPV quadrocopter (first-person view) that is easily possible. The advantage is the easy operation, this is basically the case for models for outdoor and indoor use.

Quadrocopter can also be used for commercial purposes. For example, you can use them to monitor your property, find damage to buildings and keep an eye on commercial property. For monitoring and control, high-quality models prove to be ideal helpers. Do not forget the legal situation, because data protection and flight safety are always in the foreground when using a drone.


Models with camera support different output devices of the image material. Thus, a display on the remote control, a display glasses or even a connection for a display can be provided.

The entry-level models

Are you still inexperienced with flying one Quadrocopter, recommends a cheaper model for the first hours of flight, especially if children want to use it. The manoeuvrable and small models for interiors promise a lot of fun for all ages. Disadvantages of Entry-level models are some missing special features, limited flight times and a lack of camera equipment, but they also provide outdoors for a great recreational fun. They are extremely easy to fly and the price is cheap. Already for about 90, - Euro you will find a very well functioning to get started Quadrocopter before.


Decide before buying if a pure indoor model is desired. Outdoors, absolute calm is required for a flight.

Buying on the Internet or at the local dealer?

It is ideal before buying one Quadrocopters on the Internet to inform. Here you will find a large selection of products incl. Information. The decision where to buy your desired model you should always think well, because the prices here show great differences between online retailers and local retailers. We hope to help you with our information.

On site: models from the specialist trade

Model-making shops are not necessarily found in your area, so a longer journey would be necessary. Of course this is associated with additional costs and time. Especially annoying, if not even parking is available nearby. For some buyers, however, this does not matter because they value expert advice - the personal consultation. Unfortunately, these consultations are not always positive for the customer, as some sellers try to sell the stock drones, which are certainly not always true test winner. Many a shop keeper is represented as a top model. Bargains are hard to find in specialist shops. Models that are offered by discounters, usually only a short time for the fun.

On the Internet: Buy from the online retailer

Buy yours Quadrocopter on the internet, you can shop without restrictions. Around the clock Doors open to this shopping world, even daily. You will certainly discover cheaper prices and a huge selection of different models. Directions, stress and additional costs are saved when you buy on the Internet. Of course it is not possible to use the drone immediately, but they are Delivery times low and worth a wait. A personal consultation does not take place, but this is not fundamentally objective and customer friendly. To a Return Policy You do not have to do without when buying online.

Advantages of quadrocopters to remote-controlled aircraft and helicopters

A Quadrocopter develops its buoyancy through the propellers (rotors). Compared to airplanes, which generate the lift only at a certain flow velocity on the wings, a Quadrocopter climb and land vertically, and stand in the air. So there is no minimum speed to be respected and no runway is needed. That's why some models can even be used indoors. Also camera shots benefit from the abilities of the Quadrocopter.

A remote-controlled helicopter comes the flight characteristics of a Quadrocopter very close. However, a helicopter works on other bases, which are more difficult to control. He has only one possibly two rotors, which are larger than at quadrocopters are. In order to carry out the different air movements, a helicopter needs mechanical components, for example a swashplate or adjustable rotor blades. Not only the structure is more complicated but also the operation. In addition, the rotors of helicopters are much larger than those of the Quadrocopter, In addition, care must be taken that the rotor blades nowhere abut. Even an extreme angle at the start of the helicopter can lead to the impact of the rotor blades on the ground, which usually equates to a destruction of the model. On Quadrocopter has four smaller rotors, which can even be encased with "protective cages". As a result, the rotor blades can strike nowhere anywhere. The flight movements arise at quadrocopters only by the different speeds of the individual motors. This makes their design easier and the operation is easier. Not infrequently catch even budding "pilots" remote-controlled helicopter once with quadrocopters


Quadrocopter can be produced inexpensively and do not necessarily require much space for a flight. As a result, they are at the top of the popularity of remote-controlled models. As a result, there are also increasing numbers Drones in the air. The legislator sees a danger in the increasing number of unmanned missiles, for which reason drone regulations were passed. These depend on the departure weights and are staggered accordingly. A small excerpt from it:

From a take-off weight of more than 250 grams, there is always a mandatory labeling, even on model airfields! Durable and legible as well as fireproof, must be the marking of the name and address of the user of the drone or the Quadrocopter to be inferred. From a take-off weight of more than 2 kg, in addition to the mandatory marking, a flight certificate is required, which must be repeated every 5 years. Basically, drones should not fly higher than 100 meters. For heights above, a waiver must be obtained from the Aviation Authority. It is important to stay away from no-fly zones, for example near airports, nature reserves, crowds of people or main roads. The flying over of foreign land requires the permission of the owner. For models with cameras, additional factors may be important. Just as strangers may not be arbitrarily filmed anywhere without their consent, the right to privacy naturally also applies to the use of camera drones.

