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Usually, the beloved four-legged friends are to accompany their owners on their travels. Partially, a veterinarian visit is unavoidable. No matter what reason the dog has to be transported, the use of a Dog Crate very advisable. In the private car it serves the safety of the dog and the driver. For transport in public transport, the regulations for dog boxes must be observed.

General information about the dogbox

There are other terms under which dogboxes are known. They are also called dog cages or dog transport boxes.

Basically the dogboxes were designed for the transport of a dog. The use of such a cage ensures safety during driving.

Partially, the dog boxes also function as a retreat for the four-legged dog.

Depending on the purpose, the dog boxes should be chosen. It starts with checking whether it is a matter of foldable or foldable dog boxes or whether rigid designs are more suitable. They can be made of aluminum, nylon or plastic. With the many models there are also various mounting possibilities within the vehicles.

Types of dog boxes

The foldable and the rigid dog boxes are presented below.

Rigid dogboxes

For rigid dog boxes it is the classic means of transport for the dogs. Depending on the size of the dog, the decision regarding the material must be made. For small dog breeds the plastic dog boxes are suitable. They are made with a carrying handle. If the dogs are larger, however, the material aluminum should be selected. As a rule, these dog boxes have a shape that is mainly intended for use on the rear seat or in the luggage compartment.

Therefore, a carrying handle does not have a high priority. Models with a Velcro strip would be more important. The safe stand is thus effectively supported. For an extended transport an aluminum dog box with a ceiling should be designed. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the optimal closure technology for rigid dog boxes.

Foldable dog boxes

The foldable models are particularly suitable for short transport distances and smaller animals. For larger dog breeds, they are not so safe because the material, such as nylon or plastic, is not so robust. Even when closing the dog boxes, a zipper is less suitable.

Many dog ​​owners decided to use foldable dog boxes as a dog bed.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dogbox

As can be seen in the types of dog boxes, both have advantages and disadvantages.

First, the advantages of the rigid and foldable dog boxes:

Advantages for the dog owner

For the dog owner a foldable dog box is more practical and handy. The rigid models offer a high degree of safety.

Benefits for the four-legged

The transport is more comfortable for the dog in foldable dog boxes. They are usually so comfortable that they can be used for home. The small rigid dog box can even be positioned in the footwell.

The following disadvantages can be exhibited with a rigid or a foldable dog box:

Disadvantages for the dog owner

Security is only guaranteed to a certain extent in transport. Moreover, especially the foldable models are not stable enough.

Disadvantages for the four-legged

Above all fear dogs feel quite uncomfortable in a dog transport box. Therefore, foldable versions are more favorable for them. Less well you like a plastic dogbox.

Criteria for buying a dogbox

The three most important aspects to consider when choosing a dog box.


The first decision to be made is the size of the dog's box. Even for short distances it can not be a prison for them. When selecting the fit, the dog should be able to stand and lie comfortably. However, this is only a general statement.

Many manufacturers of dog boxes give information, in advance or very specifically to the relevant model, which cat breed it is suitable for. In this case the dog would not have to be measured. Should it be necessary, three measurements shall be taken.

a: the length
b: the width
c: the height

For the length of the dog, the nose is extended to the length of the rod, plus half the length from the front legs.

The width is twice the width of the shoulders.

The height is measured from the paws to the tips of the ears plus 5 cm.

The same dimensions as for humans are found for the dog transport boxes. They are as follows:

50 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm corresponds to the size S
60 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm corresponds to the size M
70 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm corresponds to size L
80 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm corresponds to size XL
90 cm x 70 cm x 70 cm corresponds to size XXL
105 cm x 70 cm x 70 cm corresponds to size XXXL
120 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm corresponds to size XXXXL

On the basis of these many sizes the ideal dog box should be found for every four-legged dog.

In the second place is the material of the dog transport box. They are usually made of:


The aluminum dogbox collects pluses due to its low weight. It is easy to clean. In the car is so good usable. In addition, a good price / performance ratio can be assumed.

The use of a dog transport box made of nylon is very flexible. If the dogbox is not in use and should be left in the vehicle, it can be kept space-saving. The dogboxes made of nylon are very hygienic as they can be washed. Thus, annoying dog hair and unpleasant odors disappear. Especially for short distances, small dogs are very comfortable. They can also be used as a dog basket substitute.

Although aluminum dogboxes are relatively expensive compared to the other materials, one of their advantages is their low weight. Points can be aluminum dogboxes inpunkto safety. They are bite resistant and scratch resistant. In addition, they allow the dog free visibility and ensure good ventilation.

