Gigabit Switch


With the help of the Gigabit Switch can be provided for the optimal networking of the wired devices. Up to a gigabit per second is supported as speeds per port and the fast transfer speeds are allowed. Depending on the number of devices to be networked, there are the switches with 4 to 48 ports and even more. Often the models are designed as compact table-top units and then they can be found everywhere. There are also some devices as Gigabit Switch, which are installed in a server cabinet. The professional devices can also be flexibly configured and also the creation of the different virtual networks is allowed. There is already a large selection of switches available today and everyone can choose a suitable model.

A fitting one Gigabit Switch buy

Will be a more appropriate Gigabit Switch then there are also some things to consider. It is important, of course, that a good quality is bought. Very many prospective buyers prefer to use well-known brands. Even if well-known manufacturers are often somewhat more expensive, then corresponding experience and quality are usually offered. In the past, hubs were used to create the network connections, and today the tasks are mainly done by the Gigabit switches adopted. Of the Gigabit Switch has the advantage, of course, that this is intelligent. The models can thus identify to which terminal the output leads and to the appropriate point, the data are then targeted. If a hub is used, then the data is simply sent to all outputs and thus the traffic becomes inefficient. On the Gigabit Switch network devices, printers, servers and PCs can be connected. The devices can work in networks, thus in the home network as well as in those used in offices. For Daheim is often a small switch out and these are already relatively cheap to buy and it is provided for the network, which works well.

What is in the purchase of the Gigabit Switch to consider?

Basically the Gigabit Switch in many different sizes. The switches can have between 2 and 50 ports and this depends on what is required for the application. Important when buying is that any space can be expanded. It should be at the Gigabit Switch always some ports remain free because they are often needed at a later date. For large enterprises, the switches are used with the uplink speed, which is up to 100 gigabit. For the application at home are often small models found and here with 100 Mbit then Fast Ethernet. Of the Gigabit Switch the speed is then detected automatically. It can also be detected whether it is a product where the power supply is controlled via PoE, a surveillance camera, an IP telephone or another device. Also important for the purchase is always the backplane capacity. It should be at least as high, as with all ports the common throughput is. Most of the time Gigabit Switch capable of transmitting millions of packets per second up to 1,6. The important thing is that the small packets can, of course, be processed much more easily than the larger ones. From the manufacturer's data, it is thus only relatively difficult to recognize the certain models with the large packages.

Access the servers with gigabit speed

A Gigabit Switch always plays a very important role, if the server with the gigabit speed is to be used from the PC. The smart models are best suited for these applications. In addition to the high speed offers the Gigabit Switch of course many other advantages. Often the dynamic IP address, the integrated web configuration interface, the possibility of remote administration via SNMP and packets can be routed through the receiver address to the appropriate port. Reset buttons can also be a handy feature. With the help of a key the restart is triggered and with the further one can be with the Gigabit Switch the factory settings. Some models are also equipped with the ports, which can be used for fiber connections as SFP ports. Usually the small models without their own fans come out and thus the operation is silent. Is there the larger Gigabit Switch a fan, then the running noise can often be regarded as disturbing. With the Cut Through technology the high data throughput is achieved and even with devices of the middle price class this is already available today. It is often recommended that on the Gigabit Switch as a high-quality device with the technology is used. The devices should be error-free, so that the faulty packets are not transmitted.

The different models

Often the model description already recognizes the properties of the Gigabit Switch gives. If the name 48G is in the name, this means, for example, that 48 hosts host ports Gigabit Switch gives. If there is at the end of the name a P, then PoE is supported and via the Ethernet cable, for example, then a monitoring camera can be supplied with power. SFB recognizes that the Gigabit Switch is also designed for glass fiber connections. In the rack, each SFB port can also connect a few switches, if they are stackable. If large models are used for companies, the power consumption plays an important role when buying. If network products have the IEEE standard 802.3az, then electricity can be saved and they are energy-friendly. If devices with the current spinning function are excellent, then the Gigabit Switch also often the green label or Green Ethernet as a designation. Of the Gigabit Switch is in any case an efficient and new way of creating networks in a professional environment or at home. The devices can be equipped with different performance features or in different sizes. Many of the devices offer intelligent functions to make the network efficient. On Gigabit Switch is the best solution for data packages as distribution stations. A number of ports can be selected as needed for an application. It is best to use the Gigabit Switch but always when buying for the future. It is best to leave one or two ports free, so that additional devices can be inserted into the network in the future. Nobody wants a new one Gigabit Switch purchase. Highly recommended is when high-quality devices are bought, because these are distinguished by the high data throughput and the high speed.

Important information about the Gigabit Switch

For a network, the switches the central element. There are the Gigabit devices for home networks, law firms, doctors' offices or companies. Without the switch the wired networking of network devices, printers, servers and PCs is not possible. Important with a good Gigabit Switch is that the current consumption is as low as possible and nevertheless the high data throughput is brought. Of the switch is an intelligent relative from the hub. For reasons of cost, they were used only a few years ago, but in the present time only the switches produced. In that case, intelligently means that of the Gigabit Switch exactly knows which devices are plugged into the port and packets are sent to the ports specifically. From the hub, packets are simply replicated to all ports, causing unnecessary network traffic. For the backplane, the maximum throughput is specified by the manufacturers as the product of the number of ports with GBit. The eight port switch thus offers 16 GBit as backplane throughput. With Gigabit Ethernet port the switch about 1,6 million packets in one second. However, the smaller the packages are, the lower is the effort. The value of the manufacturer does not necessarily have to say something like a switch then deal with the larger package. The Cut-Throuth technology has proven itself at low latencies for a high data throughput and it has long been in the middle price segment. A disadvantage, however, is that faulty packets can also be forwarded because a cyclic CRC check or redundancy check is possible only after receipt of the entire data packet. The high-quality models also offer Adaptive Switching called mechanism or error-free-cut-through.

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