It is therefore necessary to know or to check the exact and regional law situation before using one Quadrocopter is flown. In addition, the regulations are constantly being expanded, which must be informed as owner and user.

SaleBestseller no. 1
SNAPTAIN A15H Drone with Camera HD 720P Foldable Drone FPV WLAN 120 ° Wide Angle RC Quadcopter / Headless Mode / Altitude / 3D Flips / Trajectory Flight / Voice Control / Gravitational Sensor / Emergency Landing Indicator
  • 【3D Foldable Drone】 This drone A15 is versatile and convenient to use with retractable arms. With Foldable Design: 13 * 13.5 * 6 cm makes it compact, lightweight and affordable, much better for traveling and motorhome transport.
  • 【720P HD Camera & FPV Image Transmission】 The A15 drone is equipped with a 120 ° wide-angle 720P HD camera and you can manually adjust the lens of this drone (you can manually adjust the lens of this drone (up or down), to record high-quality videos and clear aerial photos.
  • 【Longer flight time and more fun】 The SNAPTAIN A15 drone comes with two modular 800 mAh batteries. The flying time of each battery of the drone can reach 7,5 minutes, make your flight more exciting and fun to extend
  • 【Trajectory and voice control】 The latest technology: if you draw a trajectory on the screen of your mobile phone, the drone will fly automatically according to the route. Control your drone hands-free with simple voice commands in English such as "take off", "landing", " left "," right "," forward "," backward ".
  • 【Best Customer Service】 This drone has many features and is easy to use, ideal for beginners and children. If you have any questions, please contact us and we are always at your disposal.
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Allcaca RC Drone RC Quadcopter 23 Minutes Long Battery Life with LED Lights, 3D Flip Headless Mode One Key Start Landing THREE Speed ​​Mode Best for Beginner, Black Indicator
  • 23 minutes Long flight time: With the powerful battery, the flight time is up to 23 minutes, which allows you a more extensive flight experience. No camera. (If you need additional battery for this drone, please search ASIN: B07H2DCFM3 on amazon.de)
  • Multifunction: The one-button-return function brings the drone back to the owner with a simple keystroke. The one-button take-off and landing function makes controlling the drone very easy, especially for beginners. When the drone is in headless mode, the forward flight direction is independent of the front of the drone. The RC Drone will hold a certain height with this function, even if you let go of the throttle joystick
  • 4 LED Lights: The drone is equipped with LED navigation lights for night flight and with a remote control indicator light. With the colored LED light you can easily see the front part or the tail in the air
  • 360 degree somersault: forward, backward, left, right. Good flight stabilization. Spare rotor blades included. Three speed mode meet different needs from beginner to expert
  • Compact dimensions & warranty & customer service: The drone is small and therefore ideally suited for traveling. If you have problems or questions while flying, please contact us. Any item sold by allcaca can enjoy a free replacement or a refund in total within 12 months
SaleBestseller no. 3
Q9 RC drone with hold up and blue & green night light, quadrocopter with 2 batteries, 20 minutes flight time and propeller to fully protect, toy drones for children and beginners
  • 【Illuminate the Sky】 Shiny blue and green LED lights are installed in the four protective frames of the Q9 drone. They provide a strong lighting effect and a lively flight experience. Three different display modes for the lighting surprise everyone!
  • 【SAFE & DURABLE】 The structure with 4 fully covered propellers ensure a safe flight that protects your kids from injury from rotating propellers. High quality ABS material that withstands countless blows or falls. Very durable and safe drone for children and beginners.
  • 【User-friendly】 1: You can simply start / land / return the drone with one touch. 2: Three speed levels to choose from. Whether you are a beginner or a master, you will find the right speed. 3: In Headless mode, you do not need to be distracted to determine the direction of the drone. 4: The altitude hold feature allows your drone to hover automatically in the air. (Even if you do not do anything with the controller) All these features make the drone extremely beginner-friendly.
  • 【20 minutes of flight time】 Equipped with 2 batteries, your flight time is increased to 20 minutes. We offer you a better and more durable flight experience.
  • 【Multiple operation tricks】 With 360-grade flip and in-situ auto-rotate feature to enrich your flight experience.
SaleBestseller no. 4
SANROCK GD65A mini drone for children and beginners, children drone, RC drone quadrocopter with height hold, headless mode, ON-key return, best toy drone for children, with additional battery indicator