The weight of the dog transport boxes has already been mentioned. This aspect should be taken into account when comparing. If it is a four-legged car, which enters the car only in the car, this aspect is not so important. If the dog has to be worn in the box over a longer distance, for example, to the veterinarian, the weight again comes to the fore. The weight of each model is indicated separately.

Well-known manufacturers of dog boxes

Lang is the list of manufacturers of dog accessories. Four of the reviewers are briefly presented.

With the "good" rating, the aluminum transport box from Trixie cut off.

The company Trixie has been involved in the production of pet supplies since more than 40 years. The products are produced with great love and understanding. A good example is the aluminum transport box. This transport box impresses with its many good features. This starts with the combination of various materials. Light is the aluminum. Pleasant for the four-legged is the floor of wood. This model has been designed with large ventilation slots and a thermo inset. The door is located on the bevelled front and has a quick-release fastener.

The test score "good" received the transport box made of plastic from the manufacturer Kerbl.

The company Kerbl has been known since the time of 55 years when it comes to questions about the animal needs. There is an immense range of products available for pets as well as for horses. With the plastic transport box, the following attributes are convincing to the customer.

The Gulliver dogbox received from possible 5 rating stars 4,5. IATA standards (International Air Transport Association) are met, so that they are also suitable for air travel. The extras with which this transport box is equipped are worth mentioning. If the transport takes longer, the cup and the storage surface provide comfort for the four-legged vehicle. It can also be ordered optionally with wheels.

Outstanding customer reviews for the foldable dog transport box made of nylon from Hunter.

Since its founding in 1980, the specialty areas of the renowned company Hunter are accessories for dogs and cats. Fashionable and functional are the high quality items.
The dogbox made of nylon is easy to set up. It can be collapsed to save space and is easy to clean. The plastic feet ensure a safe stand and the carrying handles for a comfortable transport.

Another example of safe transport is the company Karli a bicycle trailer dog box. There are more than 40 years of experience in this sector. Dog boxes, collars and the like, are produced in the best quality and highest practical use.

A completely different variant for the transport of the four-legged animals, in order to spend together the leisure time is the dog bicycle trailer by Karli. These models are designed for dogs with a weight up to about 40 k. You can, especially when the weather turns underneath the water-repellent nylon hood, look for protection.

Frequently asked questions about dogboxes

Question 1: Why are dogboxes so important for transport, especially in the car?

The transport boxes are important for both the dog and the driver. The dog, if it was accustomed to the box, sees in it a well-known retreat place. If a strong braking is required in a dangerous situation, the dog may become a bullet within the vehicle. The ADAC found that the risk of injury to the driver, the companion and the dog considerably increased. Much calmer and safer is a car drive with the ideal dog box.

Question 2: Is the transport of several dogs in a box possible?

In principle, a box is provided for a dog. However, in the trade are offered dog boxes, which are separated in the middle and have a corresponding size. Two dogs can be taken in these dog boxes. But this variant should only be used if there is no other possibility. Even if the dog likes driving, it means stress to him. If a fellow is still on board, this stress can be transmitted and lead to unwanted fighting behavior.

Question 3: What role does the right size of the dog transport box play?

Here we must find a healthy median. If the box is too small, the ride for the dog is exhausting and uncomfortable. A too large dog transport box carries the risk that the dog will be thrown back and forth in the box if an accident occurs.

Question 4: What about insurance coverage?

False is the assumption that a dog box automatically leads to an insurance cover when an accident occurs. If it is in the footwell, for example, the insurance company does not regulate the damage incurred. The road traffic regulations in § 23 clearly define that the driver is obligated to secure the load properly. Although the dog is a living creature, it is considered a charge in this case. As a rule, no insurance damage is assumed, in which a dog was identified as the cause. It is all the more important to keep the dogs in the appropriate dog boxes while driving.

Question 5: What role do materials, cleaning, accessories and costs, when buying dog boxes?

The material, which has already been described in detail, is to be selected in such a way that it primarily satisfies safety requirements. It should be matched to the dog breed and the intended use. The material also affects to a certain extent the cleaning of the transport box. This should be simple because they are regularly, best after every use. In the case of attachments, attachments, blankets and the like are to be considered. Do not forget the price. Here are the results of many tests for dog boxes very helpful. In addition, a comparison of the price-performance ratio can be made online.


Dog boxes are very convenient to take the dog with you. Whether it is to go on a trip, a holiday or a visit to a veterinarian. When buying, the dog breed should be based on the choice of the dog box. From the size of the dog it is necessary to deduce which material is appropriate and which model is suitable for size.

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