  • DRONE FOR CHILDREN - GD65A Kids Drone comes with features like easy control, stable flight, no limitation of flight area and durable materials, suitable for children, beginners and workout use.
  • ALTITUDE - The drone in mini-size comes with altitude hold mode, hover makes the control more stable.
  • HEADLESS MODE - You do not need to determine which side the drone is on during the flight without you having to worry about it.
  • ONE KEY RETURN - With just one click on the function button, the drone automatically flies back to you.
  • PORTABLE AND SAFE - The drone is small and can be taken anywhere, e.g. B. when traveling, at parties, at sporting events and on adventures. We offer a 12 month warranty and lifelong friendly customer service ([Email protected]).
Bestseller no. 5
SGILE Remote Controlled Drone with 2 Replacement Battery, RC Drone with LED, 360 ° Flip, Gravity Sensor, Throw-flying Quadrocopter with Infrared Obstacle Avoidance for Boys Girls Awakened Gift Indicator
  • MULTIPLE CONTROLS - The RC Drone has three types of remote controls: clock, water drop and handheld remote controls. Several game options, easy to handle for beginners.
  • GESTURE DETECTION - When the drone is thrown into the air and the light on it flashes slowly, the gesture recognition function is automatically activated. Then you can control the direction of flight with your gestures.
  • FAILURE STUNT - The remote-controlled quadrocopter can rotate in different directions around 360 °: forward, backward, left and right. It is equipped with an automatic pneumatic height adjustment system for easy control. When the drone is in induction flight mode, briefly press the switch on the waterdrop-shaped remote control to lift and land the drone.
  • COOL LIGHTS - Equipped with ultra-bright LED lights as a navigation signal, the aircraft immediately becomes the center of attention. It also allows to play the drone at night.
  • INFRARED BARRIER PREVENTION - If the aircraft encounters obstacles during flight, briefly press the button on the watch remote control three times to activate the Infrared Obstacle Avoidance mode, allowing you to play carefree.
Bestseller no. 6
EACHINE E511S GPS Drone with Camera 1080P HD WiFi FPV Live Transmission, RC Quadcopter, Follow Me Mode, 3D Flip, Trajectory Flight, Folding Drone for Beginner, New Release (Black) Display
  • GPS positioning mode: With the GPS positioning system, you no longer have to worry about losing the drone, regardless of whether the drone loss signal or at low power. It will fly back automatically and the drone will never be lost. You can also press the backspace key for a key. The drone flies back to the starting point
  • 1080P 120 ° FOV 45 ° adjustable HD camera: 1080P 120 ° FOV 45 ° adjustable HD camera enables high quality video and aerial photography. Fast image transfer with no time delay, each image is 1920 * 1080 pixels , 120 ° wide angle extended viewing angle adjustable 45 ° adjustable angle helps you see the world with multiple angles to capture every wonderful moment a offers a superior experience.
  • Follow-me mode & orbit mode & waypoint mode: In follow-me mode, the drone automatically follows every movement. ideal drone for selfies and taking photos or videos at will. In orbit mode, the drone flies around the mobile device, you can use the self-timer with multiple angles. In waypoint mode you can draw a route, the drone will fly according to your drawing route.
  • Powerful battery and stable flight: Enjoy a flight time of up to 16 minutes. Enjoy more fun at once and the powerful battery is more durable. The Altitude Hold function ensures an even hover at a certain height. This feature makes great aerial photos and videos possible.
  • If you have any problems with the product, you can contact the seller's customer service or the official e-mail address ([Email protected]) the propeller does not turn, which means that the engine gearbox has to be replaced. Happy 2020 ~!
Bestseller no. 7
ScharkSpark Drone Guard for Beginner, Drone with FPV HD Camera / Video, Portable RC Quadcopter, 2,4 G 6 Axis Headless Mode Altitude Hold One-Key Return 3D Flips and Rolling Toy Indicator
  • Stronger battery and more flying distance: Due to the 3,7 V 650 mAh Li-Po battery is
    the flight time up to 10-12 minutes and the flight range 80 meters what with
    Safety ensures a complete flight pleasure. (To buy more batteries, visit
    Amazon.de to ASIN: B07DJ1BJ9S)
  • Control by remote control or mobile phone: controlling the drone on the basis of
    Remote control or through your smart phone makes for varied experiences and still
    more fun. You can use this camera drone via the app on your smart phone
    control, activate the camera and all other functions and so even more exciting
    Enjoy moments.
  • HD FPV Camera & Live Video: The video drone is equipped with an HD camera,
    with which you record high resolution videos and clear aerial photos
    can. The Wi-Fi real-time transmission FPV system can use the FPV drone with your cellphone
    connect and the view of the drone is displayed directly on your phone. So you can
    capture extraordinary moments in detailed photos and videos
  • Perfect beginner drone: The drone also shows a good flight stability and in wind
    The automatic hovering function can stabilize the drone at a certain altitude
    hover. The drone automatically launches and lands at the touch of a button. All these
    Remote control features make the drone extremely beginner friendly.
  • High quality product - for sure: even if this is perhaps your first drone,
    you can stay relaxed. Because the drone has an 3-year advanced
    Warranty. We are always at your side and our dedicated customer service will be yours
    Solve problems in flight as fast as possible.
Bestseller no. 8
Q8 FPV Drone with Camera HD Live Transmission and Night Light, RC WiFi Drone Quadcopter with Altitude and Gravity Sensor, Toy Drone for Kids and Beginner (Yellow) Display
  • 【LED Light / Full Protection】 The unique lighting design (the illuminating guard ring) gives you a strong night lighting effect and a vibrant night flying experience. The large guard ring, which protects the propellers from collisions, ensures a safe flight. Perfect design.
  • 【HD Camera and WIFI Real-Time Broadcast】 The Wi-Fi Real-Time Transmission FPV system can connect the drone to your phone and watch live video and record photos / videos with the FPV feature in your smartphone . (iOS and Android systems are both applicable).
  • 【EASY TO FLY】 Featuring one-key auto take off / land / return, 3 speed mode, headless mode and more. The altitude hold feature allows your drone to hover automatically in the air. (Even if you do not do anything with the controller) All these features make the drone extremely beginner-friendly.
  • 【Trajectory Function & Gravity Sensor Mode】 In trajectory function, you can draw flight routes on the APP, and the drone flies according to the specified route. / pan your phone to control the direction of the drone. (forward / backward / left / right) For example, swing the phone to the left and the drone immediately flies to the left. Just like the computer game!
  • 【Gesture Control & Intelligent Voice Control】 "OK" to take a picture, "Peace" to record a video. Make a specific gesture within the field of view of the camera - the drone executes the Photo / Video command. / Control your drone with simple voice commands in English. (Take off, landing, left, right, forward, backward)
SaleBestseller no. 9
SNAPTAIN Mini Drone H823H Plus with 3 batteries for 21 minutes of flight time, RC Drone, Quadrocopter Mini Helicopter with altitude, Headless Mode, 3D Flips and 3 speed modes for children's display
  • 21 minutes of flight time: The drone is equipped with 3 removable and rechargeable batteries, and the flight time is threefold increased to 21 minutes. A perfect gift, more energy and more fun.
  • Easy for beginners and children: The remote control of the mini drone supports the mode 2, the most common model flying mode: The left stick is used for ascending or descending. Kids and beginners can easily control this drone.
  • Multi functions: This drone H823H Plus can roll and turn 360 °, There are also Altitude, Headless mode, Low battery alarm, One button start and landing, and One button return. Children can choose a speed (low / medium / high) according to the operability. Snaptain makes perfect little pilots!
  • Safe and Durable: The fully-covered, non-toxic, soft-plastic housing reduces the impact of falling airplane collisions and prevents play. Wise choice for parents!
  • Super mini drone: With the portable size, you can easily put the mini-drone in your pocket and take it wherever you go. The ultra-bright built-in LED light helps kids easily identify the direction of flight and makes the flight experience great. Note: The remote control batteries are not included.
Bestseller no. 10
Potensic FPV RC Drone with HD Camera, Portable Quadcopter 2.4G 6 Axis Remote Control, Altitude, Headless Mode, Speed ​​Mode, One-Key Start / Landing, Removable Battery A30W - Blue Indicator
  • 【APP Control and Gravity Induction Mode】: Operate your drone via an APP after connecting the WiFi to your phone (iOS or Android). You can use the gravity induction mode to fly your drone forward / backward, left / right and along the direction you specify with your phone.
  • 【HD FPV Camera】: allows you to capture high-quality FPV real-time video and images during the flight.
  • 【Custom Flight Route Mode & Headless Mode】: Draw your flight plan on the screen and the drone flies on the specified route. Once the headless mode is activated, the pilot can fly the drone to any location, regardless of which direction the drone is pointing.
  • 【One start / landing button】: The quadrocopter ascends at a fixed height & hovers or gently lands on the ground at the push of a button. Allow players of all levels to fly the drone with perfect control and outstanding performance.
  • 【Replaceable Battery】: The drone can support longer flight times for you and your family by replacing a battery.

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